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Provision of Consultancy Services( Solar System Advisor)

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Posted on 17 Nov, 2023
Closing on 10 Dec, 2023
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Location: Al-Mukalla - Yemen  (fish landing site “ 4th Almashroo landing site”)
Starting date: 10th  ,January ,2024
Period of implementation: 70 days

Expertise France is a French public agency under the tutelage of the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy and Finance with a strong inter-ministerial vocation. Expertise France offers project engineering and technical assistance by developing and implementing international cooperation actions worldwide. The agency operates in various fields of development and institutional cooperation including safety and security reform, post-crisis/ stability, public health, human rights, strengthening of institutions and NGOs and governance. Carrying out large-scale, multi-stakeholder projects, Expertise France can ensure the cooperation between individuals, teams and institutions with very different statuses, cultures and specialties. Besides, Expertise France has acquired a sound experience in administrative and financial management of large-scale international projects and is accredited by the European Union for the management of delegated Community funds.


The fishing industry in Yemen is considered one of the most promising sectors for Yemen’s development and an essential source of employment and livelihoods for coastal communities. The sector provides jobs to over half a million Yemenis who in turn support over 1.7 million people. Furthermore, the fisheries sector is considered the third most important sub-sector in the country (FAO 2017). Yemen exported fish to 50 Asian, African and European countries including 12 Arab countries. The sector is therefore considered as a major pillar to achieve economic diversity in the oil-export dependent country, as well as socio-economic development.
After the outbreak of war in 2015, the fishing industry faced huge challenges in addition to the existing structural and regulatory obstacles. The main streams of challenges are the dramatic decline in production, loss of a mass of jobs, decline of purchasing power, disruption of export activities and destruction of infrastructure, security risks for fishers and civilian vessels –mainly in red sea coastal areas- as well as an environmental disaster. In addition, the conflict also provoked the displacement of fishing communities in the areas impacted by war and insecurity issues. 
The arrival of COVID-19 pandemic to Yemen naturally made the situation for the fishing sector even more critical. The impact is especially high in terms of production, sales and employment, with measures of prevention and social distancing in place. Many ports had to temporarily suspend operations and the incoming and outgoing traffic was restricted. The closure of some governorates’ borders also affected the movement of supply between governorates. 
The fishing sector in Yemen is confronted today with multiple obstacles, which limits its functionality as well as its potential to contribute to local development.
‘’Fish2Dev’’ Phase II objective is to strengthen the resilience of the fishing sector in Yemen, leading to improved livelihoods of local communities, greater food security, and better post-crisis recovery prospects. Particularly, the project will address some of the challenges facing the sector’s business actors and their potential in reviving the sector’s value chain, therefore the resilience and development of the sector as a whole. This will be achieved through the following:

i. Enhance the access to alternative source of energy through the solarization of a landing site.
ii. Support the Fish Coordination Mechanism (FCM) dialogue among the sector’s stakeholders
iii. Increase women participation in value-chain through training that would improve women access to new jobs/skills and entrepreneurship opportunities in the fisheries sector.
From that perspective, upgrading the 4th Mashroo whole sale-landing site , EF would establish an off-grid renewable solar energy system to supply the landing site with more affordable and cleaner electricity. The solar system would partially supply the current landing site with cleaner electricity and would proportionally cut-off the fuel bill by approximately 50 and 60%, which would improve the profits margins of fishers. Total number of direct beneficiaries is estimated at 8,750 fishermen beneficiaries from all fishers’ associations at Al-Mukallah district, in addition to 18,000 fishermen from the whole governorate. which leads to enhance  and  expand its operations to meet local demand and allow small-scale fishers to have access to the landing site and provide them with a new key market to sell their catch for increasing their income.  



Expertise France is seeking a specialized engineering firm or a certified engineer experienced in solar system installation for a specific project. The chosen consultant will perform a field visit to the 4th Almashroo site (fish harvest market) in the Mukalla district. The primary objectives are to assess the site's solar energy requirements, conduct a comprehensive study complete with a bill of quantities, estimated costs, and engineering drawings and designs.

The consultant will be responsible for developing the terms of reference for the company that will handle the complete installation of the solar energy system. This includes specifying the implementation timeline and participating in the selection process of the installation company.

Additionally, the consultant will inspect the supplied materials to ensure they meet the specifications and bill of quantities outlined in the Terms of Reference (ToR). An inspection report will be submitted before the implementation phase.

Daily monitoring and supervision of the installation company's work will be the responsibility of the consultant to ensure the highest quality of work. The consultant will document the progress and provide a final report in both Arabic and English.

Coordination with relevant entities, stakeholders in the fish sector, and local authorities will also be part of the consultant's tasks.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that the project achieves its desired outputs, outcomes, and main objectives.

Under the authority of the Head of Stabilisation & Resilience Unit, direct collaboration of the Project Manager in Yemen, the solar system advisor will carry out the following tasks:

Before implementation:

  • Create plans for solar energy system development, monitoring, and evaluation activities.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with the project stakeholders included the fish associations, local authority, government offices and fishers and other related stakeholders 
  • Conduct engineering site assessment to collect structural, electrical, and related site information for use in the design of the landing site – 4th Almashroo market in the Mukalla district solar power systems.
  • Assess the energy needs and priorities of the target landing site to determine what percentage of a solar system is required to cover 100% of the required energy, as well as what percentage of a solar system is needed to address 50% of the energy needs of the target landing site Collect data about the project site and assess the location to determine if there is enough space for the installation of solar panels and the necessary solar system components to ensure the full operation of solar energy for the fish market. Design of photovoltaic (PV) on and off grid  systems including solar system components, for the landing site – 4th Almashroo landing site in the Mukalla district 
  • Create electrical single-line diagrams, panel schedules, or connection diagrams for solar electric systems, using computer-aided design (CAD) software or relevant software
  • Review specifications and recommend engineering or manufacturing changes to achieve solar design objectives
  • Prepare technical studies, drawing , bills of quantities and estimated cost required for solar system installation in the target site
  • Using AutoCAD/SketchUp tools to design ground and /or roof-mounting structure system for solar panels
  • Submit assessment reports 
  • Develop ToR with implementation time-frame for selecting the contractor that will provide all required materials and equipment for solar system installation and implement it.
  • Work with EF’s program team to draw up works tender documents and provide technical support to operation team 
  • Participate in the selection process of specialized company
  • Work to inspect and test the supplied solar panels and materials related to the solar system installation ensuring that they are in high quality 
  • Submit inspection reports.  

During implementation:

  • Develop implementation plan and field work inspection check list for the solar system installation works 
  • Supervise and monitor the works of installations process that are implemented by the contactor ensuring that they are according to the field work inspection check list .
  • Make sure that the implementation is according to the bills of quantities, drawings, designs and specifications 
  • Ensure that the work is according to the identified timeframe 
  • Develop check list for ensuring that the solar system installation is implemented in high quality 
  • Develop standard operation producers and quality of safety standards for solar installation work, ensuring that the contractor is following them
  • Documentation all stages of solar system installation before, during and after the works 
  • Submit progress reports for all field activities to the EF’s Project Manager 
  • Submit a final report in English and Arabic. 

The definite timeline will be discussed and confirmed with the service provider prior to the kickoff of the mission.


Estimated Duration

(working days)

Phase 1 : Kick off of the mission

  • Presentation of the methodology;
  • Framework note specifying the methodology (including in terms of governance of the mission) and the planning of the mission containing an analysis of the key success factors of the mission and the points of attention;




3 days

Phase 2 : Definition of the 4th Mashroo detailed plan related to Solar system installation

  • A full project study
  • Detailed Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
  • Meeting presentation and discussion of the findings and recommendations /feedback




14 days


Phase 3 : Assistance to Expertise France in the contracting process for the implementation of the 4th Mashroo rehabilitation works related to Solar system installation

  • Business consultation file (ToRs)
  • Assist in the selection and for the contracting of the works contract




3 days

Phase 4: Site management and supervision of the installation of Solar energy panels

inspection of the delivered equipment, tools and devices

  • Daily filed visit to the working site for supervision of the execution
  • Regular and ad hoc reports
  • Administrative documents necessary for the acceptance of the works
  • Record of works executed
  • Certificate of conformity of the work
  • Official document by authorities which attests the acceptance of the works
  • Final report  







50 days


The specialized engineering firm or certified engineer will report to Expertise France’s Project Manager in Yemen.  

The Project Manager from Expertise France Yemen Office will work closely with the engineering office or engineer throughout the process to ensure all aspects of the ToR are respected.



The specialized engineering office team or certified engineer must have the following qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's   degree in electrical engineering or relevant to solar system 
  • At least five years of engineering experience in working on solar system installation include the on grid and off grid system.
  • Strong experience in using engineering software programs such as VP system , AutoCAD , SketchUp and electrical CAD.
  • Strong experience in technical drawing in solar system installation and rehabilitations work 
  • Experience in supervising contractor and managing site work .
  • Very good in using computers and office applications 
  • Very good in report writing skills in English and Arabic 
  • Have work experience in working INGOs and NGOs 
  • Very good communication skills with project team and stakeholders 
  • Strong knowledge of safety standards and legislation related to construction and rehabilitation in Yemen 
  • Strong organizational and planning skills  

Deadline of submission: 10/12/2023

Applications must be made in English. Please send your applications to the following email addresses:

With the reference to “Solar system advisor”

  • Profile of engineering office. (date of establishment, services, number of staff…etc). Detailed CV if the applicant is a certified engineer
  • Fill the attached Annex : activity timeline and reference
  •  Financial proposal
  • CVs of the consultancy firm team/consultants.
  • A scan/copy of the provider’s registration.Scan copies of the education and work experience certificates. 


  • Expertise France is not responsible for logistical support in term in providing vehicles , hence applicants should take it into consideration in developing the financial proposal
  • Incomplete applications cannot be considered.    

The related document can be downloaded from the below link

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