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Posted on 15 Jul, 2021
Closing on 26 Jul, 2021

Job Description


Based in Aden

General mission

The Deputy Finance Manager produces quality financial information and contributes to the application and dissemination of the budget framework, local and donor rules and HI’s tools, procedures and standards in the financial field.

Missions / Responsibilities (*)

Mission 1: Strategy and steering

  • Implements and monitors the actions plans for HI’s financial strategy within his or her area of responsibility.
  • Updates financial information and monitors financial indicators within his or her area of responsibility.
  • Monitors and reports to his or her line manager and functional manager on the financial risks of which he or she is aware and contributes towards their mitigation.
  • Helps to identify financial and legal risks for HI within his or her area of responsibility.

Mission 2: Standards and expertise

  • Deploys all of HI’s financial policies, processes and tools within his or her area of responsibility.
  • Ensures that HI’s legal obligations are met and produces the required financial documents.
  • Reports any changes in standards, case law or in the practices of other stakeholders in the financial field of which he/she is aware.
  • Complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Implements and complies with procedure for archiving financial documents and publishes and updates financial documents in the dedicated workspaces.
  • Contributes to internal control within his or her area of responsibility and applies identified corrective actions.


Mission 3: Operational implementation

             Responsibility 1 : Contributes to financial and budget management

  • Participates in the construction and adjustment of budgets with the budget holders. Provides budget holders with regular budget monitoring reports and assists them in the use of tools.
  • Produces and updates resource allocation tables (human, logistical, etc.) and communicates them to the departments concerned.
  • Integrates budget adjustments into the budget monitoring tools and enters cost-accounting modifications into the Financial Information System (FIS).
  • Contributes towards optimising the use of HI’s own funds.
  • Adheres to the deadlines in HI’s financial calendar.
  • Prepares responses to questions from internal and external auditors.

             Responsibility 2: Contributes to the financial management of institutional funding in compliance with “donor” guidelines and contractual obligations

  • Assists with the drafting of funding proposals for institutional donors; compiles multi-programme proposals when the programme is lead.
  • Optimises funding schedules (coverage of office and support costs) in the drafting or revision of institutional funding proposals.
  • Ensures that donor obligations are realistic and compatible with HI procedures (payment dates and methods and financial reports, methods for justifying expenditure, exchange rates, audits, etc.)
  • Informs budget holders of institutional donors’ financial rules and verifies their application.
  • Verifies funding expenditure monitoring and provides budget holders with donor budget monitoring reports. He or she monitors consumption rates, issues alerts in the event of a risk of non-compliance with flexibility rules and anticipates slippage by preparing contractual amendments with his or her interlocutors.
  • Produces financial reports for institutional donors in conformity with donor guidelines.
  • Prepares payment requests for donors and informs his or her line-manager in the event of a (possible) delay in payments.
  • Enters information concerning donor contracts into the FIS: donor budgets, cost-accounting and budget modifications, schedules, reports, etc.
  • Prepares responses to questions from internal and external auditors.
  • Archives the budgets and financial reports shared with institutional donors (with an internal and external version) in the dedicated storage spaces.

Mission 4: Profession facilitation

  • Contributes towards the facilitation of the profession’s development in his or her area of responsibility

(*)The responsibilities of a job may cover several fields: MANAGEMENT / STRATEGY AND STEERING/ STANDARDS AND EXPERTISE / OPERATIONAL IMPLEMENTATION / PROFESSION FACILITATION / EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE - these fields are only to be used if they are relevant to the job described.


Professional skills – Finance (see profession design template)





Cash-flow management




Accounts management




Financial and budget management




Financial management of institutional funding




Use of Financial Information System (FIS)





Other professional skills - HR (see profession design template of the profession with the skill you need).





Organisation design




Facilitation and/or design of training and skills development




Sourcing and recruitment





Other professional skills – Project management (see profession design template of the profession with the skill you need).





Planning, monitoring & coordination




Operational partnerships





Other professional skills – Risk Management (see profession design template of the profession with the skill you need).





Risk management




Internal control





Other professional skills – Facilities management (see profession design template of the profession with the skill you need).










Other professional skills - Security (see profession design template of the profession with the skill you need).





Personal security management





Cross-sector skills (see Cross-sector skills base)





Office and collaborative tools




Frameworks and references




Collaborating at HI




Collaborating in an intercultural environment




Stress management





Language skills (see Cross-sector skills base)








HI official language:






Language of the country







Required for the job

Qualification: 4 years of study in the financial field

Experience: 5 years experience in finance, accounting and budget management

Applicable framework documents:

Note: the position requires a very high level of flexibility and is subject to evolve to respond to additional tasks or changes as identified by the line manager.


HI’s Yemen mission implements activities in a sensitive environment regarding the safety and security of Handicap International staff and assets. Handicap International employees commit to observe the utmost respect of personal and professional ethics, to adhere to the humanitarian principles of neutrality and impartiality, and to ensure necessary levels of discretion are used within and outside working space. Not respecting this clause could lead to disciplinary action and/or to immediate dismissal as a result.

“All HI Employees must adhere to the values: Shared Humanity - Empathy - Impartiality - Inclusivity - Courage - Hope - Humility - Audacity. In accordance with these values, HI enforces compliance with the Code of Conduct and related policies on Anti Workplace Harassment, Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Conflict of Interest, and Anti-fraud.”

Job Conditions

  • - The salary will be defined according to HI’s existing salary scale
  • - Based in Aden, with frequent movements to the field
  • - 30 day leave/year + benefits (transport allowance, health insurance, life insurance)
  • - The working hours are the following: 8:00 to 16:30 (with 30 minutes lunch break) from Sunday to Thursday.
  • - Note that working time can go up to 48 hours per week (according to the Yemen labor law) if it is required by the volume of activities and by the line manager.   


How to Apply

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