Ended Purchase and Supply of Chronic Diseases Medicines to Hodeidah (Kamaran Hospital) – Hajjah (Al. Thaluth Center) - Sa’adah – (Al. Talh Hospital)

Tender Reference Number: Purchasing Medicines: EMACHS V /10/Sep.-19\
Tender Publication:
10 / Sep /2019
Tender Deadline: 17 / Sep /2019
Tender Opening: 18 / Sep /2019
Delivery to Hodediah-Hajjah- Sa’adah: ASAP                                                                                                                              


Tender Details:

Interested bidders should download the attached file and fill the quotation request form; All bids must be submitted before (17/Sep/2019, at 10:00 am) Duly completed tender documents including quotations enclosed in plain sealed envelope clearly marked, all documents should be returned to ADRA YEMEN – Hodeidah Office.

ADRA YEMEN- Hodeidah Office

Behind Ali School, Al. Hai Tejari Street.

Tele: +967-3-239875

And handed Over to Secretary

Late Bids will be automatically rejected. Bids from unqualified bidders will be rejected.

Category: Medicines

Type of Tender: Purchase + Supply

Fee to be paid

Obtaining/Submitting Documents: None Venue to Obtain Tender Documents:  ADRA YEMEN- Hodeidah Office

Behind Ali School, Al. Hai Tejari Street.          

Tele: +967-3-239875

Required Documents:

  1. The price should be in US dollars.
  2. The bidder must fill the prices for all items attached.
  3.  To ensure high quality of items submitted in the tender that must obtain a minimum 70% of excellent quality and appropriate price which will be determined by the technical evaluation unless they are excluded from the tender.
  4. Decimal numbers of the commodity price do not exceed three digits
  5. The price for tablets and capsules per pill and, as well as for ampoules, pills and syrups for medicines.
  6. The offer must be signed and stamped on each sheet of the document.
  7. The price offer includes the transport and delivery service from the supplier to Hodeidah (Kamaran Hospital), Hajjah (Al.Thaluth Hospital) and Sa’adah (Al. Talh Hospital) governorates.
  8. The validity of the offer is 60 days from the date of opening the envelopes
  9. We have the right to exclude any bidder who was not responsible in previous tenders.
  10. The supplier must be the owner of stores in the market, so that we can return any item with close expiry after the period of suppling or before four months of item expiry and replace the item with a new expiry date.
  11. The supplier should write the expiry date of each item in the quotation.
  12. The supplier should make sure that the quantity of the requested items and its expiry date are available with the exclusive agent before submitting the items in the quotation.
  13. The analysis process for each item will be according to the quality and the appropriate price with the estimated budget.
  14. The shelf life of medications not less than one year.

Attach with the quotation: -

  1. Company profile, and their work experience working with both international and local organizations.
  2. Bank guarantee must be submitted 2% of the total amount
  3. A copy of valid registration card and tax card for the bidder.
  4. Fill out the conflict of interest form attached to the tender announcement.
  5. An official note on behalf of the representative at the time of opening the envelopes, along with a copy of the identity card of the representative of the entity.


  1. For other specifications check the attached files.

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  • Posted by: ADRA
  • Location: Multiple Cities
  • Posted on: 10 September 2019
  • Deadline: 17 September 2019
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