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Posted on 11 Jul, 2021
Closing on 24 Jul, 2021

Job Description

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), is an International Humanitarian Organization providing medical aid to populations in distress, victims of natural and man-made disasters and victims of armed conflict, regardless of race, religion and political believes. For more information, visit our Arabic website,
Médecins Sans Frontières France is looking for Yemeni nationals to recruit for the following position:

Coordination office - SANAA
Length of contract: One Year contract (Renewable)
Contract type: Full Time 
Open date: 11/07/2021

Is responsible for ensuring the HR capacity required, sizing and improving people capabilities, contribution and active participation in order to achieve mission goals effectively. This will be done according to MSF human resources vision and values.

Main task: -

  • Knows OC’s recruitment and development policies, procedures and tools, adapt them to the Mission’s context and ensure an equitable, fair, transparent, efficient and accountable implementation throughout the Mission by all relevant people in the mission 
  • Provide expertise to all people involved in recruitment process on how to lead it properly with the aim of recruiting professionals and people with potentials to be developed. 
  • Ensures alignment with existing policies and provides expert support to coordinators, activity managers and supervisors in recruiting and developing people under their supervision: first screening of CVs, interview methods, content, detection of potentials, best practices, PMS, alignment of development with operational objectives, etc. 
  • Knows OC’s induction policies, procedures and tools, adapt them to the Mission’s context and ensure its proper implementation for all newly recruited/arrived staff and for previously hired staff in the Mission who had no access to them when being recruited. 
  • Ensures (together with the coordinator/supervisors/activity manager) that pre-established specific preparation or specific briefings for newly recruited/arrived staff on the basis of the profile sheet received or development plan are properly done in due time. 
  • Ensure that all newly recruited/arrived staff receive a briefing agenda upon recruitment/arrival and that they are properly briefed by her/his hierarchical and functional supervisor (if applicable) and receive all the due information according to the established procedures standard briefing content. 
  • Follow up the quality and impact of whole briefing and induction processes, collects data and suggest improvements to HRCo if advisable. 
  • Suggests career paths and support plans for specific persons to HRCo and line managers, ensuring a proper liaison with the Operational needs and objectives set, the bilan system, the training possibilities (local, international, intersectional, regional, etc.) and the potentials identified. 
  • Together with HRCo, HRO and Training Unit in HQ, contributes to create and implement a mission training policy adapted to the Mission in order to respond to the needs identified among the staff, prioritizing those needed to ensure the Operational objectives set. 
  • Together with HRCo, HRO and Training Unit in HQ, contributes to the identification of training options at local / regional / international / intersectional level, and provide expertise upon request to line managers with regards to the assessment of training needs within the teams they supervise. 
  • In close collaboration with HRCo, HRO and Training Unit in HQ, ensures proper implementation of the Training Policy, procedures and tools in the Mission and support and develop training for Coordinators/supervisors/activity managers (i.e. HR Management, Bilan system, etc.) 
  • Support and empower administration managers and HR/administration staff of the Mission in her/his area of expertise (i.e. recruitment, development, induction, detection of talent, training, etc.) 
  • Provide expertise and support to all coordinators/supervisors/activity managers on how to implement Bilan system (tool , method, setting up objectives, follow up of action plan and best practices) with the aim to evaluate and develop competencies of the staff they supervise. 
  • Look for synergy/exchanges with other MSF sections and other NGOs in terms of trainings, coachings and other development tools 
  • Shares with HRCo all information/suggestions/activities which may have an impact in planning, budget or HR strategies (i.e. suggested career path, requested trainings, development events, mobility, etc.), and does not implement them without previous authorization of HRCo. 
  • Collaborate with HRCo in building/updating the annual plan and budget, with regards to her/his area of work and responsibilities. 
  • Implement the Learning and Development Strategy among the mission (follow Action Plan)
  • In collaboration with HRCO, put together a mission training schedule, communicate with stakeholders (Admins, PCs, Medrefs etc.) and follow up with the application and selection process.
  • Coordinates tracking mechanism to ensure participant information for trainings is shared with HR and recorded in Homere.
  • Coordinates, collects info, and prepares L&D reporting in the mission to ensure mission L&D reporting  through the sitrep
  • Develop and maintain an institutional memory/data bank for L&D activities for future reference (tool box for L&D)
  • Support in the set up a Learning  Hub/Library (ensure that all projects as L&D space)
  • Create L&D awareness across Mission.
  • Develop, facilitate, deliver and support training courses or workshop when required.
  • Identify suitable resource persons(Inhouse Facilitators) locally who will support the L&D program at field level.
  • Support the project teams on the follow up of pre & post-training ( transfer of knowledge and skills to the National staff, sharing experience,…) and design a package of tools, procedures and guidelines suitable for the context.
  • Develop and Track L&D chrono  for the Mission
  • Improve international and national detachment planning and mobility in and out Yemen
  • Support the Staff and Managers in the implementation and use of Bilan System.
  • Support HRCo to develop alternative tool related to L&D (performance validation, end of probation period validation, end of FTC validation…)
  • Ensure yearly career meeting for key staff and proper follow-up, ensure proper feedback to the key staff.
  • Put in Place  and coordinate the  periodical update an Emergency Response HR strategy.
  • Identified and follow clear plan of L&D need according to the EPREP startegy ( identify specific training, implementation of Emergency bilan system, ensure mobility coherence,…)
  • Support fairness selection on E-pool affectation in collaboration with HRCO & technical coordinators
  • Works closely with other Sections PDMs to enforce intersectional collaboration.
  • Support HRCO on the implementation of Intersectional strategy (promote intersectionnal detachment, intersectionnal training,….)


  • Degree in HR or related field 
  • Working experience of at least two years in HR or related field, L&D experience is an asset
  • English and Arabic

How to Apply

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