Invitation for Partnership with NGOs on Protection Activities & Legal Assistance for Refugees (دعوة للشراكة مع المنظمات الغير حكومية)

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Yemen invites interested non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that wish to be included in a roster of suitable partners to participate in UNHCR operation in Yemen and contribute complementary resources to achieving the objectives as set out in the calls for expression of interest, accessible via the links below. UNHCR welcomes innovative ideas to meet the goals efficiently and sustainably, enhancing humanitarian assistance and services to persons of concern. Applicants should indicate the unique advantages and added value in meeting the goals. UNHCR specifically invites partners to apply for two activities as follows:

  • Protection Activities for Refugees

  • Legal Assistance for Refugees

How to Apply

Interested NGOs are requested to fill an application form, following the links below

  • Protection Activities for Refugees application Link

  • Legal Assistance for Refugees Link

The calls for expression of interests, which are accessible via the application form, contain further details on the interventions' scope.

Kindly download the attached files and forms from the right side of this page to get all the details about this invitation. 

Deadline of submission : 31th Jan 2021