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Posted on 10 May, 2022
Closing on 17 May, 2022

Job Description

Yemen Systems, Health and Resiliency Project (SHARP) Job Description

Job Title: Beneficiaries Feedback Mechanism (BFM) Assistant
Position Type: Consultancy
Duration: 4 Months Reports to: MEL Officer
Posting Location: Aden, Yemen


John Snow, Inc. (JSI), a Boston-based public health management firm dedicated to providing high-quality technical and managerial assistance to public health programs throughout the United States and the low- and middle-income countries. JSI is seeking a Beneficiaries Feedback Mechanism (BFM) Assistant for the USAID-funded System, Health and Resiliency Project (SHARP) in Yemen. The project has three overarching goals to 1) improve maternal and child health outcomes; 2) increase community engagement; and 3) improve health system resiliency.

The BFM Assistant is a short-time consultancy position based in Aden, Yemen. S/he is responsible for collecting beneficiaries’ feedback from feedback mechanisms and channels which are relevant to beneficiaries and to the program team. The role will also be responsible for recording and responding to feedback from any over-arching or cross-cutting feedback mechanisms, such as a hotline and/or SMS and/or WhatsApp and/or email address. The Beneficiaries Feedback Mechanism Assistant must be very comfortable communicating in writing and verbally with SHARP staff and beneficiaries. The position will serve as a liaison between program staff and clients and will record all of his/her communications with both. The BFM Assistant will report to the MEL Officer.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure responses are provided to the beneficiaries’ feedback/complaints that would be received via toll-free channels as well WhatsApp and SMS, and ensuring to provide proper response and information in a friendly, patient, and timely manner.
  • Categorize the feedback/complaints received through different feedback channels according to JSI BFM standards and log the received beneficiaries’ feedback/ complaints into an adequate feedback registry database.
  • Ensure to address and flag any sensitive complaints to the responsible persons (MEL or program) with adherence to the confidentiality of the complainant.
  • Ensure that all information related to the beneficiaries who reach us through JSI different feedback channels are properly recorded.
  • Keep the feedback registry database up-to-date.
  • Ensure to track the status of the feedback/ complaints and follow up with the program to close any pending feedback/ complaints and communicate back with the beneficiaries to provide the response.
  • Participate in regular meetings for investigating sensitive feedback with adherence to the principle of confidentially and not disclose any information acquired by performing her/his duties.
  • Conduct field visits to collect feedback/ complaints from suggestion boxes, interview beneficiaries, and focus group discussions.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field required (e.g. Public Health, Health Communication, International Relations, Development, Anthropology, Sociology);
  • Experience in data collection (qualitative and quantitative);
  • Ability to develop relationships with clients and community members, acting as a community liaison focal point;
  • Driven, self-directed, and the ability to manage multiple competing demands and commitments, and to work flexibly in a team;
  • Creativity, curiosity and enthusiasm, and the ability to develop and test new ways of working and solutions to problems;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English and Arabic.

How to Apply

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