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Posted on 23 Nov, 2021
Closing on 04 Dec, 2021

Job Description

Procurement Officer

Program Background:
The Unconditional Cash Transfer Program (UCTP) is a recently established programme in the Social Fund for Development under the supervision of the Executive Director of the Social Fund for Development (SFD), which currently aims to receive and implement the tasks of the UNICEF Emergency Cash Transfer Programme to the Social Welfare Fund's (SWF) list of beneficiaries. UCTP works closely with UNICEF, SWF and other service providers to ensure the smooth transition of the programme from UNICEF to the Social Fund for Development during the period (June 2021-March 2022). The Procurement Officer will work closely with the PMU to achieve the objectives of the programme by implementing the tasks and responsibilities assigned to it at all stages of the programme implementation.

JOB TITLE: Procurement Officer
DURATION: until end of March 2022 - Extendable subject to availability of the fund.
OPENING DATE: 23rd of November, 2021
CLOSING DATE: 4th of December, 2021
REPORTS TO: Procurement Manager

1.    Participation with program officers in preparing the contracting plan for the programme.
2.    Reviewing the procedures for selecting consultants in general and the procedures for determining the terms of reference for selecting the consultant who will assist (if necessary) in preparing the tender documents in particular, and reviewing their contracts and the value of their fees in accordance with the rules of the SFD.
3.    Review the drawings / bills of quantities / other specifications that are prepared by the technical unit / the competent unit or any consulting body to verify their consistency and contractual comprehensiveness.
4.    Preparing complete tender documents that will be sold to the parties wishing to enter into the tender (in cooperation with a specialized consultant if necessary).
5.    Determining the value of selling tender documents, the date of submitting and opening bids, and taking the necessary measures to announce, all in accordance with the regulations and procedures regulating them.
6.    Monitoring and following up the sealing of tender documents in accordance with the regulating procedures for that.
7.    Assisting project officers in preparing terms of reference for advisory services.
8.    Preparing the response to the inquiries received from bidders about the tender documents in partnership with the program or/and technical officers and submitting them to the Contracting Manager for signature and stamping with the program's seal and informing them in writing to all those who requested to participate in the tender.
9.    Preparing the documents of requests for proposals in the case of procurement procedures using the shopping method (Request for Quotations), preparing the invitation form and submitting it to the Contracting Manager to sign and seal it with the program's seal and send it to the nominated service providers according to the procurement procedures (Request for Quotations).
10.    Receives bids/quotes before opening envelopes.
11.    Heading the envelope-opening committee and prepares the necessary minutes of the envelope-opening session in accordance with the regulating procedures for that.
12.    Heading the committee for evaluating and analyzing tenders/requests for proposals and reviews the award recommendation before raising it to the higher level, in accordance with the procedures and rules regulating that.
13.    Responsible for the accuracy and correctness of manually transcribing the prices and data of bidders into the information system.
14.    Ensure the validity and integrity of all documents submitted by bidders, especially upon subsequent qualification.
15.    Preparing the appropriate inquiries regarding bids during the analysis and evaluation of bids and submitting them to the branch manager for signature and stamping with the programme's seal and sending them to the concerned bidders in an officially documented manner.
16.    Ensure that the necessary No-Objections are obtained on time.
17.    Preparing acceptance letters for the winning bidders through the information system, submitting them to the branch manager to sign and stamping the branch seal, and sending them to all bidders at the same time and in an officially documented manner.
18.    Follow-up classification and preservation (archiving) of the bidding documents from the beginning of the process to its end.
19.    Study requests for variation orders in cooperation with the technical officer, and in conjunction with the contract manager, a decision is taken regarding them.
20.    Reviewing and documenting the formulation of the reasons and justifications for the change orders.
21.    Contribute to the preparation of the database of contractors/suppliers/consultants.
22.    Ensure good communication between the program and the contracting unit regarding all contractual issues.
23.    Training of consultants to analyze and evaluate bids.
24.    Any other tasks within the scope of his work assigned by the branch manager.

1-    Bachelor Degree, preferably engineering, accounting or law, and has the required experience.
2-    At least two years of actual work in managing and implementing tendering and public procurement procedures (experience in international funder procedures an advantage).
3-    Commitment to and understanding of SFD’s aims, values and principles

1-    Proficiency in the English language written and spoken;
2-    Proficiency in handling and using the computer;
3-    Have the ability to develop and learn;
4-    To have the willingness to travel internally and externally according to work requirements;
5-    To have the ability to communicate and harmonize with co-workers; and
6-    Ability to work under pressure and difficult conditions.

How to Apply

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