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Posted on 16 May, 2023
Closing on 28 May, 2023

Job Description

Job description:

Yemen Aid is a non-profit organization in the United States of America. Established in 2016 by passionate professional Yemeni- Americans as a response to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, with a role to bridge development, sustainability, and emergency response through a localized approach.

Yemen Aid would like to announce that the following position is currently open for recruitment:

Posted vacancy: Environmental Studies Consultant

Location: Aden/ Lahj

Employer: Yemen Aid

Contract Duration: One Month

No.: 5

Position Type: Consultancy

Position reporting to: Quality Assurance Control Officer.

Starting Date: As soon as possible.


The aim of the advisory services:

The current consulting services aim to prepare studies, proposals and technical requirements necessary for the rehabilitation and development of the targeted site in a way that improves its performance and with economic efficiency that takes into account the provision of service, operation, maintenance and international standards in this type of project. This goal will be achieved through studies and various field examinations of the current situation and the current gaps of the project in meeting the needs of the beneficiaries, studying and evaluating the technical requirements and preparing scenarios for rehabilitation and development in a way that meets the relevant international standards and specifications.

Field and scope of work and tasks:

The consultant is expected to carry out the required task with the highest and best conditions and standards for this type of project and to seek the assistance of various disciplines to prepare all activities with high efficiency and skill and to collect the necessary data and documents, document them and include them in the reports for all activities and requirements. It is also expected from the consultant when executing the tasks to ensure the achievement of the economic and developmental goals, taking into account the implementation of the activities in sequence in accordance with the technical standards, achieving harmony between all activities, and committing to carrying out all the activities required in these conditions or any activities necessary to carry out the task. The tasks will be carried out to include a number of activities. When starting the task, the consultant must prepare, equip, and arrange the requirements necessary to carry out the tasks, prepare the plan that will be followed in studying and examining the various components of the project, and prepare the structure of the study and reports, and agree on them in advance with those concerned in the SIERY project at Yemen Aid.

The consultant is expected to perform the following tasks: (but not be limited to)

1.      The task of preparing and collecting information:

A.     Coordinating and communicating with those involved in the SIERY project in Yemen Aid and other stakeholders to discuss the environmental assessment descent plan and to determine the field visit to a site to carry out the tasks of preparing the environmental study and risks.

B.     Collect data and information related to the targeted project, studies and reports prepared in advance, any data and documents related to the project, stakeholders from the relevant parties, contact numbers with them, obtain data related to the project, and obtain forms and forms required to prepare studies.

C.    Meeting with stakeholders as beneficiaries or relevant authorities in the implementation of the project and informing them of the goal of intervention, expected results, scope of work and priorities, and reviewing their priorities, the problems they suffer from and the project implementation plan.


2.      The task of field surveys and environmental examinations of the current status of the project:

The consultant must prepare environmental studies and examinations of the current situation and expected risks with professionalism and high technical skill in order to reach effective and economically appropriate components and employ a team of technical specialists in carrying out the various tasks. The current task includes the following activities:

A.      Site study: The consultant shall visit the specified site in order to obtain the documents related to the ownership of the site and to ensure that there are no legal obstacles in the site specified for the implementation of the project, prior to undertaking any work or activity. The consultant will also conduct environmental studies and the expected and functional risks for the project site, including the following:

  • Examining the current activities in the site and its neighbouring activities.
  • Ways to get to the site up to the nearest road.
  • Project all current activities and events on an aerial map.
  • Study all influences on project design.
  • Presenting all of this in descriptive weather charts, reports and maps.

B.     Examine and document the current status of the project:

  • The consultant shall, through approved tables with the classification and sorting of the components and the projection for each facility, document and describe the current status of the project, including the name of the job and the current status of the project elements.
  • The consultant shall study and specify for each facility, the general location and the required works in a descriptive manner for all works.
  • The consultant should make the necessary recommendations and proposals for rehabilitation and development in accordance with international standards and specifications, and provide more than one option commensurate with the objective, economic efficiency and available budget.

C.     Checking and documenting the list of components and current equipment for the project:

The consultant is expected to document all components and equipment in the project, perform the necessary checks, and submit a list of them with proposals for maintenance and development work, as well as the required additional equipment.

D.     Examining and documenting the availability of current environmental requirements and standards for the project

Preparing the environmental study and environmental management plan for the project, based on the outputs of technical and social surveys, studies and current designs. The consultant must take this into account through coordination with community committees and taking environmental survey models from the SIERY project organized by Yemen Aid. The consultant will study the influences and study his description of the environmental requirements of the site, which includes studying his description of soil factors, wind and dust movement, waste management and torrential discharge, and in some places a description study of the sea and waves must be carried out.

3.      The tasks of studying needs and requirements:

Preparing a needs study to include the following:

  • Detailed explanation of current status and existing activities.
  • Explain and clarify the expected risks.
  • How environmental risks will be faced in all phases of the project.
  • How the economic risks will be faced in all phases of the project.
  • How design risks will be addressed at all stages of the project.
  • How operational risks will be addressed in all phases of the project.
  • Preparing a technical report on the results of the meetings with the relevant parties.

4.      Mission: Assessment of needs and preparation of rehabilitation proposals:

The consultant must study and analyse the information collected from the site and from the relevant parties and beneficiaries and assess the need and the current gap to reach the desired goal in the project, as the following is expected:

  • Filling out a form and evaluating the results of field surveys (needs of beneficiaries - technical needs....etc)
  • Studying and analysing the components and functions and the extent to which they meet the required activities.
  • The work of the rehabilitation matrix and the proposed scenarios, including presenting a table of the components that will be used from the design model and the required new components or any required modification of any component, taking into account the requirements of the beneficiaries.
  • Determining the expected goal of rehabilitation, the goal for each work, the degree of need and importance for any intervention, the expected results, and setting priorities for rehabilitation and development.
  • The consultant will prepare a proposal for the preliminary list of requirements and project components.
  • Explanation of the bases upon which the components are determined, with clarification of the justifications and the extent to which they achieve the objectives of the project and the control of the various risks that were identified in the first stage.
  • List of requirements and services.
  • Criteria for activities and functions.

Study conditions environmental Social:

  • Preparing an environmental and social management plan for the project.
  • Identify and study the potential risks of the project and discuss them with the society.
  • Develop proposals, solutions and appropriate alternatives to reduce, as possible, the occurrence of any risks arising from implementation The project.
  • Identify potential risks during operation and develop proposals and solutions to reduce these risks and involve the community so.
  • Determine the size of the workforce capable of working to make a budget for the required safety tools during implementation.
  • Executing the environmental study and assessing the environmental impact, filling out the tables of environmental and community response standards, the minutes of the community discussion, and preparing the inputs for the emergency plan according to the model.
  • Consultant commitment to wear Safety tools during the implementation of the task.
  • The need to adhere to the time period specified in the contract, and if the consultant is late in delivering the technical study for the specified period, then the organized Taking contractual actions his right.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field.
  • Deep knowledge of quality assurance terminology, methods and tools.
  • Superb Computer skills including database management.
  • Excellent data collection, analysis, problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Proficiency in best practices for testing, version control, and defect management.
  • Good Communication skills.
  • Computer literacy.
  • A keen eye for detail.
  • Ability to identify errors and detect deviation consistently across inspections.
  • Ability to closely follow quality standards.

How to Apply

How to apply has been removed becuase this job has ended. If this is a special case, please contact us and we will help.

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