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Posted on 21 Mar, 2024
Closing on 08 Apr, 2024

Job Description

Preparing a training guide for civil society organizations on the policy of mobilizing resources, tools and knowledge + project management and writing proposals

Brief on the project

The collaborative initiative titled "Enhancing the Civic Space for Inclusive Development: Empowering Civil Society Organizations in Yemen" represents an innovative partnership between SOS Foundation for Development with Care Yemen and BFD, generously funded by the European Union. The overarching objective of this endeavor is to fortify Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as autonomous entities fostering good governance and sustainable development within Yemen.

Project Outcomes

The project is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced Enabling Environment for CSOs: Create an environment conducive to the inclusion, participation, and empowerment of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) within the governorate of Aden.
  • Improved Contribution of Yemeni CSOs: Bolster the contribution of Yemeni CSOs towards addressing community needs within the governorate of Aden. This includes endeavors related to integrated human and social development, economic stability and growth, as well as the promotion of peace and security.

Impact group

The core stakeholders shaping our program encompass a diverse array of entities, including the Office of Planning, International Cooperation, Social Affairs, and Labor in Aden Governorate, the National Commission for Women, district authorities, traditional  and religious leaders, youth representatives, women leaders, donors, journalists, and  media influencers. Furthermore, engagement with the private sector, businessmen, and  the Aden Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pivotal to our initiative's success.

Organizational Capacity Enhancement

Internally and collectively organizing local civil society organizations in Yemen constitutes  a cornerstone of our program. Presently, many of these organizations encounter  challenges such as unqualified staff and insufficient organizational and planning  capabilities. Notably, they operate with minimal strategic direction, lack long-term plans  or internal monitoring and control systems, experience high turnover rates among staff  and members, grapple with internal mismanagement, and exhibit a deficiency in  transparency and consistency in management, operations, and finances. Addressing 

These issues are imperative to bolstering the efficacy and sustainability of them endeavors.


Civil society serves as a cornerstone in fostering democratic governance, advancing human rights, and driving social change worldwide. Yet, civil society organizations (CSOs) frequently encounter challenges that hinder their operational effectiveness. This research aims to delve into the narrowing civil space for civil society in southern Yemen, with a particular focus on Aden. Here, local authorities, notably the Office of Planning and International Cooperation and the Office of Social Affairs and Labor, have implemented decisions restricting the operations of CSOs.


This research seeks to analyze the impact of local authorities' permit system on civil society engagement in Aden. By illuminating the challenges faced by CSOs and exploring potential pathways to overcome these barriers, the study aims to deepen our understanding of the state-civil society relationship in Yemen and contribute insights into global civil society constraints.


The research will employ qualitative methods, including interviews with CSO representatives, government officials, and community leaders. Document analysis of relevant policies and regulations will be conducted to understand the legal framework governing civil society engagement in Aden. Additionally, focus group discussions will be organized to gather insights from CSOs regarding the implications of the permit system on their operations.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms through which local authorities in Aden restrict civil society engagement.
  • Identification of challenges faced by CSOs due to the permit system and their implications for democratic governance.
  • Exploration of potential strategies to safeguard the role of civil society in promoting democratic governance and social progress in southern Yemen.

This research aims to contribute to the existing body of knowledge by shedding light on the constraints faced by civil society organizations in southern Yemen, particularly in Aden. By advocating for the rights of CSOs and exploring avenues to mitigate the impact of regulatory barriers, we aspire to foster a conducive environment for civil society engagement and uphold its crucial role in democratic governance and social development.

About the activity:

SOS Foundation for Development seeks to bolster the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs), especially in conflict-stricken areas like Yemen, by commissioning a consultant to create a comprehensive training guide. This guide will equip CSOs with vital knowledge and tools for conflict mitigation policy, as well as effective monitoring, evaluation, and accountability practices. In regions like Yemen, where conflicts are complex and volatile, CSOs often struggle to navigate dynamics and implement impactful interventions. This initiative aims to address these challenges, offering targeted support to enhance CSOs' effectiveness in fostering peace and stability within their communities.

The main objective of the activity

Preparing a training guide for civil society organizations on the policy of mobilizing resources, tools and knowledge + project management and writing proposals


  • Conduct meetings with key project personnel to gain a complete understanding of the project logic, purpose, and activity.
  • Analyze previous exercise strategies.
  • Preparing a training guide in Arabic for civil society organizations on the policy of mobilizing resources, tools and knowledge + project management and writing proposals
  • Preparing a training guide on the policy of mobilizing resources, tools and knowledge + project management and writing proposals with target groups.
  • Submit a time plan and discuss it with the organization’s management.
  • Preparing the general framework of the training manual and submitting it to the SOS administration for accreditation.
  • 7. Send the draft training manual and amend it if the institution does not approve of it.
  • Provide a Word and PDF version of the training guide.
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation about the training guide.
  • Design the training guide and add the identity of the SOS Development Foundation to the guide.

Qualifications for the Consultant:

The consultant to be contracted should possess the following qualifications:

  • Relevant Experience: Demonstrated experience in conducting similar work within the specified field.
  • Training or Consulting Experience: Proven background in preparing training packages tailored for civil society organizations, specifically in areas such as resource mobilization policy, project management, and proposal writing.
  • Expertise in Peacebuilding and Gender/Women's Rights: Comprehensive understanding and experience in the fields of peacebuilding, gender equality, and women's rights, including familiarity with UN Resolution 1325 and subsequent resolutions and protocols.
  • Resource Mobilization Knowledge: Proficiency in resource mobilization policy, tools, and strategies, coupled with extensive knowledge of project management and proposal writing.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Ability to navigate and respect cultural nuances, ensuring sensitivity to the local context throughout the consultancy process.
  • High Professionalism: Demonstrated high level of professionalism in all aspects of work, including communication, conduct, and deliverables.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Strong communication and connection skills, enabling effective collaboration and engagement with diverse stakeholders throughout the consultancy period.
  • Consulting and logistical support management

The consultant is committed to the principle of "do no harm" and any other humanitarian principles. The main contacts for this consultancy will be the SOS Foundation for Development. SOS Foundation will provide all reasonably available secondary information as the consultant may require to perform its obligations under this Agreement. All data collected in the field is the property of SOS Foundation for Development. The consultant must ensure at all times the confidentiality of the data and respect the privacy of all concerned individuals. The consultant will work within the security systems in place in SOS Foundation for Development.

Payment terms

The consultant shall be paid his/her consulting fees according to the following method:

  • 100% upon completion of work.

How to Apply

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