Invitation to Bid

Rehabilitation of 6 Water Points in Taiz for 2022

Posted on 08 May, 2022
Closing on 18 May, 2022
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Tender Details


Rehabilitation of 6 Water Points in Taiz for 2022

Ref:  35121/PROCU/ADEN/2022/004       

From  INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization – represented by Evelyn Lernout - Yemen Head of Mission
Address: Building No 233A, Al-Wahda neighborhood, Al-Insha’at Villas, Dar Sa’ad, Aden, Yemen
Phone & Fax  No.   Phone: +967 2302637


ITB processes schedule

Time, date, address as appropriate


Date of ITB



ITB dossier distribution Date



Closing date and time for recipient of tenders

18/05/2022 – 04:00 PM (incl. Eid Holiday)

Al-Turba office – dropped in sealed tender box during office hours


Tenders opening location

Taiz office


Tender opening date and time

19/05/2022 – 2:00 PM

Please submit to INTERSOS the Annexes A, B, C and D filled, signed and stamped to the Address indicated. Any application received after the stated deadline shall not be considered.

1.    Requirements

The office of INTERSOS, Aden Office, invites your company to make a firm offer for the following purpose:

Manner of Bid’s Submission

Delivered in two sealed envelopes

1-    First envelope “Economical Offer” marked with tender Number shall be produced in signed, stamped and sealed envelopes labelled as “Original” indicating the tender Number and should clearly show bidders’ names, addresses and should hold bidders’ legal stamps. 

2-    Second envelope "Technical Offer" shall also be submitted labelled as “Original” marked with tender Number should clearly show bidders’ names, addresses and should hold bidders’ legal stamps.

Tenders will be opened on the date specified, and the envelope opening committee will hold a public session to open the financial envelopes of bids technically approved by the Tenders committee in the same previous order, sign the same and state the date of opening. Financial envelopes pertaining to bids which are technically rejected shall be returned to bidders sealed as when received.

The Bill of Quantities and technical specification are attached to this tender dossier in annex per below Lots.






Al-Nashama Borehole

Al-Sawa’a Sub-District, Al-Ma'afer district, Taiz

Annex A1: BoQs and Drawing Annex B: Technical specification


Al-Sha’oba second stage

Al-Sha’oba Sub-District,

 Al-Ma'afer district, Taiz

Annex A2: BoQs and Drawing Annex B: Technical specification


Al-Mashariqa Borehole

Al-Mashariqa Sub-District, Al-Shamaytain district, Taiz

Annex A3: BoQs and Drawing Annex B: Technical specification


Qahft Al-Dageney Borehole

Al-barh Duba Al-Dakhel Sub-District, Al-Shamaytain district, Taiz

Annex A4: BoQs and Drawing Annex B: Technical specification


Jannat Borehole

Sina water station, Sina area, Al-Mudhaffer district, Taiz City

Annex A5: BoQs and Drawing Annex B: Technical specification


Gharb Sina Borehole

Sina water station, Sina area, Al-Mudhaffer district, Taiz City

Annex A6: BoQs and Drawing Annex B: Technical specification

Technical Specifications

  • The tenderer is deemed to have fully understood the scope of the work and accept to make an offer on the works as described in the table above of BOQs and INTERSOS technical specifications
  • Respect of all the safety conditions,
  • Availability of workmanship and equipment’s required for the completion of the works,
  • Warranty of one after the total completion of the work the first year of warranty for the replacement/repair of the damaged parts/works in the system/project installed/rehabilitated or constructed due to manufacturer/works defaults, 

2.    Origin

No limit except for the items tailed with the specific description column.

3.    Language

The tender and all correspondence and documents related to the tender exchanged by the tenderers and the contracting authority must be written in English language. 

4.    Tender validity 

Tenders must remain valid for a period of three months after the deadline for submission of tenders.

5.    Period of execution

The period of execution of tasks shall commence with the site handover by INTERSOS committee to the contracted supplier/ contractor and will end 30 calendar days after commencement date.

6.    Costs of preparing tenders:

No costs incurred by the tenderer in preparing and submitting the tender are reimbursable. All such costs shall be covered by the tenderer. The same applies for costs incurred for trips for site visits and information session.

7.    Guarantee/warranty

  • The Contractor warrants that all the works executed are new, complete and fully compliant to all requirements specified in the technical specifications, shall conform to approve samples and shall be free from defects in material and functioning.
  • The supplier/contractor shall provide written guarantee for quality of supplied items for the period specified in the bidding document as of the date of issuance of the relevant certificate of initial free-from-reservation take over unless the bidding documents provide for a longer period to remedy any technical manufacturing faults or defaults occurring during the guarantee period due to poor manufacturing, packaging, wrapping or installation.
  • The supplier/contractor shall be fully responsible for replacement of defected items during the specified guarantee period.
  • The supplier/contractor will not be responsible for any damage caused deliberately by users.
  • Before the accrual payment is processed, the contractor is required to submit to INTERSOS an irrevocable, unconditional bank guaranteed check for 10% of the contracted amount with a validity of six months starting from the date of completion as a retention amount for contracted work as detailed in the BOQ and the technical guidelines as a condition of the contract at the signing stage.
  • The warranty period begins on the day a certificate of initial completion of work is signed and lasts for 6 months, during which time the contractor is responsible for repairing any defects or damage to its work caused by poor construction quality (within 10 days) after receiving a repair request from INTERSOS – at no additional cost to INTERSOS.
  • If the contractor fails to complete repairs/ corrections in 10 calendar days as agreed and according to original contract specifications as determined by INTERSOS, INTERSOS retains the right to commission that work from another contractor and deduct the new contractor’s costs from the contractor’s warranty amount. The warranty amount will be released to the contractor at a final handover meeting and final handover report prepared by INTERSOS.

8.    Inspection and testing 
This order is subject to inspection by


Contact persons    

Mr. Shehabaddin Mohammed – Procurement Officer 
Mobile: 772634218

Mr. Omar Al-Fakih – WASH Activity Coordinator
Mobile: 770950001/735336165

Inspection is at INTERSOS’ cost. If, however, an inspection must be repeated due to the supplier company's default, the cost of the second and any subsequent inspections for the same order (or lot, if part inspection) will be charged to the Supplier company.

9.    Documentation required 






Annexes 1 to 4 of the present Invitation to Bid (ITB)

filled in, signed and stamped each page by the vendor



Timeline Declaration (Annex 5)

Cannot be more than 30 days!

Filled in, signed and stamped by the contractor




Filled in, signed and stamped by the contractor



List of site and personnel protective equipment (Annex 7)

Filled in, signed and stamped by the contractor



Project deployed staff (Annex 6)

Filled in, signed and stamped by the contractor



Registration Card issued by the Ministry of Trading and Commercial




Copy of the Valid Tax Card




Registration Certificate/Permit




10.    Currency

Tenders must be presented in US$ (US dollars) and per unit cost.

11.    Methods of payment

Payment shall be made by bank cheque or bank transfer and shall be authorised by INTERSOS' Head of Mission.

Payments shall be made in USD (currency) in 3 instalments:

1.    20% on signing of contract (for mobilisation of materials and equipment) against an irrevocable unconditional bank guarantee with an amount of the same level of the advance payment and valid throughout the contract execution period.
2.    30% upon 50% completion of the work per BOQ/drawing/contract.
3.    50% to be paid on the completion of the project against an acceptance certificate.
In order to obtain payments, the Supplier must forward to the authority:
a)    The invoice in original signed and stamped by the supplier.
b)    A Claim Letter
c)    Copy of the contract 
d)    Service completion note, duly signed by the Water Authority (GARWASP/LWSC), Water project committee, EU of IDPs, and INTERSOS representative.
e)    Report of the work process 

12.    Acceptance of the offer

INTERSOS reserves the right to accept the offer completely or in partly without specifying quantities, and after signing the Framework contract with the supplier the quantities will be specified in Purchase Order.

13.    Taxes and duties

Taxes and duties should be included in the provided price offers.

14.     Incomplete or inconsistent offers

Incomplete or inconsistent offers will not be taken in consideration.

15.    Type of contract

The contracting authority and the winning tenderer will sign a service contract for the scope of the required works.

16.    Delay in delivery

The contracting authority and the winning tenderer will must deliver the requested work and services in time with the same prices as stated in this contract (maximum 30 days). In case of delay of the delivery date, the Contracting Authority has the right to terminate the contract or deduct 1% per day of delay against this contract as penalty. No delays or exceptions will be considered.

17.    Criteria & Method of Selection.

  • Each lot will be evaluated separately based on value for money (VFM) and for quality of the proposed construction materials per portion.
  • Technical offers will be evaluated by a committee who will score the technical offers. The supplier who gets less than 60% will be disqualified and accordingly the related economic offer will not be considered.
  • Economical offers will not be opened till the technical evaluation is done for all offers.

18.    Evaluation of tenders

Examination of the administrative conformity of tenders 
The aim at this stage is to check that tenders comply with the essential requirements of the tender dossier. A tender is deemed to comply if it satisfies all the conditions, procedures and specifications in the tender dossier without substantially departing from or attaching restrictions with them. Substantial departures or restrictions are those: which would affect the scope, quality or implementation of the contract, differ widely from the terms of the tender dossier, limit the rights of the contracting authority or the tenderer's obligations under the contract or distort competition for tenderers whose tenders do comply. 
Decisions to the effect that a tender is not technically compliant must be duly justified in the evaluation minutes.
If a tender does not comply with the tender dossier, it will be rejected immediately and may not subsequently be made to comply by correcting it or withdrawing the departure or restriction.

All documents can be downloaded from the below link.

Important Notes / مقترحات هامة

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