Ended ​​​​​​​Monitoring Specialist

The Job

Monitoring Specialist - Support to Youth’s Entrepreneurship & Financial Inclusion – Yemen”

Reporting to Silatech Country Manager (CM)- Yemen, the Monitoring Specialist (MS) will be responsible for the monitoring of the activities under Support to Youth’s Entrepreneurship & Financial Inclusion – Yemen. The MS will report to Silatech on the consistency in the objectives and success indicators of programmes of the Project and will be responsible for development and timely delivery of relevant reports.

Main Tasks

  • Develop the overall framework for monitoring and evaluation of the project, including annual project reviews, impact assessments, process monitoring, monitoring of operations and lessons learned
  • Design all surveys, focus group, and data collection methods
  • Work with country manager to develop evaluation plans for the programs
  • Maintain beneficiary’s database to track programmatic data
  • Work with staff and partners for effective evaluation
  • Analyse all data collected, identifying trends, issues and impact, comparing them to the initial objectives of the program
  • Report on the implementation of the the project monitoring strategy, and recommend any possible changes based on the lessons learned at central and branch level.
  • Ensure that the established guidelines on project monitoring for different project components are followed;

In order to fulfil the above, the MS will:

  • Attend meetings of the Central Committee of the Project as an observer representing Silatech;
  • Attend meetings and monitor activities of Sanaa Branch Committee and some of the meetings of other Branch Committees based on a plan agreed with the CM;
  • Monitor training activities of Sanaa Branch Committee and some of the other Branch Committees based on a plan agreed with the CM;
  • Based on random sampling methodologies, verify the withdrawal and procurement process by the beneficiaries; as well as the adherence to project procedure manuals
  • In coordination with the CM, ask for any document from Al Amal Bank that may facilitates his/her tasks.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills

  • A bachelor’s or a master’s degree in management or a related field to the TOR.
  • Proven skills with a minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience knowledge in project management and project monitoring.
  • Considerable experience and capacity to collaborate with partners at different levels.
  • Strong experience with data collection, management, analysis and report production.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and strong writing skills to prepare reports.
  • Experience in working with international organisations and a good knowledge of NGOs.
  • Fluency in English and Arabic.
  • Good Computer Skills: Word, Excel, access, MIS.
How to Apply

Interested applicants should send a CV (English) by June 30, 2019 to cv@silatech.org  with the subject heading ‘Monitoring Specialist’.

  • Employer: Silatech
  • Category: Development/Non-Profit
  • Location: Yemen
  • Posted on: 29 May 2019
  • Deadline: 30 June 2019