Ended Call for Civil Society Organizations to Submit Project Proposals

دعوة منظمات المجتمع المدني لتقديم مقترحات مشاريع


The giz-Good Governance Cluster (GGC) supporting accountability and inclusiveness started in January 2016 as a demand-driven fund-based project. The goal of the cluster is to enhance inclusiveness and accountability among the actors at the interface of government and society. To achieve this goal, GGC supports reform projects in the areas of inclusiveness and accountability in cooperation with partners; state, civil society organizations and private sector. To this end, GGC would like to invite civil society organizations to apply for new projects.

General Instructions and How to Apply: 

  1. Civil Society Organizations who are interested and have work experience in any of the fields of Good Governance and particularly Accountability or Inclusiveness can apply for support to implement projects by filling out the application form.
  2. The applying organizations should meet the following conditions:
    1. Have  a valid legal status (valid licence, organizational structure, bylaw, ……etc).
    2. Have reasonable capacity (human and expertise) to implement the project.
  3. Joint project proposals ( by governmental organisations and NGOs or more than one NGO) will be favourably considered.

Important conditions and instructions:

  1. This call for proposals  is placed on behalf of GIZ office Sana’a and does not accept any responsibility from any consequences arising from this call.
  2. This invitation does not entail any commitment. GIZ reserves the right to change or cancel the invitation and its requirement at any time. Reply to this invitation does not guarantee that such CP will be considered.
  3. Only short-listed project proposals will be considered for further processing.
  4. EOI from organizations failing to provide the requested information and evidences will be disregarded.
  5. This EOI does not entail any commitment on the part of GIZ, either financial or otherwise. GIZ reserves the right to accept or reject any or all EOI without incurring any obligations to inform the affected applicant/s of the grounds.

All applications should be sent to GGCYemen@giz.de 

Please use the  subject heading "Project proposal for GGC, March 2018"

Deadline for sending your applications is 24th  March 2018.

To download the related document , please click on the link to the right under "Downloads & Attachements"