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Posted on 17 Sep, 2023
Closing on 30 Sep, 2023

Job Description

Terms of Reference: Reporting and Coordinator Officer -CCCM
Location: Adhala'a - Ibb Hub (Yemen)
Level: Reporting and Coordinator Officer Level (4)
Category: C5 (National staff)
Duration: 10 months

Job Summary: we seeking a dedicated and detail-oriented Reporting and Coordinator Officer to support ‎the implementation of the CCCM project in the Qa'tabah district of Al Dhale'e ‎governorates, Ibb Hub. ‎The CCCM Reporting and Coordinator Officer will be responsible for the successful ‎Reporting and Coordination of ‎project activities in accordance with UNOCHA SOPs ‎‎(Standard Operating Procedures). This includes ensuring the effective and timely execution of project interventions and coordinating ‎with relevant stakeholders such as community leaders, local organizations, a sub-‎cluster coordinator and aid ‎agencies in the Ibb hub, and government ‎agencies, as well as project reporting‎ such as periodic reports, ‎documentation, and success stories, and collaborating with different units to collect accurate data. The officer will analyze program implementation data and indicators for ‎reports, and work with Information Management staff for effective data presentation. ‎The Reporting and Coordinator Officer will play a crucial role in coordinating project ‎activities at all district, governorate, and central levels, ensuring accurate reporting, and ‎supporting internal and external communication. The successful candidate will work ‎closely with the project team, stakeholders, and donors to ensure timely and high-quality ‎reporting, efficient coordination, and effective information management. The CCCM ‎reporting and coordinator will spend 100% of his/her time on this project.‎ This position will be ‎based in Al Dhala’a, and the coordination may require travel to Ibb Hub and other governorates as needed. The cost ‎includes base salary, taxes, social security, ‎health, and life insurance).‎

Duties and Responsibilities

1.    Coordinate and support the implementation of the CCCM project activities in line with project objectives, work plans, and donor requirements.
2.    Represent DEEM with communities, local authorities, site partners, and other ‎stakeholders. 
3.    Build and maintain mutually respectful relationships with site management, ‎service providers, local authorities, IDP community members, as well as host ‎community members.‎
4.    ‎Foster collaborative relationships with local authorities to facilitate the ‎implementation of activities.‎
5.    Monitor sites to identify needs, gaps in service provision, and duplication of ‎efforts at IDP sites.‎
6.    Support other teams in conducting multi-sectorial assessments of IDP needs.‎
7.    Support the coordination of project meetings, workshops, and trainings, including logistical arrangements and documentation.
8.    Facilitate effective communication and information sharing among project stakeholders, including internal teams, partners, and donors.
9.    Prepare regular narrative reports, and progress updates, according to the reporting schedule and guidelines.
10.    Collect, analyze, and compile relevant data and information from project teams and partners for reporting purposes.
11.    Maintain a comprehensive database of service and needs-related information for ‎each site.‎
12.    Draft weekly situation reports and provide other relevant information on site ‎conditions and services.‎
13.    Analyze site-related and contextual information to support DEEM MEAL project ‎evaluations.‎
14.    Systematically screen and cross-check reports, situational ‎reports, information, and communication material for accuracy and consistency.‎
15.    Support the project team in monitoring project progress, identifying challenges, and proposing solutions to meet project targets.
16.    Assist in the development and maintenance of project databases, ensuring data is properly organized, updated, and securely stored.
17.    Coordinate with field teams and partners to gather information, success stories, and case studies to showcase project impact and lessons learned.
18.    Collaborate with the MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning) team to ensure accurate and timely data collection and reporting.
19.    Support the Project Manager in preparing project presentations, briefing notes, and other communication materials as needed.
20.    Track and monitor project indicators and targets, highlighting any deviations or areas for improvement.
21.    Assist in the coordination of project evaluations and assessments, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.
22.    Contribute to the development and implementation of project communication strategies and plans.
23.    Stay updated on CCCM-related trends, best practices, and donor requirements to enhance project reporting and coordination efforts.
24.    Ensure compliance with DEEM's reporting standards, donor guidelines, and project-specific reporting requirements.
25.    Perform any other duties assigned by the Project Manager to advance DEEM's ‎interventions.
26.    documentation Prepare success stories and collect related photos for reports.

Qualifications and Experience:‎

  • Education: A bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as International Relations, Social Sciences, Development Studies, or a related discipline is typically required.
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of relevant experience in reporting, ‎coordination, and project management, preferably in IDPs and Reporting and Data Analysis or other the ‎humanitarian or development sector.‎
  • Proven experience in coordinating and leadership skills and related experience in building, establishing, and negotiating relationships and social networks with various stakeholders at the community, local, and national levels.
  • Excellent representation, negotiation, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Good skills with basic software, such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Ability to write reports and situational briefings in English
  • Ability to spend extended periods of time in field conditions
  • Excellent fluency in written English and Arabic is required;
  • Experience in data collection, analysis, and reporting, with the ‎ability to synthesize complex information into clear and concise ‎reports.‎
  • Knowledge of report writing software such as Microsoft Publisher, Excel, and PowerPoint are required.

How to Apply

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