Ended Procurement & Installation of Solar Water Pumping Unit with Suitable Solar Panel & Control Unit for Tor ALBahaa Hospital & IDPs Camp in Lahj Gov

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Ref No: ADEERU20190678

Date: 03 July 2019


Submit before 11:30am (14 July 2019)

Project Name: ERU

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Procurement and Installation of Solar Water Pumping Unit with Suitable Solar Panel and Control Unit for Tor AL Bahaa Hospital and IDPs Camp in Lahj Gov

Please see the attached BoQs

15 Days after the signed of PO

  1. All prices to be quoted must be valid at least for thirty (30) calendar days from the date of quotation.
  2. Within three (3) days of the receipt of notification of award from IOM, the successful Bidder shall furnish a performance security equivalent to 10% from total amount of the tender to the name of IOM, as Certified Cheque or Bank Guarantee, whereas it will be returned to vendor upon closing the PO/Contract (Complete the delivery of items/service).
  3. Winning offers without performance security won’t be considered and will be excluded from the tender.
  4. IOM has the right to deduct the amount 10% (performance security) if vendor failed to deliver items/services on time agreed in signed PO/Contract.
  5. IOM reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation, and to cancel the procurement process and reject all quotations at any time prior to award of Purchase Order or Contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Supplier/s or any obligation to inform the affected Supplier/s of the ground for IOM’s action
  6. IOM reserves the right to split the awards in any combination as it may deem necessary or appropriate in its sole discretion in the best interest of IOM.

Kindly send an advance copy of your duly signed quotation hand delivery to IOM Aden Office.