Ended Call for Proposals for Consulting Providers: Local Studies and Research Centers

Peace Support in Yemen (PSY)

Call for Proposals for Consulting Providers: Local Studies and Research Centers

(Ref. 83279987) (To be indicated in all correspondences)

“This notice is placed on behalf of GIZ. GIZ office Sana’a accepts no responsibility from any consequences arising from this invitation."

Subject: Strengthening Institutional and Professional Capacities of NGOs and Academic Institutions in Peace Themes

Developing Ten Position Papers Advocating Peace


The project “Strengthening institutional and professional capacities of NGOs and academic institutions in Peace Themes" is part of the Peace Support Programme that aims to develop the capacity of Civil Society Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations to be able to lobby for peace. To this end, the project plans to produce 10 position papers in peace related themes to lobby for peaceful conflict resolution.

General Instructions and How to Apply:  

  1. For the Consulting Providers (CP) interested in any of these studies, they should prepare a separate application for each lot/study in which the applicant prepares two separate envelopes, one for the technical proposals and the other for the financial proposal.
  2. On the face of each envelope, print the (Ref. 83279987) and lot number.  
  3. It is allowed that each candidate apply to all of the ten lots provided that they have the expertise.
  4. Submit your envelopes sealed to the Procurement, Head Office, at GIZ office. Hadda Zone, Near to the Germany Embassy, POBOX 692.
  5. For the CP who contract external consultants, they should provide a statement of availability and statement of their consent to work with the consulting provider by consultants they propose their names except for the names of permanent consultants of the Consulting Provider.
  6. The GIZ office Sana’a invites, and without obligation on the part of GIZ, eligible, professional and experienced locally based and registered CP having a proven record of handling similar projects to submit their application by Tuesday, 20 Feb, 2018, 13:00 .
  7. All inquiries should be sent to the Procurement GIZ Yemen procurement.yemen@giz.de by Friday, 9th Feb 2018.

Important conditions and instructions:

  1. This invitation is placed on behalf of GIZ office Sana’a and does not accept any responsibility from any consequences arising from this invitation.
  2. This invitation does not entail any commitment. GIZ reserves the right to change or cancel the invitation and its requirement at any time. Reply to this invitation does not guarantee that such CP will be considered.

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