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Posted on 24 Nov, 2022
Closing on 08 Dec, 2022

Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Operations Assistant    
DEPARTMENT: Operations
SUPERVISOR: Head of Systems and Operations
Starting date: As soon as possible         


The Operations Assistant (OA) is a key support role to all operations departments (HR, Procurement, Logistics, Finance and Administration). OA closely collaborates with representatives of support / operations functions and also programmes, making sure that necessary documentation is duly prepared and archived.

In particular OA provides support to the Procurement and Logistics Officer who is responsible for purchasing of humanitarian goods, works, services and equipment. The Operations Assistant is also supporting the Human resources operations – announcement of the positions, actively participates in the onboarding and offboarding of staff, makes sure the necessary documentation is in place in physical and electronic archive. When requested, OA also provides their support to finance department.
The line management lies with the Head of Systems and Operations (HoSO).


1.    Procurement activities

  • Coordinates registration process of PIN suppliers according to procurement guidelines and procedures;
  • Collects purchase requests from programs and operational departments, creates new tender folders on the basis of purchase requests;
  • Coordinates and provides administrative support to the field offices;
  • Assists with local purchasing procedures, collecting bids from Suppliers in the area of operations;
  • Fills weekly money requests (WMR) for procurement payments and informing program staff for approvals;
  • Submits Payment Requests to Finance Dept. for ongoing purchases related to their area of responsibility;
  • Controls consistency and proofreads tender documentation before moving forward with the procedure, uploads final versions of tender documentation to internal system;
  • Collects envelopes with bids from suppliers, prepares and ensures accuracy of Tender delivery reports;
  • Updates Procurement Tracking table on daily basis;
  • Identifies potential suppliers for all kind of purchases on local, national and international levels;
  • Assists upon request from HoSO with preparation of negotiated/open tender documentation;
  • Maintains the database of PIN suppliers, in particular controls application documents and verifies suppliers in databases;
  • Assists to Procurement Officer with envelope opening sessions, ensures participation of relevant positions during opening envelopes, assisting with preparation and ensures accuracy of Envelope opening reports;
  • Assists to Procurement Officer with offers evaluation and preparation of Tender evaluation forms and tender evaluation reports;
  • Maintains physical archive of tender documentation.

2.    Stock System supervision, warehousing activities

  • Performing all tasks connected with Stock System – creating, forwarding and following up on stock cards, Goods Received Note (GRN), Goods Delivery Note (GDN), Purchase Order (PO), Supply Order (SO), etc.;
  • Ensures timely planning of goods delivery to distribution spots by Suppliers or to PIN warehouses in coordination with responsible person(s);
  • Ensures smooth stock management during receiving items from supplier before and after receiving items;
  • Issues and checks stock documents like good reception note (GRN) during receiving items in warehouse and also if its direct distribution to the institutions or beneficiaries;
  • Assists during timely assets and warehouse inventories;
  • Maintains physical archive of WH/stock documentation alongside with soft copies for Stock System.

3.    Archiving, reporting, WatchDog checking

  • Maintains physical archive of procurement, HR and Finance documentation;
  • Performs Vendors check, for all Contracts;
  • Assists with preparation of documents for audits.

4.    Human Resources  

  • Assists in recruitment (i.e. posting vacancies on websites, shortlisting CVs, participates in the interview panel, checks references);
  • Fills and archives HR documentation; contracts, extensions, recruitment documents, performance appraisals;
  • Prepares HR files for audits;
  • Provides inputs to regular updates of HR database in real time; 
  • Provides inputs to regular update of the Annual Leave Register of local staff; 
  • Ensures HR documentation, including signed contracts and leave requests, is collected from staff and is archived on a timely basis; 
  • Prints out Staff Attendance Sheets, distributes them to each team, checks them for accuracy and collects signed documents on weekly basis; 
  • Coordinates issuing of staff ID cards and business cards; 
  • Participates in the off boarding of the staff;
  • Supports other HR related matters as per request of the supervisor.

5.    Finance: 

  • Maintains cash registers in accordance with PIN procedures; 
  • Conducts cash operations for the needs of the main office in Aden upon complete and proper documentation is received with all necessary approvals and signatures; 
  • Archives relevant support documents like Cash Advance Requests, Cash Advance Clearances and other cash register documents; 
  • Monitors, whether all financial documents like invoices and cash settlements on assigned cash registers are in line with PIN requirements; 
  • Uploads all relevant documentation (invoices, supporting documentation and confirmations) related to assigned type of invoices into SharePoint; 
  • Conducts weekly, monthly and quarterly physical cash inventories and documents them accordingly; 
  • Ensures closure of all pending and not posted documents in cash register by the end of the week;  
  • Checks posted cash register documents, in case of mistake to arrange correction with accountancy unit;
  • Trains new staff to prepare Cash Advance Requests and Cash Advance Clearances and others related to accounting necessary documentation. 
  • Ensures the Financial Security Rules are followed at any time.

6.    Archivation and Audit Support

  • Prepares of supporting documentation for external and internal audits across the country program.
  • Maintains proper archive to all administrative documents, registrations, permissions, approvals, letters and relevant documents.
  • Coordinate with relevant stakeholders (HoSOs across the country programme) the repatriation of the documentation to HQ.
  • Uploading new documents to relevant systems as applicable, providing support to the country programme as a whole.

7.    Administrative Support

  • Responsible for the preparation, approval, signature, and completion of documents related to and including, but not limited to, the following: 
    • Visa and residency applications for international staff coming to Yemen, cooperating with the liaisons and international staff to ensure all documents are completed in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for securing necessary approvals for stay of the international staff, including the preparation of letters, coordinating with representative bodies who provide those and cooperate with relevant country programme stakeholders.


  • The Employer stipulates the right to assign the Employee any other kind of work derived from his specialization. In case of urgent work and such like the Employee may be asked to work overtime as well as during public and other holidays.
  • Adhering to all PIN policies and procedures at all times including those stipulated in National Staff Handbook, Child Protection Policy, Security Standard Operating procedures, etc.
  • Punctual attendance to work including both working hours in the assigned office and schedule field trips if applicable
  • Ensuring timely and effective delivery of tasks
  • Correctness and completeness of given tasks
  • The Employee takes over the responsibility for all entrusted material or cash. The Employee is obligated to cover all damages or losses caused by his carelessness. The Agreement of Liability of Assets has been signed separately.
  • Prompt providing of all relevant information to their supervisor
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information gained from employment within not publicly available
  • Archiving of all entrusted and acquired documents in proper manner
  • Representing and upholding the values of People in Need at all times
  • Behave in appropriate manners at all times and in all places


  • Minimum Bachelor degree or equivalent.
  • A relevant certificate may be required.
  • Previous experience in a similar role.
  • Good skills and experience with Ms Office and internet usage.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to make strong relations with contractors and key persons.
  • Ethical, trustworthy, creative, dynamic, and enthusiastic.
  • Superb organizational skills.
  • A willingness to learn.
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks, under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

Note for candidates: 

Early candidates are encouraged to apply as the applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

How to Apply

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