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Posted on 18 Nov, 2021
Closing on 27 Nov, 2021

Job Description

Caritas Poland is looking for a Security Officer (national position):

Duration:  3 Months with possibility of extension
Location: Aden Office
Number of positions:    1 
Position: Security Officer
Contract details: Full-time
Starting date: Dec 2021

About Caritas Poland
Caritas Poland is the largest charity organization in Poland, carrying out its activities on the country level since 1990. Caritas Poland has also implemented numerous humanitarian and development aid projects in more than 60 countries affected by conflicts, wars and natural disasters. Recently, Caritas Poland has been particularly supporting the needy in the Middle East – in Syria, Jordan and Iraq – as well as in Colombia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Nepal and in many countries in Africa and South Asia. For more information, please refer to and
Caritas Poland has been funding health projects in Yemen since July 2019, and has received official registration in May 2020, with plans for expansion of activities across a range of sectors, currently focusing on Health and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). Caritas Poland has been cooperating closely with Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) Yemen Mission.

Position reports to: Head of Mission Caritas Poland in Yemen

Job description:
The Security Officer is a head advisor to the HoM and acts as an executive manager on safety and security matters, and reports directly to the Head of Mission. They must be a primary source of knowledge for the mission in terms of security situation analysis, procedures, as well as technical knowledge and skills. 

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Providing security information on a 24 hours' basis when and if required to support the staff of CARITAS POLAND and allow management to make informed security management decisions;
  • Provide daily briefings when required to all staff respecting ongoing security incidents and provide an insight into possible effects;
  • Monitoring and analysing threats and assessing the risks present in the area of the project;
  • Drawing up and implementing security plans and procedures for all aspects of mission activity;
  • Briefing, training, drilling, motivating and supervising personnel in terms of their implementation and observance of security procedures, and advising personnel on issues connected with secure and safe conduct in the area of the mission;
  • Maintaining contact on security related issues with actors operating in the area of the mission: other NGOs, local security structures, the UNDSS, and others;
  • Supervising the functioning of technical systems for facilities protection, communication systems, means of transport;
  • Organising and/or supervising the work of personnel whose actions directly affect security, especially drivers and security guards.


  • 2-3 years of experience on similar position;
  • Analytical skills, foresight and the ability to identify solutions;
  • Good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Knowledge of, and ability to create plans and procedures;
  • Risk assessment skills;
  • Coaching skills regarding running trainings and briefings;
  • Good interpersonal skills, both in bilateral and multilateral contacts;
  • Substantial knowledge of technical and organisational means of ensuring the safety and security of civilians;
  • University degree.


  • No criminal record;
  • Discipline, dutifulness and observance of the rules at the previous place of work;
  • Work and duties requiring individual thinking and responsibility;
  • Experience in cooperating with civil and military structures;
  • Independence of thought and managerial experience.

Desirable personal characteristics:

  • Meticulousness, responsibility, absolute honesty, self-discipline;
  • Instilling in others a sense of trust and security;
  • Independence and self-tasking personality.

How to Apply

How to apply has been removed becuase this job has ended. If this is a special case, please contact us and we will help. By the way, copying this and pasting it was a smart move ;)

Important Notes / مقترحات هامة

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