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Posted on 07 Jan, 2022
Closing on 18 Jan, 2022
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Job Description


National Position


Position:  Operational Risk Assessment Officer – South Yemen

Reports to:  Functionally Head of Mission/Deputy Head of Mission South and Technically to Logistics Coordinator

Location:   Based in Aden, with frequent travel to field sites

Strong encouragement for FEMALE candidates to apply


For Yemen, the ‘Location’s responsible’ for security is ORAO, reporting to the Head of Mission (HOM). Under the immediate supervision of the HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator, ORAO will provide assistance in the implementation of the risk management plan and its annexes and all matters relating to security and risk management.

The ORAO will report to the HoM/deputy HOM – program coordinator for functional security matters. He/She functions in close cooperation and under the direct supervision of and be accountable to the HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Security and Safety

  •  Provides assistance to the HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator in the implementation of risk management plan and its annexes. This can include the updating of the base specific CPP, security tree and other relevant security management tools, such as the evacuation/hibernation plan.
  •  Provides support to the HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator in PRO-ACTIVE collecting and updating security related information in his/her area of operation, relevant to INTERSOS, general on INGOs and our planned/implemented activities and clearly communicating them to the HoM and relevant programme staff.
  •  If so requested and in close cooperation with HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator, conducts security risk assessments and risk analysis and advice the HoM on security measures for INTERSOS offices, project activities and staff.
  •  Ensure pro-active, open and participatory communication and consultation on security and risk assessment and analysis with colleagues. For example via weekly team coordination meetings to be conducted in each base with coordinators and different departments; ensure security is put on the agenda as systematic topic: share and also collect info/concerns.
  •  If so requested and in close cooperation with HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator, maintains close contact and liaise with security focal points for INGOs, LNGOs and UNHCR/UNDSS to obtain latest information regarding the security situation in the area of operation.
  •  Help to prepare staff to prepare accurate incident reports and forward to HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator.
  •  If so requested, represents INTERSOS at security meetings, as appropriate.
  •  Participate in security and risk management relevant trainings and workshops to develop his/her capacities.
  •  Performs other security-related tasks assigned by the HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator.
  •  Ensure timely uploading of incident reports on INTERSOS IMP.
  •  Ensure tracking, documenting and reporting timely humanitarian access related incidents to HOM and focal point following for INTERSOS with the Humanitarian Access Working Group (HAWG).
  •  Maintains close cooperation/coordination with support department to ensure support is provided timely and efficiently: logistics (fleet management, drivers and guard and compound management), IT (CC TV and other ICT related issues), HR (staff management, due diligence and disciplinary action) and programme (operational risk assessment for activities/programming). He/She reports gaps and delays that could have negative impact on INTERSOS overall security and safety management.

Liaison, visa and registrations, but only as back up of Liaison Officer

  •  Assure all administrative preparations/steps (including letter drafting) required for the submission of main agreement, sub-agreements, visas, residencies, etc.
  •  Arrange and organize meetings with official authorities in Sana’a/Aden upon request of senior management team
  •  Process submission and follow up on main agreement and sub-agreements and letters at MOPIC/SCMCHA at Sana’a/Aden level and different line of ministries and other local authority offices
  •  Follow up the issuance process of visas and residencies with MOPIC/SCMCHA, national security and migration office
  •  Handed and follow up the travel permits at MOPIC/SCMCHA and MOI
  •  Ensure permits to access seaport and airport.

The ORAO must ensure the promotion of a solution and community-oriented approach – putting the beneficiaries and staff at the heart of the risk analysis and mitigation strategies proposed.

The ORAO will have a clear overview of the INTERSOS activities implemented in his/her area of operations and must ensure a very good understanding of the humanitarian principles according to which we negotiate humanitarian access and engage with local authorities, communities and beneficiaries.

For the reporting on any risks and/or threats related to:

  •  Overall context: ORAO to HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator through a general briefing
  •  Programme/activities: project staff reports to AC; AC reports to ORAO/PM; ORAO/PM reports to HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator through a general mail when it is just risk identification or through an incident report in case the organisation activities, premises, assets or staff were targeted or directly/indirectly affected by a threat that materialized.
  •  INTERSOS/the organisation: ORAO reports to HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator with clear general mail in case of risk identification or with detailed incident report in case of the organisation activities, premises, assets or staff were targeted or directly/indirectly affected by a threat that materialized.

For each risk identified or threat materializing, INTERSOS ORAO and HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator must ensure that it is checked if these were identified as risks/threats in the CPP and the proposed mitigation strategies were accurate, suitable, applicable and realistic. Adaptation of the CPP will be required accordingly.

Project Managers and HOM/deputy HOM – program coordinator must ensure to check each ORAF (Operational Risk Appraisal Form) for each project with the ORAOs for each base before finalizing.

Overall, these tasks require:

  •  Adherence to Humanitarian principles of Neutrality, Impartiality, Independence, and Humanity
  •  Clear & timely communications to line management
  •  Full abiding by INTERSOS internal rules and guidelines and respect INTERSOS Charter of Value and Code of Ethics

Qualification/level requirements.

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • At least 2 year of experience safety related role in NGO
  • Demonstrated practical experience in risk management, in any of the following fields:
    •  Program risk assessment on different levels (beneficiaries, authorities, stakeholders more broadly, communities, etc.)
    •  Access constraints that one might encounter
    •  Risk management techniques
    •  Techniques for community engagement/negotiations
    •  Mine risk education
    •  Excellent computer skills (proven computer literacy)
    •  Holder of training certificate in HEAT or other recognized international security and safety training

Other requirements:

  •  Native Arabic - Excellent written and spoken English
  •  Strong team spirit, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment
  •  Excellent analytical skills, observation and analysis capacity
  •  Attention to detail and structured way of approaching tasks
  •  Ability to plan ahead and output oriented
  •  Able to ensure quick quality delivery in stressful environment
  •  Very strong interpersonal skills: strong communication and diplomatic skills
  •  Practical and problem-solver
  •  Ability to deal with heavy work pressure
  •  Readiness and ability to move around in the area covered
  •  Readiness to commit and adhere to the values, mission and vision of INTERSOS

How to Apply

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