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Posted on 14 Sep, 2021
Closing on 18 Sep, 2021

Job Description

The position: Community Center Manager
Period: 3 Months ( Extensible)  
Location: IBB City
Deadline: 18-9-2021


Yemen Women Union YWU is a national organization since the sixties. It is the first organization concerned with women's issues and empowering them in order to become active members in the development process. YWU has 22 branches each branch is located in each governorate and 165 centers at the district level. Currently, YWU in partnership with UNHCR is implementing a project to provide protection services to the displaced and the most vulnerable families in Ibb governorate which aims to facilitate providing protection services to the displaced and the most vulnerable families. The services include: providing psychological, legal, and referral services through its community center in Ibb governorate. Accordingly, the project needs to hire a community center manager to perform the following tasks and responsibilities:


1.    Setting a detailed implementation plan in the light of the project document, in consultation with the Program Department of the executive office of  YWU.
2.    Following up the progress of the activities implementation of community center, discuss the problems that impede their implementation with those directly responsible for them, and try to find appropriate solutions. 
3.    Introducing the project to decision makers and relevant authorities.
4.    Following-up and supervising information that comes out of the field as soon as possible.
5.    Submitting the periodic and final reports of the project in both Arabic and English.
6.    Chairing periodic and emergency meetings with community center team.
7.    Supervising the financial expenses according to the allocated budget.
8.    Representing in all meetings related to the implementation of community center and communicating with other parties concerned with the implementation.
9.    Contacting the Program Department of YWU executive office about any deviations in the financial and administrative work plan.
10.    Solving problems related to the community center work, whether with the authorities or any of the relevant authorities
11.    Following-up and evaluating of the project team's performance in community center.
12.    Providing a suitable work environment for the employees in the center to ensure efficiency and quality.
13.    Informing employees of the work mechanism and the regulations governing work.
14.    Contribute to the selection, appointment and keeping the qualified personnel as the laws and policy of community center.
15.    Providing appropriate training for the employees, as well as conducting performance and behavior evaluations, identifying gaps, finding appropriate solutions and providing consultations.
16.    Coordinating meetings and events in community center.


•    Hold a bachelor's or master's degree in administration or sociology or its equivalent from a recognized university.
•    Fluency in English language, both spoken and written.
•    Minimum 3 years in the field of administration.
•    Previous experience working with IDPs and host communities.
•    Previous experience working for NGOs.
•    Experience in writing monthly and annual management reports.
•    Commitment to ethical principles and code of conduct in relation to working with vulnerable groups of the population.
•    Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information
•    Excellent writing, listening and communication skills
•    Strong interpersonal skills


•    Able to deal with technology (computer, Office programs, as well as the Internet)
•    Able to gather information quickly.
•    Writing and drafting skills.
•    The art of diction.
•    Able to analyze.
•    Persuasion.
•    Able to work under any condition, work in different environments and adapt to all working conditions.
•     Able to deal with all human groups and solve their problems.
•    Able to manage time.
•    Excellent ability to work in a team or individually.
•    Able to maintain business secrets.
•    Able to write and speak English.


The manager of the Community Center should agree to sign YWU's code of conduct.


Avoiding any messages or action using YWU's logo or name that may in general affect YWU negatively in front of the authorities and official, informed, and following-up bodies or the beneficiaries.

How to Apply

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