Ended Request for Information (RFI):Livelihood and Economic Development,Rule of Law,Gender Equality,Conflict Prevention and Project Management


This is a Request for Information (RFI) from national and/or international CSOs/NGOs for potential partnership with UNDP in delivering outputs for development projects requiring expertise and experience in the following areas:

Livelihood and economic development

  1. Enterprise development
  2. Cash for Work/Emergency Employment
  3.  Agricultural and non-agricultural livelihoods support
  4. Skills developments/vocational training
  5. Community-based development
  6. Renewable Energy

Rule of Law, Human Rights, and social protection

  1. Legal aid and legal counselling 
  2. Community security 
  3. Providing training in international human right and humanitarian law, gender, Yemeni legal framework
  4. Carrying out human rights campaigning and advocacy activities
  5. Carrying out impartial and credible documentation and reporting of human rights, , and international humanitarian law violations and abuses
  6. Psychosocial counselling 
  7. Capacity building of local authorities’ institutions including community related entities
  8. Rehabilitation and restoration of community essential services
  9. Reintegration of IDPs to their society
  10. Prison/detention and rehabilitation

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

  1. Gender analysis and gender analysis training
  2. Women economic empowerment

Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

  1. Providing training in conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation and conflict sensitivity
  2. Social Cohesion, conducting mediation and dialogue within the communities in Yemen

Project Management

  1. Providing training in planning, M&E, procurement, reporting, financial management.).
  2. Assessments, comprehensive survey, data collection, analysis and preparation of recommendations as well as establish baseline data


Interested CSOs/NGOs are requested to fill out the below questionnaire “Request for Information”, attaching all supporting documentation and copies of their Valid License and registration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MoSAL).

Please note that attachments should be provided to support each answer to the questions.  All questions must be answered directly and clearly.  Extraneous information that are not directly responding to the questions will only constrain the ability of UNDP to positively assess the CSO/NGO’s alignment with UNDP requirements.

All CSOs/NGOs whose information are found to be consistent with UNDP programme needs will be sent a subsequent questionnaire through a Third-Party Monitoring Agent (TPMA) to enable UNDP to conduct a HACT Micro Assessment.  Based on the results of this Micro Assessment, UNDP will determine if the CSO/NGO may or may not be placed on a roster, for rapid engagement when required. 

Request for Information


Areas of Inquiry/ Supporting documentation


  1. Proscribed organizations


1.  Is the CSO/NGO listed in the UN’s list of proscribed organizations, UNDP Vendor Sanctions List, or indicted by the International or National Criminal Court?

2.  Is the CSO/NGO banned by any other institution/governments? If, yes, please provide information regarding the institution/Government and reasons.


  1. Legal status and Bank Account
  1. Does the CSO/NGO have a legal capacity to operate in the UNDP programme country, and does it comply with the legal requirements of the country to register and operate an NGO/CSO? Please provide copies of all relevant documents evidencing legality of operations.
  2. Does the CSO/NGO have a bank account? (Please Submit proof indicating latest date)


  1. Certification/ Accreditation

Is the CSO/NGO certified in accordance with any international or local standards (e.g., ISO), such as in:

  • Leadership and Managerial Skills
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Organizational standards and procedures
  • Other


  1. Date of Establishment and Organizational Background

1.  When was the CSO/NGO established?

2.  How has the CSO/NGO evolved since its establishment? (no more than 2 paragraphs)

3.  Who are your main donor/ partners?

4.  Please provide a list of all entities that the CSO/NGO may have an affiliation with.

5.   In how many cities/provinces/regions/ countries do you have capacity to operate in?  Please provide a complete list and indicate the size of the offices in each location.


  1. Mandate and constituency
  1. What is the CSO/NGO’s primary advocacy / purpose for existence?
  2. What is the CSO/NGO’s mandate, vision, and purpose? (no more than 2 paragraphs)
  3. Is the CSO/NGO officially designated to represent any specific constituency?


  1. Areas of Expertise
  1. Does the CSO/NGO have expertise in any of the key areas identified above in this RFI?
  2. What other areas of expertise does the CSO/NGO have?



  1. Financial Position and Sustainability
  1. What was the CSO/NGO’s total financial delivery in the preceding 2 years?  Please provide a financial statement for the last 2 years.
  2. What is the CSO/NGO’s actual and projected inflow of financial resources for the current and the following year?
  3. Please provide a list of projects with description, duration, location and budget over the past 2 years (arrange from biggest budget to the lowest).


  1. Public Transparency
  1. What documents are publicly available?
  2. How can these documents be accessed?  (Pls provide links if web-based)


  1. Consortium
  1. Do you have the capacity to manage a consortium?
  2. Do you currently, or have you in the past, managed or been involved with a consortium? If yes, provide a list of all consortia, the list of partners in the consortia, the role in the consortia, and the total financial budgets involved.
  3. Do you have a formal alliance with other CSOs/NGOs? If yes, pls. identify and provide details.



A completed RFI with requested attachments must be submitted to UNDP YEMEN office by no later than Thursday 5 April 2018 on or before COB UNDP Yemen country office Sana’a time. 

Manner of submission of Request for information (RFI):

X Electronic submission to be submit our email address NGOs.Roster@undp.org  , arwa.humaid@undp.org

Note: The vendor has the option to submit the required RFI by using the Arabic or English form.

لإستعراض النص باللغة العربية ايضا يرجى تنزيل الملف من الوصلة على يمين هذا الاعلان

  • Posted by: UNDP
  • Location: Sana'a
  • Posted on: 13 March 2018
  • Deadline: 5 April 2018
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