Ended Request for Quotation for Rent Vehicle with Fuel and Maintenance

Request for Quotation

About the field medical institution:

The Field Medical Foundation is a comprehensive community-based, non-profit, developmental organization that seeks to be  a pioneer in humanitarian action through its health, relief, and development services, which aims to improve community health and build capacity through projects and services provided with high quality and high credibility.

Tender reference number: PR # FMFADE / 200004/2020

Place: Field Medical Foundation Khormaksar - Aden - Yemen.

Tender Subject:  Rent vehicle with fuel and maintenance

Invitation to participate in the tender:

The Field Medical Foundation / Aden invites eligible suppliers to submit an offer to tender PR # FMFADE / 200004/2020 for the provision of ( 2 )four-wheel-drive vehicles in various governorates (Aden, Abyan, Al-Dhalea’a, Lahj, shabwa, Hadramaoot, Al-Makha’a, Taiz). Vehicles are required as below detail:

  1. Vehicles Including Fuel and Maintenance without Drivers.
  2. Providing several first aids.
  3. Timely oil change.
  4. Replacement of cars when necessary or any accident.
  5. Vehicles are must be equipped with GPS Tracking.
  6. vehicles include comprehensive car and passenger insurance
  7. Vehicles will be 24/7 in the FMF office building.

How to obtain tender documents:

Please download the attachments from the site

Bidding method:

The quotations and all documents are delivered in a sealed envelope in red wax to the Foundation’s official working hours from Sunday to Thursday at the following times (8:30 am to 3:30 pm) at the following address:

The Republic of Yemen - Aden Governorate - Khormaksar - October District, next to the Education Office

The following application is required:

1 • Bid Submission in USD

2 • Submitting the bid in an envelope sealed with red wax.

3 • Attached to:

The commercial registration is valid

The valid tax card

The valid insurance card

Certificate of Registration for General Sales Taxes

The last date for submission of bids: 16 / February / 2020, Monday, 03:30 pm

Important note :

The field medical institution has the right to accept or reject any bid unless the documents are complete.

Any bid submitted after the expiry of the specified time as indicated above may not be accepted.

All offers must contain the total price, the validity period of the offer, payment terms and delivery condition for the service.

Bidding will be rejected in any way other than that mentioned in the tender documents.

For information and inquiries, please contact us at:

Email: info@fmfyemen.org 

Tel: + 967-233433 / 233460

To download the related document, please click on the right link under "Downloads & Attachments"