It is a long story, but let's try to make it short

we are Yemen HR, the most visited Yemeni website in Yemen. We post jobs, tenders and we provide some other related services.

We started in a different way

We were meant to become a 100% recruitment company, but we transformed to an online job platform and then became the ultimate source for Jobs and Tenders in Yemen

What is Yemen HR's vision?

Supporting Yemen's economy is our long term vision, and we do that by helping the Yemeni job market with our solutions and acitivities in the recruitment sector. We also support a wide range of the entities in the private/public/development sectors to create and find opportunities through our online platform.

What is Yemen HR's mission and aspirations?

We dream to see a fair and equal employment opportunity for every job seekers in the Yemeni job market. We also want to have full transparency in the local market when it comes to business opportunitis. Our mission is to contribute effectively to the standardization of the the recruitment industry, and to help build good business market practices that have positive impact on the economy as a whole.

What is Yemen HR's status quo?

At the moment, and in terms of popularity, we are considered the most visited Yemeni website in Yemen. We are also the most trusted source for Job and Tender ads in the Yemeni job market. We aspire to grow our services and reach more target groups through our platform to help with more innovative tech solutions in both the job and business sides of the economy.