Ended Implementation of Beekeeping, Livestock Care & Breeding (Goats) and Poultry Production Interventions for (500) Vulnerable Rural Farmers

Invitation for Tender for

Implementation of Beekeeping, Livestock care & breeding (goats) and Poultry Production interventions for (500) vulnerable rural farmers

(Ref. Number 83316500) (To be indicated in all correspondences)

دعـوة للمـشـاركـة فـي مناقصة تنفيذ تدخلات تربية النحل وتربية المواشي (الماعز) و إنتاج الدواجن لعدد (500) مزارع

“This Notice is placed on behalf of GIZ. GIZ office Sana’a accepts no responsibility from any consequences arising from this invitation. GIZ staff not able to answer any quires relating to this invitation; please direct your written queries to the e-mail: procurement.yemen@giz.de

The Global Program for Food and Nutrition Security & Enhanced Resilience aims to improve the resilience of vulnerable households and targeted communities to hunger crises through locally adapted measures in agriculture, social protection and small business development. The targeted communities are selected based on statistical data on the poverty and nutrition situation in close consultation with the CDC (Community Development Committees).

The increase in agricultural production is a focus in this working area, too. Curricula and training measures (cultivation, fertilization, crop protection, harvest, seed treatment, etc.) are coordinated with the consultants of the agricultural and irrigation offices (GAOs). These training measures are accompanied by the provision of appropriate agricultural inputs and technologies, such as improved seed and seedlings (beans, maize, potatoes, etc.), breeding animals (sheep, goats), thus significantly increasing production potential. New sources of income are being developed through the promotion of beekeeping (training and equipment with the basic equipment). At the same time, investments (cash-for-work) in community assets (water structures, rural road etc.) will improve access to drinking and domestic used water and public services. Local women’s groups are trained in the establishment of adapted home gardens (keyhole gardens) with extremely low water requirements and equipped with improved seeds which increase the availability and diversity of food in the households. Skill development measures for women to improve locally relevant skills, such as incense making, perfume, hairdressing, sewing and embroidery that contribute to the diversification and increase of household income.

The GIZ office Sana’a would like to invite specialized, eligible, well experienced, local service providers without any responsibility on GIZ side, to participate in the tender of:

Providing the services of Training + Purchase, Transport and Distribute of  START-UPs (Farm-materials/inputs) to strengthen the resilience of 500 farmers at risk of malnutrition in Ibb and Hajjah either as a full package (all the three farm lots) or part of it (one and/or two farm lots):

  • Lot 1. Livestock care and breeding (goats)
  • Lot 2. Beekeeping
  • Lot 3. Poultry Production

GIZ is particularly interested in identifying competitive sources that can offer the complete range of service.


Interested service providers are requested to send a letter of interest along with the required documents listed in clause 2 to the e-mail: procurement.yemen@giz.de

Latest date for sending the letter with required documents to the e-mail is:  22.03.2019

Required documents:

Interested service providers having the following requirements (subject of exclusion):

  • Valid legal documents (tax card, commercial registration, related permissions, etc.…)
  • At least five references with supported documents for providing such services in similar farm-interventions in the last three years
  • Permission for selling and exporting honey from the Ministry of Trade and Industry (applicable only for lot 2)
  • Permission to conduct training from the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training
  • Annual budget of 2018 authenticated by a legal accountant.
  • Indicating readiness to provide any further documents / guarantees that might be needed later on.

Important Notes:

  1. Only companies / suppliers fulfilling the requirements listed in clause 2 will be considered in further tendering process.
  2. This invitation does not amount to commitment on the part of GIZ either financially or otherwise.
  3. According to requirements (see clause 2) GIZ reserves the right to accept or reject any or all or cancel the process without any obligation to inform the affected applicants of the ground for the acceptance, rejection or cancellation.