Ended Call for Proposal for Capacity Building to 150 Beneficiaries in the Micro-Finance Sector

Call for Proposal for Capacity Building to 150 beneficiaries in Microfinance sector


1. Introduction:

Overview of Yemen Loan Guarantee (YLG):

YLG is a not-for-profit guarantee provider established by the Social Fund for Development in 2017 to increase the facilitation of credit to enterprise owners for growth and expansion.
YLG provides partial guarantees on loans made by PFIs (Private Finance Initiates) and MFIs (banks & Micro-Finance Institutions) to micro and small enterprise borrowers located in the region. YLG aims to contribute to the creation of new jobs and the development of existing and start-up projects.

YLG is currently implementing component #4 of VOLIP project (Vocational & Literacy Program), a five-year program co-financed by the Islamic Bank, OPEC and the Government of Yemen, implemented by the Social Fund for Development. The program is generally aimed at alleviating the effects of poverty and improving the lives of the poor in targeted areas, by enrolling back the “out-of-school” children in the age group (9:15), enabling women and youth to become literate and providing them with market-oriented professional skills, entrepreneurial skills, facilitating access to microfinance services and business coaching services to facilitate their integration into the economic and social development process, that is, achieve the financial inclusion.

Towards this end, YLG is looking to contract capacity building service to a pioneer institution in order to assist and empower entrepreneurs at any stage of the business cycle all the way to scale and grow their business.


2. Description of Required Services:

VOLIP beneficiaries are legible to receive business capacity building sessions throughout the financing period in order to coach/guide them manage their business properly, identify/solve issues they might face & reach the optimum market financial inclusion.

Basic mission:

Providing institutional guidance and technical support to the beneficiaries of the VOLIP project in order to enhance their business skills and intellectual development during the first six months to one year from the issuance of funds to 150 beneficiaries.

The projects of the beneficiaries are mainly concentrated in the following sectors:

  • Production (sewing - bakery .....)
  • Livestock breeding.
  • Agricultural field
  • Solar power
  • Commercial Service Area (Coiffure - Grocery - .....)

Activity outputs:

  • Monthly database showing the number of sessions conducted at the level of each beneficiary and shows the projects that have succeeded and achieved appropriate development, projects that have encountered difficulties and have been solved, and projects that have failed completely.
  • Final report after the completion of the issuance of all funding and completion of all sessions for all beneficiaries within the VOLIP reflects all outputs to guide the beneficiaries and the most important recommendations, challenges and lessons learned that the institution faced.

3. Deadline: Tuesday 10-December-2019 @ 12:00PM. All proposals should be sent by email to the following email address: lgphr@sfd-yemen.org When receiving proposals by email (as is required for the CFP), the receipt time stamp shall be the date and time when the submission has been received in the dedicated YLG inbox. YLG shall not be held responsible for any delays caused by network problems, etc. It is the sole responsibility of proponents to ensure that their proposal is received by YLG in the dedicated inbox on or before the prescribed CFP deadline. Any proposals received by YLG after the deadline for submission of proposals prescribed herein, may be rejected.

4. Planned award date: 23-December-2019.

5. Planned/estimated service start / end dates: 01-March-2020 / 01-September-2020.


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