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Posted on 12 Jan, 2022
Closing on 10 Feb, 2022
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Job Description

(Chief Executive Officer)    
Finish Date: 10/Feb/2022

About Small Enterprises Development Fund (SEDF)
Throughout twenty years, SEDF has been supporting economic growth by providing financial support to small and medium projects and enterprises in partnership with local and international institutions to increase the opportunity of employment and supporting the local economic. In the past 20 years SEDF supported 26,145 beneficiaries with financial services with an approximation of 18.5 billion R.Y. Recently SEDF has created new vision and mission and it is working toward implementing the new mission to achieve the new strategic goals with a new innovation of financial and non-financial services to support small projects and enterprises which works in different sectors (industrial, production, commercial, services, agricultural, renewable energy, fish, innovation) aiming to create sustainable environment and provide several financial programs to them  such as (My homeland “Watany” program, Will “Erada” program, Seed “Bithra” program”, Idea “Fikra” program) which are well designed to fit beneficiaries needs. In other hand, SEDF non-financial services are designed to provide beneficiaries with the following features:

  • Societal services to build important measures (instructive, monitoring and evaluation, impact) for service providers and beneficiaries.
  • Establishing aiding projects to beneficiaries such as creating partnership and contracting with them, exhibitions and marketing services.
  • Establishing training programs (financial, funding, management, specialized) to the beneficiaries of small and medium projects to develop their skills and competencies and moving them toward entrepreneurship projects.
  • Providing consultation studies (financial, funding, and marketing) to beneficiaries.

Branch: Head Quarter
Job: Chief Executive Officer.
Contract Period: One Year enable to extend upon need
Contract Rules: Three months as test period.

Job Summary

Ensuring that SEDF is providing best services to its clients and beneficiaries by using best management practices in line with the  fund vision and mission. The CEO is holding the link between the chairman, employees and beneficiaries of the SEDF. The CEO is responsible to implement the fund vision, mission and strategies goals by dividing them to and management and technical goals and ensuring best achievement of them and supervising the implementation of all goals and objectives with best management practices.

Rules & Responsibilities

1.    Devolving strategic and technical plans that ensures best operational sustainable of supporting the national economy with supervising the implementation of main three SEDF’s strategies:
2.    Developing work forms that motivate the development of managing small and medium projects.
3.    Ensuring best sustainable climate for small and medium projects.
4.    Raising up the participation of small and medium projects in the national market
5.    Developing strategic, technical and operational sustainable plans regarded to the non-financial services(social services, supporting projects, projects studies, training and consultation) 
6.    Developing strategic plans to ensure sustainable operations for SEDF head quarter and branches among Yemen Region with supervising and monitoring its implementation.
7.    Developing change strategic plans.
8.    Developing financial and best investment strategic plans and ensuring best return on capital investments and analyzing its impact on economy.
9.    Ensuring sustainable donors and financial local and government institutions guidelines and rules are handled and static reports are provided to them.
10.    Ensuring that all donors’ supports are invested in local economy and are having high impact to beneficiaries.
11.    Ensuring best commitment to donors regulations and ensuring that executive team have desired donors skills.
12.    Ensuring best effectiveness are founded by implementing continuous supervising tasks.
13.    Supervising the analysis of rules and responsibilities of executive team to ensure that they are ready to change and face difficulties.
14.    Supervising the distribution of change culture and training all teams to handle and understand the change management culture.
15.    Ensuring SEDF has appropriate employees that can achieve its vision, mission and strategic goals.
16.    Motivating employees and continuously raising up their skills and ensuring the readiness to face any change of culture or environment.
17.    Executive management to all SEDF operations and strategies daily within allowed terms of reference and authority.
18.    Managing SEDF activities with best management practices.
19.    Representing SEDF among donors and government committees.
20. Hiring and terminating employees after taking the permission from SEDF chairman.
21. Supervising the implementation of SEDF authorized policies and procedures.
22. Signing bank requests and documents within allowed terms of reference and authority.
23. Supervising annually budget and detailing all aspects of the budget with SEDF chairman.

Desired Skills
1.    Excellent knowledge of government, donors, international and local financial laws and regulations.
2.    Ability of general planning and strategic planning and responsibility delegations.
3.    Scientific knowledge on how to ensure continuous development and motivation in financial and supporting local economic.
4.    Ability to analyze and suggest solutions by using high diagnostic tools and scientific studies.
5.    High personality impact and attractive skills.
6.    High negotiating and speaking skills
7.    High persuading skills.

Qualifications and Experience

1.    Over 10 years of work experience in Banking or Finance industry inclusive at least of 5 years in Senior Executive Management position in a commercial Bank with good financial management experience.
2.    Degree or Post Graduate Qualification in business administration, credit banking, finance management.

Training Courses
1.    High diploma certificate in strategic planning, quality management and crises management.
2.    Short training courses in humanitarian’s disasters responses, project management in NGO’s, and local economy.

How to Apply

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