Ended Supply and Delivery of “Tomato Seeds” to DRC’s Warehouse in Abyan

Invitation to Bid

The office of Danish Refugee Council (DRC) - Yemen invites qualified companies/ vendors to submit their offers for the following:


Invitation to Bid No.

Supply and delivery of “Tomato Seeds” to DRC’s warehouse in Abyan

توريد وتوصيل "بذور طماطم" لمخازن المنظمة في أبيــن



  1. Complete tender documents can be collected by interested eligible suppliers by applying to ads@drcyemen.org from 13th September – 26th September, 2017 during the normal working hours from 08:00 am – 04:00 pm.
  2. Complete offer in one original (One envelope contains two separate envelopes for technical and financial bids) shall be sealed and marked as stated in tender documents, to be hand-delivered to DRC office in Aden by the ITB closure date (28th September, 2017) and time (01:00 pm).
  • Inquiries can be sent to the same Email mentioned above.