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Posted on 08 Jun, 2021
Closing on 16 Jun, 2021

Job Description

Field Assistants (3)

  • Location: Based in Field Offices at Sa'ada and Dhamar
  • Reporting to: Field Coordinator & Project Manager 
  • Start date: July 2021
  • Contract Duration: 6 Months
  • Volume of Need: 3 Employees

The National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR) is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) that was established June 2012 in Yemen. Our vision is a peaceful and stable Yemen free of poverty, in which all people have equal access to basic needs and human rights, and our mission is to provide an integrated humanitarian and development response to aid Yemen and other conflict-affected countries through a professional, 
neutral, and transparent approach.

We aim to achieve our overall vision and mission by working to enhance local communities' development and stability through identifying structural causes of poverty, raising awareness, increasing access to basic services, and focusing on building citizens' capacities, especially women and youth, so as to enable their participation in the decision-making process that leads to sustainable development and a peaceful society within their developing and conflict-affected countries. NFDHR aims to accomplish these goals through its seven core programs: Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL); Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH); Health and Nutrition; Education; Gender and Protection; Shelter and Non-food items (NFIs); and Peace building and 

Field Assistants will be based in field/district level. One Assistant per district:

  • One Assistant in Jahran district, Dhamar governorate to supervise and implement all WASH activities within two collective sites, He/ She will be based in upcoming Dhamar sub-office.
  • One Assistant in Sehar, Sa'ada governorate to supervise and implement all CCCM activities within the three collective sites, He/ She will be based in Sa'ada sub-office.
  • One Assistant in As Safra district, Sa'ada governorate to supervise and implement all WASH and CCCM activities in three collective sites, He/ She will be based in Sa'ada sub-office.

Field Assistant Job Description

He/she both shall be in contact with coordinators to elicit the progress of the project on regular basis so he/she can ensure that all activities of the project are conducted as per the designed work plans. He/she will be directly supervising follow up and track the progress on the field for WASH/ Construction / maintenance/rehabilitation activities, and CCCM activities as well, He/ She will be carved charged to CBPF.

Salary includes (Basic Salary, Transportation Allowance, Appearance Allowance, Social Security, Income Tax and Medical Insurance) a detailed breakdown has been uploaded to the documents tab"


  • Ensure implement the project activities smoothly & successfully
  • Deliver the project reports timely & in good quality 

Main Tasks 

  • Coordination with related stakeholders and related local authority to implement the project activities in the targeted district.
  • Built a good relationship with related stakeholders at district level 
  • Participate in the activities of stakeholders at targeted district 
  • Resolve the issues raised in the field with participation of related authorities 
  • Supervision of implementation of the targeting and registration exercise and assessment according to the mechanism and plan of project in the target district
  • Ensure establish community committee and targeting and selecting beneficiaries based on FSAC and project criteria and mechanism
  • Supervision of training and scale up the field staff capacity to conduct the project activities effectively and efficiently at district level
  • Responsible for implementation of training and awareness session to stakeholders, community committees, beneficiaries on donor interventions, NFDHR’s roles and project activities; targeting criteria, registration & registration exercise, mechanism of distribution assistance in the project
  • Ensure participation of stakeholder and targeted communities in the project activities
  • Manage the risks and challenges, those could be occurred during project activities in order to deliver the assistance to beneficiary safety and dignity 
  • Represent NFDHR in the meeting, workshop, or other occasions with stakeholders/ authorities. etc at the target district.
  • Support the MEAL project staff to conduct the M&E activities
  • Response to observations and complaints raised by M&E unit/staff in timely and proper manner.
  • Prepare the daily, weekly, monthly, reports required in the project
  • Other activities agreed and discussed with the Project Manager
  • Any other tasks assigned by the direct supervisor.

The role of the Field Assistant is not limited to the specific duties mentioned above. It is subject to change with the evolution of the conflict and in accordance with NFDHR’s vision and mission. As such, the Field Assistant is required to manage all unforeseen issues and circumstances in relation to NFDHR’s WASH and CCCM project activities and should remain adaptable to perform responsibilities that may not be mentioned above, as and when required


  • University degree of Agriculture & Social background or with related position.
  • Computer application and IT knowledge.


  • 2 years’ experience working in the similar position/job
  • 1 years' experience in a humanitarian sector
  • Experience working and coordination with governments, UN bodies, INGOs and local NGOs

Skills and Abilities:

  • Capable to working independently, with little supervision and be self-motivated
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage personal stress levels.
  • Ability to work in remote areas
  • Leadership skills
  • Commitment to the aims and principles of NFDHR and guidelines of WFP.


  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Flexible and able to work well under pressure
  • Capable of working collaborative with team members to achieve results
  • Relates and works will with people from different cultures, genders, religions and backgrounds
  • Sensitive to gender issues and Gender Equity and Diversity (GED) principles.
  • Knowledge of the context

How to Apply

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