Ended Invitation to Supply of Food Basket,(7,400) Basket in 3 Governorates

Subject\ Invitation to Supply of Food Baskets, (7,400) Baskets in 3 Governorates

Project:    Emergency Support for Vulnerable People Affected by the Crisis in Yemen

Ref. No.:   YRCS-24183-2019-ITB-001-FSH

Starting date \    May 6, 2019

Closing Date \    June 12,2019   (Same day for opening envelopes)

To get the envelopes please contact YRCS H.Q. in Sana’a: -

Address: - Sana’a – Sana’a, Republic of Yemen YRCS Head Quarter, 26 September Street near Prime Ministers Office, Sanaa.

Tel.  +967 733 422 474

Envelope costs: -   20,000 YER

Letter of Guarantee: - All supplier should provide a letter of guarantee for a total amount of (14,151 $) valid for 120 days.

General Instruction: -

  • Getting envelopes during working hours 10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.
  • All suppliers should submit two sealed envelopes 1- Financial Proposal. 2- Technical Specifications.
  • All suppliers must follow General Instructions for Suppliers (GIS) provided in ITB documents.
  • All final prices should include all relevant costs, transportation, taxes and other types of expenses.
  • Samples should be submitted along with envelopes in a final package including YRCS Logo and written not for sale
  • All goods proposed by suppliers should indicate; expiry date (At least one year), production date, country of origin, manufacture certificate & brand name. These informations to be included for each good separately in Annex © Technical Specification Form.

Organization preview: -

The Yemen Red Crescent Society is a humanitarian organization established in the so-called southern part of Yemen in 1968. While in the so-called the northern part of Yemen, it was established in July 1970 under Presidential Decree No. 15 of 1970. After the blessed unity, it was merged in October 1993 to become one national society. The Yemen NS was recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross in April 1982 and joined the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in October 1982.

In the framework of Emergency Support for Vulnerable People Affected by the Crisis in Yemen, the YRCS invites interested eligible Suppliers to submit Bids for the Distribution of food items to beneficiaries.

1 – Distribution of food items to beneficiaries-Hajjah Governorate #

2– Distribution of food items to beneficiaries- Raymah Governorate #

3– Distribution of food items to beneficiaries-Sana’a Governorate #

Project Scope: -

This project aims to provide life-saving food assistance and access to emergency and primary healthcare services to families fleeing violence from war-torn areas and vulnerable communities. The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and Danish Red Cross (DRC) in support of Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) plan to assist around 208,400 persons in selected target districts. In addition to emergency response, the project will contribute to enhancing community resilience through improved access to healthcare services in the target areas. Focus will be on improving the capacities of YRCS health facilities by providing much needed medical equipment and supplies and on enhancing the target population’s ability to manage their own health risks through increased health awareness and better access to appropriate healthcare. The project activities will be implemented in a way that will promote the dignity of the affected population and it will ensure that humanitarian assistance is delivered in a principled, integrated and coordinated manner.




Purpose of Invitation


Food Security and Health (FSH)


Al-Haymah & Manakhah

Distributing of 2,468 basket food



Shares & Al-Maghrabah

Distributing of 2,466 basket food


Belad Al-Ta'am & Al-Jabeen

Distributing of 2,466 basket food