Ended Provision of “Car Rental Services for DRC Yemen south area Offices for the Financial year of 2018 under a Framework Agreement”

Invitation to Bid

The office of Danish Refugee Council (DRC) - Yemen invites qualified and specialized companies/ vendors to submit their offers for the following:


Invitation to Bid No.

Provision of “Car rental services for DRC Yemen south area offices for the Financial year of 2018 under a Framework Agreement”

توفير "خدمات تأجير سيارات لمكاتب المجلس الدانمركي لللاجئين في المحافظات الجنوبية للعام المالي 2018م تحت إتفاقية إطارية"




  1. Complete tender documents can be collected by interested eligible suppliers – holding legal documents
    (valid company’s commercial registration and Tax card documents) - by applying to ads@drcyemen.org   
    from 30th November – 18th December, 2017 during the normal working hours from 8:00 am– 4:00pm.

  2. Complete offer in one original (One envelope contains two separate envelopes for technical and financial
    offers) shall be sealed and marked as stated in tender documents, to be hand-delivered to DRC office in
    Aden by the ITB closure date (21st December, 2017) and time (01:00 pm).
  • Inquiries can be sent to the same Email mentioned above.