Ended Rehabilitation of the Alsadaqa CDC (Communicable Disease Center)

Request for Quotation


IOM request prospective Contractors to submit quotation for the implementation of Rehabilitation of the Alsadaqa CDC.








Alsadaqa CDC (communicable disease center)

Rehabilitation of the Alsadaqa CDC (communicable disease center)

Site reference:

1- Rehabilitation of the Al Sadaqa CDC (communicable disease center)

Please see the attached BoQ

Eligible Contractor

Only Contractors that are determined eligible shall be considered for award. The Contractor shall fill up and submit the standard IOM Vendor Information Sheet (VIS) (Annex C) to establish the Contractor’s eligibility together with the Quotation. To qualify for award of the Contract, bidders shall meet the following minimum qualifying criteria

  1. Experience as prime contractor in the construction of at least 2 Works of a nature and complexity equivalent to the Works over the last 3 years, to comply with this requirement, cost of works cited should be equivalent to the estimated project cost.
  2. proposals for the timely acquisition (own, lease, hire, etc.) of the essential equipment listed in the Qualification Information;

Errors, omissions, inaccuracies, variations and clarification in the Quotation Documents

The documents and forms requested for the purpose of soliciting Quotations shall form part of the Contract; hence care should be taken in completing these documents.
Contractors shall not be entitled to base any claims on errors, omissions, or inaccuracies made in the Quotation Documents. Contractors requiring any clarifications on the content of this document may notify the IOM in writing at the following email address.
IOM will respond to any request for clarification received on or before 3 days of submission deadline, close of business. Copies of the response including description of the clarification will be given to all Contractors who received this General Instruction, without identifying the source of the inquiry.


Quotation Documents

The following shall constitute the Quotation Documents to be submitted by the Contractors:

1.)    Quotation Form (Annex A)

2.)    Bill of Quantities Form (Annex B)

3.)    Vendor Information Sheet Form (Annex C)

4.)   Construction Schedule Form (Annex D)

5.)    Key Supervisory Staff Schedule Form (Annex E)

6.)   Equipment Schedule Form (Annex F)

7.)    BoQs documents (Annex 1, Annex 2)

7.)    Signed and stamped GIC General Instructions to Contractors.

Contractors are required to use the forms provided as Annexes in this document.

Quotation Form

The Quotation Form (Annex A) and other required documents shall be duly signed and accomplished and typewritten or written in indelible ink.  Any correction made to the prices,rates or to any other information shall be rewritten in indelible ink and initialed by the person signing the Quotation Form. The language of the Quotations shall be in English and prices shall be quoted in US Dollars, exclusive of VAT.

Prices quoted by the Contractor shall be fixed during the Contractors performance of the contract and shall not be subjected to price escalation and variation on any account, unless otherwise approved by IOM. A submitted Quotation with an adjustable price quotation will be treated as non-responsive and will be rejected.

Validity of Quotation Price

Quotation shall remain valid for 11 calendar days after the deadline for quotation submission.

In exceptional circumstances, prior to expiry of the period of validity of quotations, IOM may request that the contractors extend the period of validity for a specified additional period. The request and the response thereto shall be made in writing. A contractor agreeing to the request will not be required or permitted to modify its quotation.

Documents Establishing Contractor’s Eligibility and Qualification

The Contractor shall furnish, as part of its quotation, documents establishing the Contractors’ eligibility to submit quotation and its qualifications to perform the contract if its quotation is accepted. The IOM’s standard Vendors Information Sheet shall be used for this purpose (Annex C).The documentary evidence of the Contractor’s qualifications to perform the contract if its quotation is accepted shall be established to IOM’s satisfaction:

  1. that the Contractor has the financial and technical  capacity and track record  necessary to perform the contract;
  2. that the Contractor meets other qualification criteria.

Submission of Quotations

Quotation must be submitted in a sealed and stamped envelope. The Contractor must seal the “Original” of the Quotation Documents as stated in item 9.1 (Quotation Documents) and shall be titled with Ref # ADEMHU20190540 addressed to Hossam Saeed, Procurement focal point in IOM Aden sub-office.

Quotation shall be submitted by hand delivery to the above address on or before 13 June 2019 and no later than 11:30 am. Late Quotations will not be accepted.

Opening of Quotations

At the indicated time and place, the opening of Quotations shall be carried out by IOM in the presence of the Contractors who wish to attend. IOM reserve the right to conduct opening of Quotations in public or not.

لتنزيل وثائق المناقصة يرجى الضغط على الملف المرفق في يمين الصفحة

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