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Posted on 11 Sep, 2023
Closing on 25 Sep, 2023

Job Description

Project Officer

Job Posting Closure Date Job Type Position Status Location
11/Sep/2023 25/Sep/2023 Project-based Contract Ends December 31st, 2023 Full-Time Job -Thirty-Five hours a week Aden


(SMEPS) The Small and Micro Enterprises Promotion Services Agency is a subsidiary of the Social Fund for Development (SFD) and it was established in 2006.

SMEPS scope of work is in 3 main components, Business Development, Value Chain Analysis, and Entrepreneurship. Providing non-financial facilities and small business development services through innovative and creative projects that help the growth of the activities in this sector.

SMEPS main office is in Sanaa with two other branches in (Aden Al Mukalla), 

This position is entitled for executing the project's objectives and support in monitoring the project's activities.


  • Bachelor Degree ( Project Management , Business Administration,Civil Engineering, Agriculture, Livestock,or food production specialist


  • Minimum of Three Years of Professional Experience
  • Labor-intensive Projects (Preferable)
  • Development Projects

Must Have

  • Planning and organization skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Risk management skills
  • Planning and organization skills

Tasks Description:

  • Prepare the necessary work templates for project activities (work plan, project work reports, data tracking forms, etc.) to align with the required data for measuring project impact and ensuring the achievement of its objectives. Also, prepare all training materials related to the component and coordinate with the relevant departments and the advisory committee, then submit the forms to the project manager for approval.
  • Coordinate with different departments and external entities directly related to project operations to facilitate the transactions related to project activity execution, in coordination with the project officer.
  • Review project files and ensure the archiving of all documents.
  • Conduct field visits to monitor the progress of work, assess performance levels, ensure efficient implementation of activities, correct any deviations, and resolve conflicts if any, with the approval of the project manager.
  • Prepare operational work plans, expenditure forecasts, and required plans for the component or supervised area and submit them to the project manager.
  • Manage the project team (administrative, technical, and advisory) within the framework of the component or supervised area, ensuring that tasks and activities are carried out in line with the project's operational plan, policies, and procedures.
  • Approve regular reports submitted by field engineers and ensure the completion of all requirements (photos, short video clips supported by numbers, highlighting key observations, indicators, success stories, recommendations), and coordinate with departments and sections to utilize them in project presentations.
  • Prepare weekly/monthly reports on the progress of project activities and submit them to the project manager.
  • Review project activity data in the component or supervised area throughout the project stages, continuously feeding project data into automated systems and verifying its accuracy.
  • Participate in the selection of fieldwork teams and empower them with the knowledge and skills necessary for efficient field activity execution.
  • Inform the project manager of updates in real-time and report difficulties and obstacles, proposing ideas for new projects.
  • Monitor the project budget, update it monthly with the assistance of the project officer.
  • Contribute to training the field project team on project work procedures and requirements.
  • Prepare general quantity schedules to initiate tenders and procurement processes in the project, and submit them to the project manager.
  • Undertake any other tasks assigned related to the position.

How to Apply

How to apply has been removed becuase this job has ended. If this is a special case, please contact us and we will help.

Important Notes / مقترحات هامة

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