Ended EOI: Artisanal Fisheries Sector Marketed and Risk Analysis Study

Invitation for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

“Strengthening the Resilience and Participation at local level in Yemen (SRPL)”

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Subject: Artisanal Fisheries Sector Marketed and Risk Analysis Study


The project “Strengthening the Resilience and Participation at Local Level in Yemen” (SRPL) implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) under Germany’s Transitional Development Assistance (TDA) invites the submission of Expressions of Interest (EOI) for implementing the ‘Artisanal Fisheries Sector Marketed and Risk Analysis Study’ for Hadramout Governorate. This study contributes to one major pillar of the project – supporting the artisanal fisheries sector in Hadramout – that aims to strengthen the resilience and improve the adaptive capacity and self-reliance of local institutions and vulnerable groups affected by the protracted crisis in Yemen.


This study is to be implemented in selected fisher landing sites/communities in the Governorate of Hadramout. Its purpose is to develop a sound basis for recommendations for the project’s successful implementation (intended impacts) as well as for avoiding possible risks (un-intended impacts). Accordingly, the study encompasses a range of topics associated with the artisanal fisheries sector value chain to be strengthened and rehabilitated, e.g. infrastructure, fisheries cooperatives, fishery strategies, hygiene and quality, marketing, diversification of income and resilience in fisheries households, as well as the participation of women and youth in the value chain. It will also need to assess possible ecological (overfishing, waste management) and socio-economic (elite appropriation, conflictive expectations) risks that may arise.

Implementation and team composition

The study is to be conducted within a time period of approximately 6 - 8 weeks, preferably until the end of 2020. The study team shall cover three fields of expertise: (a) Artisanal fisheries, including relevant environmental issues, (b) Economic and analysis of (formal/informal) markets, and (c) Social/gender (women and youth) aspects in the artisanal fisheries value chain. One team member acts as the Team Leader. He/she must be proficient (orally and in writing) in English and Arabic language. The team may be complemented by support team members that will be trained by the expert survey team according to their needs.

The study will comprise three major phases:

  • Phase I – Preparatory phase including desk reviews, briefing and training;
  • Phase II – Field Survey including meetings with all stakeholders in each of the x sites/communities in Hadramout, implementation of the interviews and ground data collection based on but not limited to participatory survey methods;
  • Phase III – Data Analysis and Reporting, including debriefing session and presentation, daft and final report writing.

Expected deliverables comprise the provision of all survey data (quantitative and qualitative) in digital format that can be used for further application; market and value chain mapping of the artisanal fisheries sector, presentations and reports.

To participate in the EOI selection process, companies/organisations shall meet the following minimum requirements: a) Registered as a service office or research & consultant company; b) a minimum of 5 years active operation since legal registration; c) a minimum of 5  permanent staff; d) at least 3 experts in the field of economic, social studies, fisheries and environment.

Companies/organisations meeting these requirements are invited to submit an EOI in English language to the following email (procurement.yemen@giz.de ) with the required documents.

Please consider that the latest deadline for submitting the expression of interest is: 25th November, 2020 at 12:00 PM.

The EOI shall briefly outline the following:

  • Name, address and contact point company/organisation
  • A copy of the valid registration license and the company’s/ organization’s profile, if possible.
  • company’s/ organization’s organizational chart.
  • References of consultancies already performed in the required field (artisanal fisheries sector, market and risk analysis, participatory surveys)
  • Capabilities of the applicant to conduct research on-site: access options of the study team to coastal Hadramout
  • Number and qualification level (incl. language skills) of suitable permanent staff and/or temporarily recruited experts meeting the 3 fields of technical expertise and, where applicable, the additional managerial skills to act as Team Leader.
  • The team’s expertise and capacity to recruit and train temporary support team members for the field survey.
  • Availability of qualified experts and support study team to deliver within the planned time period.

EOIs received by 25th November 2020 will be assessed to select suitable companies/organisations. If pre-selected, applicants will be provided with detailed ToR for the ‘Artisanal Fisheries Sector Marketed and Risk Analysis Study’ and invited to submit a technical and financial offer. The best technical and financial offer will be awarded with the consultancy contract.