Ended Invitation for Tender for Supplying Student Desks

(Ref. PO 91118102)  

 (To be indicated in all correspondences)

دعـوة للمـشـاركـة فـي مناقصة توريد مقاعد طلاب مدرسية

“This Notice is placed on behalf of GIZ. GIZ office Sana’a accepts no responsibility from any consequences arising from this invitation. GIZ staff not able to answer any quires relating to this invitation; please direct your written queries to the e-mail: procurement.yemen@giz.de

The GIZ office Sana’a would like to invite specialized, eligible, well experienced, Furniture manufacturer  without any responsibility on GIZ side, to submit their offers for supplying:





Delivery location


Student Desks



Sana’a :

-2200 pieces - Bani AL-Harrth school.

-150 pieces  - Old city


- 405 pieces – Hajja City

- 210  pieces – Abs

- 35  pieces - Kueidinah

Interested suppliers having valid legal documents (tax card, commercial registration, etc…) can send written official request letter indicating subject, reference number of the tender and the authorized person (with all contact details) for receiving tender documents set to the e-mail: procurement.yemen@giz.de  during official working days/hours  (Sat to Tue from 8:00 to 16:00 and Wed from 8:00 to 15:30).

Deadline for submitting offers in sealed envelope is: 27.05.2018 before 13:00