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The Job

Deadline: 16 May 2019

Terms of Reference for Research Consultancy

Project Name: Furthering Youth, Peace and Security Agenda in Yemen

Search for Common Ground (Search) (www.sfcg.org) is seeking to hire consultant(s) to direct comprehensive research on the Youth Peace and Security (YPS) agenda in Yemen. This will include a comprehensive mapping youth-led CSOs, networks, and initiatives at the national and local level in six selected governorates.

The Organization

Search for Common Ground (Search) is a leading international peacebuilding and conflict transformation non-governmental organization (NGO), working in 36 countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Search strives to transform the way that the world deals with conflicts away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative solutions. Through various multi-faceted approaches, media initiatives and collaboration with local partners, and both government and civil society, Search aims to find a culturally appropriate means to strengthen the capacity of society to deal with conflict in a constructive manner – by understanding differences and acting on commonalities.
Search has been working in Yemen since 2010 to promote social cohesion and peacebuilding through working with youth, media, and women’s groups across the country. Search-Yemen is seeking highly qualified individuals to contribute to the project described herein.

Project Summary

Implemented by UNFPA and UN Women, this project seeks to operationalize UNSCR 2250 in Yemen, through three levels of impact (individual, institutional, and an enabling environment). Activities conducted under the framework of this project will contribute to the overall objective that, Young women and men are empowered to participate in and influence the peacebuilding process in Yemen and further the YPS agenda.
Working with youth-led Civil Society Organizations in target governorates Sana’a, Aden, Hadramout, Taiz, Mareb, and Dhamar, Search-Yemen will achieve this goal through the following specific objectives (SOs):

  • SO1: Strengthen the capacity and enabling environment for Yemeni youth to lead local peacebuilding processes.
  • SO2: Develop an inclusive and effective monitoring mechanism for Yemeni youth’s leadership of peacebuilding processes.

Rationale of the consultancy

As the conflict in Yemen continues, creation of new fault lines and deepening of existing divides threaten to permanently polarize Yemeni society, posing serious challenges to long-term potential peace. Facing heightened challenges are women, who are subjected to the added burden of being economically, politically, and socially marginalized from the public sphere. The active participation of large numbers of women in the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) in 2013/2014, where women represented 27 percent of the total membership, was a rallying point for women activists across Yemen, demanding further inclusion of women and women’s voices in the political process in Yemen. Allotments at the NDC for women, youth, and civil society were designed to make the political process more inclusive, yet they were often criticized for engaging largely with elites from urban areas and many groups felt excluded or were unaware of the process. Women who participated and were empowered through this process are still actively seeking change - often channeled towards influencing the peace process and the political landscape within Yemen.
Young people are also relegated to positions of significant disadvantage in Yemeni society, contributing to inequalities and disempowerment and exacerbating conflict dynamics. Despite Yemen’s youth bulge demographic, over 28 percent between the ages of 15-29, and the progress made of inclusion of young people in the in the political transition starting in 2011 and the NDC era, the needs and vision of young people in the country have remained largely invisible during the last three years of conflict.
In order to address this, and contributing to the joint UNFPA and UN Women initiative in Yemen to further the youth, peace and security agenda in Yemen, Search for Common Ground (Search) will leverage its local peacebuilding experience to strengthen the capacity and opportunity for young men and women in Yemen to participate in and influence the peacebuilding process.

Scope of the consultancy

Search-Yemen is seeking a specialized consultant to conduct a comprehensive research on existing youth-led CSOs, networks and initiatives at the national and local level in six target governorates. This mapping exercise will provide detailed information on how youth-led organizations and networks - both informal and formal - are structured and organized, and how they influence their communities and the country in general. Moreover, the study is expected to contribute to knowledge on youth organizations, alongside youth network formation and management. The research consultant is Producing a situation report on YPS and the context of stabilization, relief and recovery and identify gaps.

Duration of Consultancy

Four months amenable to extension

Requested Services and Tasks of the Consultant(s)

Consultant(s) are expected to carry out the following tasks chronologically:

  1. Do a substantive review of available documents and develop a methodology and detailed workplan for mapping execution in collaboration with the Search-Yemen Project Team.
  2. Develop the tools for data collection including surveys, conversations, checklists and templates to identify effective youth-led CSOs, community youth leaders and initiatives. This work will be done in collaboration with Search’s country M&E Team.
  3. Develop a daily debrief mechanism and mapping database in collaboration with mapping team leaders.
  4. Compile data from targeted locations for tabulation, analysis, and production of research findings.
  5. Develop an online/offline directory of mapped civil societies and networks in targeted governorates including name and contact details (e.g., emails, phone numbers, social media accounts, physical locations, etc.).
  6. Collect in-depth information on young people’s activities, initiatives and innovation to prevent violence, build social cohesion and sustain peace.
  7. Review the status of youth-led CSOs and networks implementation plans. The Consultant(s), in collaboration with the Search-Yemen team, will offer suggestions to operationalize the UNSCR 2250 in organizations’ policies.
  8. Gather all information related to the identified youth organizations and networks and assess the overall achievement and effectiveness relation to UNSCR 2250 five pillars. This activity will be done in collaboration with the Search-Yemen project team and country M&E Team.
  9. Assess the opportunities and challenges faced by youth-led CSOs and networks in Yemen.
  10. Draw on the role of the YPS alliances and stakeholders. Collect and review their opinion and feedback.
  11. Produce a research-based report on the current status of YPS in Yemen.
  12. Any other legitimate duties assigned by the Project Manager.

Consultancy Methodology

The assignment will kick off with an initial meeting between the consultant(s), the Search-Yemen Project Team and country M&E Team to clarify any unanswered questions. Subsequently, the consultant(s) and the Search Project Coordinator will schedule regular check-in calls to discuss the progress.
Outlines for all documents should be submitted in draft format for review to the Project Manager before further development of the deliverables. Final drafts must be submitted in hard and soft copies. A presentation of the findings will be scheduled before finalizing the work.

Logistical Support

Search will provide the following logistic support as part of its role in this project:

  • Provide relevant project documents including proposals, implementation work plans and SFCG materials for adaption to Yemeni context.
  • Familiarize consultant(s) with key respondents, collaborators, implementing partners, Government officials and other stakeholders.
  • Technical assistance with the review and approval of tools and reports.

Requirements of Consultant(s)

Search seeks an experienced consultant(s) with the following qualifications:

  1. A University Degree in international relations, gender and development, social science or other relevant fields (postgraduate qualification is an asset).
  2. Must be competent with demonstrated experience in mapping exercises, research, monitoring and evaluation of development programs, and particularly civic participation programs for young people.
  3. At least five years work experience, with a minimum of two years in research in peacebuilding, security studies and youth empowerment.
  4. Prior experience working with youth-led CSOs in Yemen.
  5. Sound understanding of the youth issues in Yemen and UNSCR 2250.
  6. Excellent computer skills.
  7. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  8. Flexibility to adjust working hours to actual workload as requested by UNFPA.
  9. Capacity to work under pressure and availability to travel.
  10. Languages: English (very good to excellent, both oral and written);

The consultant(s) are all expected to have a sound background and good knowledge of the following areas:

  • Institutional and organizational development;
  • Team building;
  • Program monitoring and evaluation;
  • Participatory methodologies; and
  • English Language proficiency.
How to Apply

Qualified candidates may submit their application, complete Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter to https://sfcg.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=1594

The post title should be indicated in the subject line of e-mail and in the covering letter.

Additional Considerations

  • The position is based in Aden with travels to other targeted governorates.
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
  • Only those candidates who are short-listed for interviews will be notified.

For more information on Search, including its core values and competencies, please visit the Search website at www.sfcg.org

  • Employer: SFCG
  • Category: Consultant
  • Location: Aden
  • Posted on: 14 May 2019
  • Deadline: 16 May 2019
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