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Posted on 14 Sep, 2023
Closing on 23 Sep, 2023

Job Description

National Staff Position

  • Project Title: Mainstreaming COVAX into the Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) on the PHC level in 7 out 10 conflict-fragile local health care systems staffed by incentivized INTERSOS teams delivering humanitarian projects Taiz, Lahj, Aden, Abyan, Hadramout, Hajja and Ibb.
  • Position: Community Mobilizer 
  • Report: Medical Programme Manager 
  • Technically supervisor: Deputy  supported when needed by H&N Coordination team  ( dep, pharmacist)
  • Coordinates: Internally: Project team members, Community Health Volunteers (CHVs),
  • Externally: Community committees, incentivized health workers, GHO/DHO focal points
  • Status:  Full-time work
  • Starting Date: October 2023
  • Location: multiple locations ( Aden (1) , Lahj (1), Abyan (1), Taiz (1) , Hadramout (1)

INTERSOS is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to people affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts. The organization is guided by principles such as solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality, and respect for diversity. INTERSOS focuses on helping the most vulnerable individuals and promotes evidence-based accountability and advocacy. In Yemen, INTERSOS operates a Health and Nutrition program with three main priorities: supporting community-led primary health care, responding to emergency outbreaks and conflict-related injuries, and promoting innovation and operational research in community health activities. The program adheres to strong medical ethics and aims to empower communities and integrate with existing health systems to ensure sustainable care.

Main Objective / Job Summary

Under the direct supervision of the Deputy PM and with technical support and collaboration of the Medical Programme Manager, the Community Mobilizer - Curriculum will be responsible to provide support to Community Mobilizers in their community mobilization, including awareness-raising conducted by Community Health Volunteers in different projects funded by BHA, ECHO, YHF etc. aimed at building acceptance and understanding of the importance of vaccination including COVID-19. The Community Mobilizer – Curriculum will ensure that each Community Mobilizer project follows the process of meaningful engagement with communities to identify fears, and rumors about health protocols and vaccination, and empower them to develop mitigation strategies that reduce the impact of these fears and rumors. The Community Mobilizer – Curriculum is responsible to develop and disseminate training materials and tools for communities and to report and analyze field-activities achievements, in a safe and confidential way.  


Community Mobilization: 

  • Participate in the assessment of House Hold needs per areas , design of the community mobilization strategy and develop an implementation plan with the H&N team and monitor.
  • Mobilize communities and stakeholders, including health committees, associations, and health providers, to disseminate project information, conduct feasibility studies, and carry out evaluations and assessments.
  • Conduct community meetings and awareness sessions, and provide support to Community Mobilizer in organizing and facilitating community activities.
  • Participate in the design of the community mobilization strategy and develop an implementation plan with the H&N team.
  • Identify baseline data on immunization, quality primary healthcare services, and treatment needs, and monitor the progress in coordination with the data entry and Deputy 
  • Map out targeted community networks, including committees, volunteers, leaders, NGOs, businesses, schools, health centers/units, and government health offices, and conduct stakeholder analysis.
  • Consult communities in the targeted areas and facilitate the implementation of action plans according to project guidelines.
  • Organize and facilitate community meetings, awareness sessions, and workshops.
  • Assist communities in the design and implementation of community projects.
  • Participate on Identification of training needs and develop training courses for communities to self-assess their situation and find solutions.
  • Report information and data about PHC seeking including behavior fears, concerns, rumors, and  services and vaccine misconceptions in targeted communities.
  • Participates on health committees facilitating communication between communities and vaccination centers.
  • Any other community and complementary activities for CPH quality of care  
  • Submitting regular reports on activities and a tracer on sustainable activities implemented
  • Support the  team reporting process   Maintaining records, including photos and reports of sessions, meetings, and site visits.
  • Report information and data about fears, concerns, rumors, and misconceptions in targeted communities."
  • Schedule HF visits ,     programing distributions of pharmaceutical and IPC according to the proportional gaps for each HF.
  • Coordinating with focal points on quality services    for :  reception of supplies, cold chain secure process, meeting with beneficiaries, attendance to Community committee , 
  • Identify training needs and developing training courses for communities to self-assess their situation and find solutions.
  • Support outreach vaccinators in coordinating with local leaders during outreach vaccination activities.
  • Organize capacity-strengthening activities
  • Assist ton provision of services by CHVs 
  • Organize and facilitate community meetings, awareness sessions, and workshops.
  • Quarterly Monitor the performance of CHVs and conduct pre and post-awareness session surveys, used to adjust awareness activities.
  • Support quality cross-cut Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in planning and coordinating community awareness activities related to the community PHC (CPHC) and vaccination schemes health seeking behavior gaps.  
  • Support Quality outreach vaccinators activities with checklist,  drafting outreach data and training plan   i.e. no Zero vaccine cases U5 children. No incomplete protocols  

External and Internal Technical Support: 

  • Develop training materials and tools for communities, identify their training needs, and design simple training courses that empower them to address their challenges.
  • Support CHVs in engaging with communities for health education under the INTERSOS EPI/COVID project.
  • Monitor the performance of CHVs and conduct pre/post-awareness session surveys, used to adjust awareness activities.
  • Evaluate the results of surveys and provide recommendations for adjusting community awareness activities.
  • Identify and report relevant information and data on fears, concerns, and rumors.
  • Organize capacity-building interventions, attend meetings with partners and stakeholders, 
  • Assist with general program operations and field-based activities, as requested by Medical Project Manager.
  • Support outreach vaccinators during vaccination activities
  • Support Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in planning and coordinating community awareness activities 
  • Select appropriate health promotion tools/methods.
  • Ensure the integration of COVID-19 immunization into the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) and standardization of infection prevention and control (IPC) and primary healthcare quality protocols aided by the EPI/COVID training curriculum and operational research
  • Organize capacity-strengthening activities and attend meetings with partners and stakeholders.
  • Support good integration between the nutrition, health and protection programs.
  • Identify with the MPM the needs of communities and translate them in simple training courses which help communities to self-assess their COVIDEPI and PHC quality and identify possible solutions which can be rolled out within communities.
  • Organize and facilitate community meetings, awareness sessions, and workshops.
  • Facilitate the training curriculum and data base management and communication between communities committee and vaccination centers.
  • Consult communities in the targeted areas and facilitate the implementation of action plans according to project guidelines.
  • Assist the Deputy PM in the implementing the quality protocols .
  • Adapt, design pretest and implement quality curriculum for CPHC and COVIDEPI"
  • Consolidate data on implementation RCEE / IEC for CHVs
  • Corelated data from training, RCCE , EPICOVID ,CPHC, needs, services and treatment adherence indicators  to protocols and SoPs
  • Assisting with general program operations and field-based activities.
  • Participate on the MPM  monthly task forces,  quarterly steering comminnitess to community and Authorithies. Deputy  meetings  and H&NCo rounds 
  • Do attend to the onboarding project  week sessions  as per H&NCO SoPs. 
  • Do attend to CB internall and externllay outsourced, 
  • Any other task required and agreed a upon with  H&NCo team, MPM, Crossprojects and MEAL , programs , etc


  • Collect, analyse, and enter training data from CHVs, incentivized health workers, and health facility focal points at project sites, ensuring timely submission to the Medical Project Manager
  • Submit daily activity reports and actively participate in INTERSOS EPI/COVID project training and meetings as required.
  • Prepare written reports in English, documenting intervention sessions, training outcomes, and achievements, as well as any encountered challenges and lessons learned.
  • Participate in project training and meetings as required.
  • Building and maintaining good relationships with government institutions.
  • Ensure visibility of project communication materials in events and activities.
  • Maintaining records, including photos and reports of sessions, meetings, and site visits.
  • Always ensures the confidentiality of the data collected and stored, including the security of records and files, and conduct all activities respectfully.

Coordination and representation: 

  • Engage in internal and external coordination, including MEAL department and participation in health cluster coordination meetings when required by Medical Project Manager.
  • Maintain records and reports of all sessions, meetings, and site visits.
  • Participate and facilitate field visits by donors, health cluster, and MOPHP when required.
  • Foster a positive relationship communities, cross projects incentivised teams  and   government institutions and ensure the visibility of INTERSOS EPI/COVID project communication materials in relevant events and activities.
  • Collaborate with the health, nutrition, and protection team to integrate and mainstream program activities effectively.
  • Any other coordination technical task for cross-projects defined as per WP
  • Maintain a good relationship with the government institutions 
  • Assist the project team on building and maintaining professional  relationships with  GHO & DHO government institutions directly or delegated."
  • Assist on scheduled meeting and attend meetings with partners and stakeholders as due .
  • Update and follow up  the  projects needs with   MoPHP PHC unit for EPI&CHV 
  • Assist the connection between Humanitarian project cyle and Inetrsos project cycle  ( data HNO, HRP)
  • Monthly Tracking the integration between the nutrition, health and protection programs.
  • Assisting with general program cross-project operations and field-based activities."
  • Participate in orientation week and internal INTERSOS project CB  and meetings as required.
  • Prepare schedule for quarterly meetings for update of project implementation; prepare documents for meetings (kick offs,  attendance sheet, materials translation of  technical documents  from gov or Intersos,  etc).
  • Assist the project  team with the staff recruited: prepare docs for  office orientation, prepare the field induction, 
  • Regular meetings with team:  steering ,  deputy meetings, H&NCo rounds , program meetings, assist logistics pharmacy distribution ,  draft monthly  data update ,  

Overall, these tasks require:

  • Adherence to Humanitarian principles of Neutrality, Impartiality, Independence, and Humanity
  • Clear & timely communications to line management 
  • Full abiding by INTERSOS internal rules and guidelines and respect INTERSOS Charter of Value and Code of Ethics , PSEA, humanitarian access codes, etc

Additional job responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities as set out above are not exhaustive and the role holder may be required to carry out additional duties within reasonableness of their level of skills and experience.

Qualifications and requirements

Technical skills and experience:

Minimum requirements

  • A degree in health sciences and/or Education i.e. medical assistant, nurse, lab tech, pharmacist, with significant course components in either community development, social work, communications, or post-secondary education and training with significant prior experience.
  • Relevant professional experience of not less than 2 years in similar positions;
  • Proven technical expertise managing data and information cycle: from data collection, processing, storage, and analysis for diverse datasets as well as presenting information in understandable, effective and visually appealing tables, charts, graphs, maps, visuals and reports.
  • The ability to travel to Aden (Preferably be from Aden).
  • Prior experience in working and/or coordinating with other NGOs; 
  • Technical understanding of core protection concepts, prevention, and response strategies in line with best practices;
  • Prior experience with treating sensitive data (People with Specific Needs); 
  • Good knowledge of protection concepts and principles; 

Soft skills: 

  • Ability and willingness to operate in challenging environments and travel to remote field locations on a regular basis;
  • Excellent computer skills (proven computer literacy), especially in Excel; 
  • Report writing skills
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Familiarity with Smart Tools for Data Collection (KoBo, ODK, etc.);
  • Readiness to commit and adhere to the values, mission and vision of INTERSOS 

Other requirements:

  • Native Arabic – Good written and spoken English;
  • Excellent analytical skills and observation capacity;
  • Attention to detail and structured way of approaching tasks;
  • Able to ensure quick quality delivery in stressful environments;
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and respect line management;
  • Ability to deal with heavy work pressure.

How to Apply

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