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Posted on 14 Sep, 2023
Closing on 22 Sep, 2023
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Job Description

National Staff Position

  • Position: Child Protection Activity Coordinator (CPAC)
  • Job site: Based in Taiz , with travel to  ( Al-Mudhaffer – AlQahira - AlShamaytain – Jabal Habashi – Al-Ma’affer districts ) 
  • Reports to: Protection Activities Manager, Project Coordinator.
  • Supervisor of: CFS animators 
  • Status: Fixed Contract, Full-time


INTERSOS is an independent non-profit humanitarian organization committed to assisting the victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, and respect for diversity and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable and unprotected people.

Project objectives: 

INTERSOS is implementing a multi-sector project funded by BHA in Taiz governorate, aimed to improve the protective environment, while reducing morbidity and mortality related to poor access to health, nutrition, and WASH services in Yemen, by ensuring conflict and displacement-affected individuals have access to quality emergency health and nutrition services, lifesaving protection assistance and quality WASH services.


Project Management and Technical Facilitation:

1.    Responsible for child protection program implementation in the area of reference; this includes activities run in the CC but also monitoring of activities in the wider area of implementation (CFSs, schools, IDP sites).
2.    Ensures operationalization of CP sub-cluster standard guidelines and practices.
3.    Makes frequent monitoring visits and oversees the quality implementation of community-based child protection mechanisms, psychosocial support, help desks, and child-friendly spaces.
4.    Coordinate with the Protection officer and Project activities Manager in managing the CP team’s activities, the quality, and the achievement of targets.
5.    Flag programmatic, operational, and technical constraints promptly to the Protection Project Manager and the Project Coordinator and provide suitable solutions.

Human Resources Management:

6.    Supervise CFS facilitators in the location of reference.
7.    Identify staff training based on direct supervision of the team and required adjustments.
Empower community volunteers by providing regular coaching and monitoring.
8.    Coordinate with the Protection officer to ensure regular training and proper coaching of the protection staff deployed.


9.    Provide Monthly Liquidity Plans to the Protection Activity’s Manager and the Project Coordinator, by project budget and needs.
10.    Responsible for submitting all PRs to the IMP promptly. 
11.    Take responsibility for the spending of cash and the clearance of pending expenses with the administration office.


12.    Coordinate with the CC Coordinator to send Stock Requests promptly, ensure good tracking of stock released and frequent reconciliation with logistics.
13.    Coordinate with the CC Coordinator for stock follow-up and alert promptly about the estimated quantity needed.
14.    Flag operational constraints promptly to the CC Coordinator, Protection activities  Manager, and logistics.
15.    Coordinate the team’s movement on the ground and ensure cost-effective use of available resources.
16.    Share monthly/weekly movement plans or missions, including with the CC coordinator.


17.    Attend external coordination meetings on Child Protection and other relevant topics on behalf of INTERSOS;
18.    Coordinates CP operations in the area and liaises with all relevant district CP stakeholders.
19.    Provide input to external coordination meetings and feedback on issues raised in coordination with the Project Manager.
20.    Ensure regular internal meetings with CP field staff and volunteers to organize and plan activities, listen to their feedback, inform them of ongoing activities or changes, and track project indicators.


21.    Coordinate with the Reporting Officer to ensure accurate and precise data collection. Guarantee consistency of the data to allow for smooth reporting mechanisms, according to INTERSOS data collection formats.
22.    Provide weekly and monthly reports on activities implemented, according to what is requested based on the shared reporting tools.
23.    Support the Protection Officer and Protection Coordinators in drafting protection analyses and assessments (through KIIs and FGDs), including through field visits.
24.    Participate in weekly calls with the Project Manager to provide updates while ensuring the sending of weekly matrix reports and monthly narratives promptly.
25.    Commit to participate in any other task to achieve the project’s overall objective.
26.    Always ensure confidentiality and conduct all activities respectfully and sensitively to beneficiaries and staff.

Overall, these tasks require:

  • Adherence to Humanitarian principles of Neutrality, Impartiality, Independence, and Humanity
  • Clear & timely communications to line management 
  • Full abiding by INTERSOS internal rules and guidelines and respect INTERSOS Charter of Value and Code of Ethics 
  • Commit to participate in any other task to achieve the project’s overall objective.
  • Always ensure confidentiality and conduct all activities respectfully and sensitively to beneficiaries and staff.

These TORs can be further developed by INTERSOS during the project upon needs evaluation.

Qualification/level requirements

Minimum requirements

  • Hold a BA in social sciences or related fields;
  • Excellent in English Language. 
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in child protection. 
  • Technical knowledge and experience in implementing child protection in emergency interventions including psychosocial support, community-based child protection, and child protection referral mechanisms;
  • Familiarity with case management principles, standards, and procedures;
  • Strong understanding of humanitarian principles and protection guidelines.
  • Flexibility in working hours with a solution-oriented approach.

How to Apply

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