Compliance Budget and Reporting Officer This job has ended. You cannot apply anymore.

Posted on 13 Jun, 2021
Closing on 23 Jun, 2021

Job Description

  • Job Title: Compliance Budget and Reporting Officer
  • Classification Level: D1
  • Organizational Unit: Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) HQ 
  • Immediate Supervisor’s Title: Finance Coordinator
  • Technical Manager’s Title: Finance Coordinator
  • Duty Station: HQ ( Sana’a )
  • Duration of Assignment: Initially 12 Months 
  • Terms of employment: Employment is full time according to YRCS guidelines 

Job purpose

Under guidance of YRCS Finance Coordinator, the Compliance, Budget and Reporting Officer is responsible for ensuring that YRCS finance department is abiding by YRCS and donors rules and regulations . With regular coordination with budget holders, the Compliance, Budget and Reporting Officer is responsible for over all launching, preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow up of projects budgets with relevant stakeholders. Moreover, he/she is responsible , with the coordination  with projects /programme managers, for reporting on financial aspects of the implementation of YRCS programmes implemented in the targeted governorates,  in addition to generating different financial management and donors reports.

Specific duties, responsibilities and accountabilities:


  • Ensure that all financial transactions has been done as per YRCS financial policies.
  • Ensure that the financial departments are abiding by the signed contracts with donors  and especially those related to the agreed financial recommendations.
  • Recommending to develop internal control checklists to include all financial management affairs (procurement payments checklists, payroll payment checklists, training payments checklists, etc…)
  • Ensuring that the financial department abides by the approved country rules and regulations ( insurance , social security, income tax and other relevant governmental rules and regulations…)
  • Raising recommendations to the financial management in case of discovering any gap in the financial system or the approved policies in order to develop the proper preventive and corrective actions. 


  • Follow up on the launch of the periodic consolidated budget of YRCS with different stakeholders and departments.
  • Assist in budget preparations for the projects with YRCS programmes management and ensure that it is ready before entering it to the financial system and distribute it to the responsible staff.
  • Consult with the financial coordinator concerning any inquiry related to the consolidated budget or the projects and programmes budgets.
  • Deliver reports related to budgets to the financial coordinator for review.
  • Consult with projects and programmes management in case there is any need to adjust and modify budgets.
  • Register any approved/modified budgets in the financial system.
  • Alert relevant stakeholders in case of approaching budget deficit.
  • Produce budget reports ( BVA) at the end of each month and distribute it to different stakeholders.


  • Prepare relevant donors reports from financial system and send it to the financial coordinator for review before sending it to the donors on periodic basis.
  • Requesting from each relevant project/programmes management to review and discuss the BVA with relevant stakeholders.
  • Producing periodic financial reports related to YRCS and send it to financial coordinator for review and approval before sending it to YRCS board members.


  • Establish and ensure effective working relationships with the other departments, in particular, work closely with the Program teams.
  • Ensure effective working relationships with technical and service departments at the YRCS HQ level 

Position Requirements 

Technical qualifications

  • University degree level (or equivalent qualification) in Finance and accounting or similar knowledge learned, preferably MBA or another relevant subject
  • Relevant training courses in within humanitarian organizations


  • Relevant practical experience of minimum of five years in accounting or finance
  • Relevant experience in preparing financial reports
  • Relevant experience in budget preparation and budget planning
  • Ability to communicate financial information to non technical staff
  • Experience in one or more financial systems
  • Outstanding language skills, including written and spoken Arabic  English
  • Knowledge of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement principles  is preferrable
  • Strong commitment to National Society capacity-building
  • Interest in and ability to participate in/guide/lead when necessary programme and project development
  • Respects and acts in line with the YRCS staff regulations, and code of conduct and the Fundamental Principles and Values of  Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. 
  • Ensures and maintains the core competencies required to implement the tasks (a high degree of accountability, commitment to YRCS capacity building, a high level of technical capacity to ensure results and working with teams and sharing knowledge and best practices through good communication skills).
  • Ensures management competencies to manage performance in a way that enables the YRCS to achieve its objectives with enhanced planning and coordination capacities.


In good mental & physical health, high level of stress tolerance

How to Apply

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