Construction Project in Ad Dahi Rural Hospital – Hudaydah (مشروع إنشائي في مستشفى الدحي بمحافظة الحديدة)

MSF Switzerland

I. Introduction: Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, humanitarian, non-governmental organization providing assistance to people in need as a result of natural and man-made disasters, irrespective of race, religion, ideology or politics.

MSF Switzerland is planning to conduct a project of construction in Ad Dahi Rural Hospital in Hudaydah Governorate and is looking for construction companies or general contractors. MSF Switzerland would like to invite applicants to provide an introduction file including information listed below in section IV.

The project is about building an entire new one floor ward of 260 square meters In Ad Dahi Rural Hospital.

II. Purpose of this document

This document is call for interests and has been prepared to provide information to assist prospective applicants in the preparation and submission their presentation file.

III. Project Schedule

The project would be to start beginning of 2021.

IV. Required information and documents

The applicants must provide:

1) Full administrative details of their company or business (Insurance policy, Certificate of business registration or trade license in Yemen)

2) Full descriptions of their technical capacities in term of construction implementation, project management and a list of subcontracting works,

3) List of their HR and job titles that would be in charge, implementation followup and building works: internal and outsourced.

4) References of projects in Hudaydah or Sana’a that have been implemented by the applicant company, with pictures and addresses for potential visits.

5) A schedule of their availabilities from January 2021.

6) Tax ID and legal representative (with proof of ownership or representation).

V. Language of the applications

All documents should be submitted in Arabic, and if possible also in English.

VI. Submission of documents:

Applicants files can be submitted between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM from Saturday to Wednesday by interested parties to:

MSFCH coordination office in Sanaa (Diplomatic area, Djibouti Street, behind future school, house No: 47)


MSFCH office in Salakanah - Hudaydah (Opposite Salakhanah Hospital)


MSFCH office in Ad Dahi (Ad Dahi Rural Hospital)

 The deadline for submission of applications is [09/12/2020] at 5:00PM

VII. Right of selection or rejection

Selected applicants will be contacted for further information and tender process. MSF reserves its right to refuse all offers and re-advertise again.