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Posted on 27 Jul, 2022
Closing on 10 Aug, 2022

Job Description

Our Vision

The MENTOR Initiative saves lives in emergencies through tropical disease control and then stays to help people recover from crisis with dignity, working side by side with communities, health workers and health authorities to leave a lasting impact.

Our Purpose

The MENTOR Initiative is a discrete and agile humanitarian organisation purpose built to relieve human suffering from tropical diseases. We act in some of the world’s most austere and vulnerable communities, who are often devastated and forgotten.  Regardless of race, creed or nationality, MENTOR strives to deliver disease control to populations at greatest risk of suffering and death. Our first and last considerations are the needs of the people we serve.

Title: Research Manager    
Manages: Data Entry Assistant/Field Assistant
Department: Operational Research    
Typology of the post:  Consultant
Answer to: Operational Research Coordinator / Programme Manager / Country Representative    
Location: Yemen, Aden

Scope of Services:

The MENTOR Initiative is engaging in coordination with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) to assist in the control of dengue fever through the implementation of operational research into new vector control methods.

The Research Manager will be co-responsible for the coordination and successful implementation of all MENTOR Initiative Vector Borne Diseases (VBD) control activities in Aden with support, as required, from the country-based MENTOR Research Coordinator and the Operational Research team at MENTOR HQ.  

The main responsibilities of this post include the following:

1.    Programme Implementation

With support from MENTOR HQ, ensure that the following programme activities are carried out:

  • Ensure the compliance of MENTOR programming for all grant contract obligations to provide technical and operational capacity building of MoH, NMCP, NGO and community teams in the delivery of programming and research.
  • Prepare, organise and deliver technical training to the local Field research team for the implementation of entomological monitoring of the MENTOR Operational Research, in close collaboration with the MENTOR Research Coordinator and the NMCP.
  • Develop technical materials such as Standard Operating Procedures, training protocols, work protocols and data collection forms, needed for the successful implementation of programme and research activities. 
  • In close coordination with the NMCP and the MENTOR Research Coordinator, oversee the implementation of MENTOR Operational Research activities, including the entomological surveillance in the field:
    • Supervising the field research team to adhere to the work protocols for larval mosquito surveys of water containers and light trap monitoring of the adult mosquito population at household level, in line with programme planning
    • Overviewing the Field research supervisors during laboratory analysis of collected larva, pupae and adult mosquitoes as well as ensuring proper, safe and long-term storage of field samples
    • Ensuring accurate and reliable data collection in the field and the timely and completely data reporting of the Field research team, in line with programme planning
    • Overviewing the logistical procurement and maintenance of required field entomological equipment and laboratory material.
  • Coordinate with external agencies and partners (MoH, WHO, NMCP and Wash/Health clusters) to ensure that MENTOR activities follow a holistic approach with other vector control activities carried out in the research setting.
  • Facilitating local regulatory processes and obtaining permissions from local authorities for programme and research activities such as access to the field (local municipality authorities, UN agencies, University review boards, etc.).
  • Conduct mapping of areas targeted for activities in coordination with the MoH, NMCP and WHO.

2.    Operational Support

With support from MENTOR HQ:

  • Support recruitment and training of local staff as required for programme activities. In addition, the Research Manager supports efforts that ensures that HR management systems are implemented properly and in line with local labour laws (respect of recruitment procedures, respect of internal rules and sexual harassment policies, performance review, payroll etc.). 
  • Assist the Finance Officer with the implementation of MENTOR finance field systems. This includes providing input into adequate cash flow and regular follow up on budget expenditure and planning. 
  • Oversee that standard MENTOR administrative procedures and forms are adhered to and used for regular administrative matters including provision of documents as requested by relevant official authorities.

3.    External Relations

  • Develop relationships with INGOs on the ground exploring potential partnership options. 
  • Where possible, develop donor relations for the pursuit of further funding beyond the existing programme. 
  • In coordination with HQ technical team, assist in the development of proposals for grant opportunities in Yemen. 
  • Represent at relevant district/regional level meetings with the government and NGO partners to help inform and support a co-ordinated approach to LSM and other vector born disease control strategies in country. 

4.    Other

  • Manage human resources in co-ordination with HQ. 
  • Maintain up to date information on areas covered by vector control campaigns. 
  • Preparation of relevant sections for weekly, monthly, and other ad hoc reports 
  • Participation of relevant sections in weekly or more frequent planning meetings. 
  • Development of relevant sections in other reporting required by grant contracts. 
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the Programme Manager & Grants Manager to the benefit of the programme and its activities. 


  • Required: Degree/Diploma in Health Sciences, Public Health, Clinical Medicine, Entomology, Epidemiology or similar
  • Desirable: Background in health research and/or entomology

Professional Experience

  • Required: At least 2-3 years of experience in managerial role, staff supervision and experience with INGOs
  • Desirable: At least 2 years of experience in management of health and health research activities

Knowledge & Skills

  • Good knowledge of communicable diseases, in particular vector-borne diseases
  • Good knowledge of Public Health
  • Good ability to work in and with an interdisciplinary team 
  • Ability to manage a diverse workload 
  • Fluent in English and Arabic
  • Ability to plan and organize work independently and prioritise tasks as required 
  • Trained in quantitative research 
  • Familiarity with programme area/context is highly desired
  • Proficient user of MS Office (including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • Experience with a statistical software and open-source data collection tools, such as Kobo or ODK an asset 

Personal Characteristics

  • Commitment to the Humanitarian Principles Excellent 
  • Willing to travel locally
  • Ability to manage various tasks
  • Good stress management
  • Diplomacy and problem solving
  • Capacity to mobilize community
  • Rigor to attention and organization Honesty and transparency

How to Apply

How to apply has been removed becuase this job has ended. If this is a special case, please contact us and we will help.

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