Ended RFQ for Provision of Mama Dignity Kits Items

UNFPA Yemen is inviting qualified suppliers to submit a quotation for Mama Dignity Kits items listed in the attached documents:

To view the Items and all other details please review the attached files

لإستعراض المواد المطلوبة و كمياتها و مواصفاتها يرجى مراجعة الوثائق المرفقة على يمين هذه الصفحة

Quotation Instructions

  • Bidder(s) need to confirm the quoted specifications of items and state any amendment to those specifications. Filling this form is part of the Quotation submission.
  • The quantity of items is between 5,000 – 10,000. It might be increased or decreased based on the final price.
  • UNFPA may award one or more suppliers, given the quantity and dates required.
  • Please send your quotation to this email: procurement.yemen@unfpa.org and also a sealed envelope with the samples.
  • Delivery should include the Transportation cost to UNFPA warehouse Sana’a - Yemen.
  • Complete delivery of all these items is expected within 15 days of award of Purchase Order. The sample of complete packed kit is due on quotation due date- delivered separately from the quotation to UNFPA office, Yemen.
  • The quotation shall be valid at least for 2 month after the closing date. Please submit your quotation in US Dollars currency.
  • These items should be packed as planned for delivery; efficient and compact to enable ease of distribution.
  • Award will be lowest price bidder(s) meeting the quality and packing requirement assessed by a panel review of the samples. UNFPA will only accept submission from companies who have previously supplied similar products to a UN or similar aid agency. Please also include contract reference number and value from a previous Purchase Order placed by a UN/aid agency. Copy of your company’s government registration, Tax ID/ Business License are required along with your submission.

UNFPA General Terms and Conditions apply; payment terms are 30 days from delivery of goods.

If interested in submitting a quotation for these items, kindly fill in the attached quotation submission form and send by email and also a sealed envelope with the samples to the address indicated below not later than 16 Aug 2018 by 13:00.

Please provide Company name, Company authorized representative name, Contact address with phone and email and other relevant details on your company letter head and make it part of bid.

In your quotation, please provide the following information:

  1. Prices for indicated goods in quotation submission form (see below);
  2. Delivery schedule time
  3. Specific technical specifications of products offered; if available
  4. Quotation validity;
  5. Registration documents of your organization in Yemen as mentioned above;