Request for Quotation of Rehabilitation Works in Aden

Request for Quotation

No. YEM/2020/RFQ006

Dear Sir/Madam,

We hereby solicit your quotation for the supply of the items in Annex 1 attached.

The goods/services are to be delivered maximum in 8 weeks upon issuing of PO.  The quotation shall be valid at least for 3 months after the closing date.

If you are interested in submitting a quotation for these items, kindly fill in the attached Quotation Form by clicking on the right link under "Downloads & Attachments" and send only through a sealed envelope to the address as indicated below.

Street address: Hadda St, behind Lazourde Hotel, Sana’a, Yemen

UNFPA Attention: Ms. Warda Ezzaddin

The envelope should indicate bidder’s name (company name) and YEM/2020/RFQ/005

Please submit your quotation in USD currency. Conversion of currency into the UNFPA preferred currency, if the offer is quoted differently from what is required, shall be based only on UN Operational Exchange Rate prevailing at the time of competition deadline.

Your earliest response to this query would be highly appreciated, but not later than 29/03/2020, time 14:00.

Note: Current UNFPA supplier policies apply to this solicitation and can be found at: