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Posted on 11 Oct, 2021
Closing on 18 Oct, 2021

Job Description

Action Contre la Faim is an International Humanitarian Organization which is private, non-political, non-denomination and non-profit making. Action Contre la Faim vocation is to save lives by combating hunger, disease and those crises threatening the lives of vulnerable men, women and children. Action Contre la Faim currently operates in 46 countries including Yemen globally and conduct programs in nutrition, food security, health, water and sanitation. 

JOB TITLE:  Deputy Program Manager 
Department: Health and Nutrition 
Location: Al-Khawkha
Duration: up to 30 March 2022  
Salary and Benefits: Basic monthly salary: 1747 $ - 2088 $ based Salary calculation 
Medical and Life insurance: Including the employee, spouse, children and parents


Objective 1: Nutrition and Health situation diagnosis and analysis; capacity assessment of MoH health workers on CMAM service provision
Objective 2: Systematic capacity building of the ACF Nutrition and Health team on CMAM (SAM & MAM treatment) and health components (IMCI, Ante Natal, Post Natal and primary health Care services).
Objective 3: Ensure smooth implementation and proper functioning of CMAM services in health facilities
Objective 4: Support community mobilizers for establishment of trained community outreach team and linkage with CMAM & health program


Objective 1: Nutrition and Health situation diagnosis and analysis including assessing the quality of health service provision

  • Ensure that timely capacity assessment by the capacity building team is completed for health service provision by health workers
  • Oversee data entry by the data entry officers and draft the capacity assessment report 
  • Ensure that the training database for health workers, community health workers are regularly updated by Sr./Project officers, community mobilizers
  • Coordinate with DHO/GHO and conduct joint capacity assessment for assessing quality of the health service provision using supervision checklist 
  • Provide feedback to the capacity building teams and GHO/DHOs regarding the quality of the health service provision on a periodic basis
  • Participate in evaluations in order to identify the needs (Rapid SMART, SMART survey, health capacity diagnosis, etc.);
  • Develop a tool to track health situation (Key morbidity trend) based on community and facility based morbidity report on a monthly basis
  • Closely follow morbidity trends from stabilization centers 
  • Develop and maintain tools for tracking villages, mobile clinics, health workers, volunteers per health facilities

Objective 2: Systematic capacity building of the ACF Nutrition and Health team on CMAM (SAM & MAM treatment) and health components (IMCI, Ante Natal, Post Natal and primary health Care services).

  • Identify specific technical gaps on nutrition and health components in project implementation teams and organize internal training for them in close collaboration with Program Manager
  • Develop/adapt training modules in line with national CMAM and IMCI guidelines for health workers and share with PM for validation. 
  • Organize training for Government health workers on CMAM, integrated management of childhood illnesses and ANC/PNC service provision in close collaboration with DHO/GHO
  • Support Senior/project officers to organize and facilitate technical coaching of health workers during supportive supervision in health facilities 
  • Support senior/project officers on developing customized need specific guidance notes on IMCI, ANC/PNC for on job coaching on different modules
  • Observe on job coaching sessions and provide feedback to Sr./Project officers and/or health workers 
  • Attend monthly meetings with responsible health workers and provide feedback on improvements, gaps and standardization of the service provision and reporting
  • Organize quarterly review and sharing meeting with district/governorate health officers on key findings, planning for next quarter and joint supervision.

Objective 3: Ensure that adequate technical standards of CMAM services provided by health facilities
Closely monitor detection, referral and assessment of acute malnutrition in facilities and provide feedback and guidance to Senior Health and nutrition officers. Key areas of supervision and monitoring will be - 

  • Health facility organization is in place
  • Facility based screening, detection of acutely malnourished children are in place
  • Referred cases from community health workers/volunteers are re-measured and documented/reported
  • Anthropometric measurement technique and definition of malnutrition status
  • Adequate health checkup is done to identify medical complications according to IMCI protocol
  • Appropriate referral of children is maintained within the CMAM components (OTP, SFP, SC) based on anthropometric and medical assessments

Closely monitor the administration of appropriate treatment protocol for management of  acute malnutrition (SAM/MAM) and provide feedback to Senior Health and Nutrition officers: these may include - 

  • Monitor if mothers/caretakers are given adequate information regarding their child health status and importance of the treatment
  • Closely monitor if health workers are following admission and discharge criteria in line with the national CMAM protocol (international in case there are no valid national protocol available)
  • Closely monitor if admission procedures are respected in line with the CMAM guidelines
  • Closely monitor that appropriate systematic treatment protocol is respected in the health facility for SAM/MAM treatment
  • Provision of adequate information to the mother and caretakers on the feeding practices of acutely malnourished children 
  • Closely monitor that beneficiaries are receiving adequate therapeutic supplies according to the CMAM guideline
  • Monitor for appropriate documentation – treatment registers, BNF cards, individual child monitoring cards
  • Observe if medically complicated SAM cases are referred to stabilization centers; discharged SAM cases are referred to MAM treatment program
  • Closely if all absentees, non-responder cases are referred to community health workers/volunteers or community mobilizers for follow up using home visit forms
  • Advocate and guide health workers/counsellors to facilitate IYCF counselling sessions during each distribution day in the health facilities for the caretakers, PLWs

Monitoring community outreach activities and providing feedbacks to community mobilizers/capacity building officers/senior capacity building/Health and Nutrition officers: 

  • Monitor the training sessions for community health workers/volunteers
  • Monitor referrals of acutely malnourished children and PLW to health facilities and  admissions 
  • Follow up on home visits of non-responders, absentees, death cases, defaulter tracing and ensure proper documentation 
  • Participate in monthly meeting with community health volunteers and provide orientation and guidance in planning, reporting
  • Closely monitor and observe the community based detection, referral and awareness activities and provide feedback to community mobilizers.

Objective 4: Project Management: Supporting Sr./Health and Nutrition officers on smooth implementation of the project activities

  • Ensure the implementation of activities defined by the Program Manager in coordination with the Logistics and Administration departments
  • Work with the team to develop detailed project implementation plan and orient the project teams on their roles and responsibilities
  • Develop training plan and facilitate technical trainings for internal project staff on CMAM
  • Collect, compile and develop global training plan for government health workers, planning for supportive supervision and joint quality assessment plan in close collaboration with GHO/DHOs (with support from Sr./Project officers)
  • Organize regularly evaluation meetings of team members
  • Organize monthly meetings with the team and report the outcome to the head of the program
  • Ensure sound monitoring and joint supervision of program activities in close collaboration with GHO/DHOs
  • Develop project implementation tools, technical reporting templates, CMAM database, supervision checklists and train ACF officers
  • Regularly follow up with the teams on the progress of activity, challenges and guide on necessary actions
  • Facilitate Quarterly review meetings/workshops with respective health  & nutrition managers

Deputize program manager during his/her absence. 

  • Evaluate and update project procurement needs, supply needs for health components periodically 
  • Raise procurement requests to initiate procurement process following ACF logistic policy
  • Raise supply request order well in advance to ensure that program team have necessary supplies for smooth implementation 
  • Share training plans with Admin/Logistics in advance for necessary support 
  • Liaise with logistic to ensure appropriate warehouse conditions
  • Liaise with logistic to ensure proper orientation on logistic procedures


  • Evaluate and update human resources need and draft recruitment request for Program manager
  • Closely liaise with District/Governorate health offices regarding recruitment of health workers, nurses/doctors by MoH
  • Track project teams’ daily attendance and validate monthly attendance for supervisee. 
  • Communicate with HR for necessary staff meeting, performance review, appraisals 
  • Liaise with HR to provide orientation on ACF charter/management values


  • Closely liaise with Deputy PM-CMAM and PM for drafting MoUs with hospitals, governorate health offices
  • Closely coordinate and collaborate with Medical doctors, DHO and GHO to develop MoUs and partnership agreement.
  • Engage Governorate/district health managers in planning and review of health activities with support from Nutrition and Health PM


  • Draft monthly financial forecast and quarterly financial need forecast in line with the detailed project activity plan/Monthly activity plans and send it to Program Manager
  • Liaise with finance team for appropriate guidance on direct field purchases and financial procedures to be respected 
  • Objective 5: Information management, reporting and coordination  
  • Ensure that training database for health workers, community health workers/volunteers are maintained
  • Ensure adequate and timely reporting for health components from health facilities, mobile teams and Stabilization centers.
  • Ensure that Sr. /Project officers are maintaining supervision checklist during supervision visit and summary report shared.
  • Ensure adequate technical coaching on online reporting forms, using tablets and internet for online reporting
  • Ensure that monthly statistical reports are compiled by data analyst for morbidities, IMCI service provision and ANC/PNC service provision by health facilities, Mobile teams and APR excel is updated. 
  • Analyze the monthly statistical report for health components monthly Activity quantitative report and draft the narrative report - Summary narrative report shall be very specific to – 
  • Bullet points on progress of training, on-job coaching and supportive supervision 
  • Key issues and challenges
  • Key analysis for treatment performances 
  • Key critical reasoning for significantly increased/decreased trends of morbidities
  • Coordinate with health facilities, district and governorate health offices for smooth implementation of the project activities and quality of service provision
  • Closely coordinate with WaSH team to ensure appropriate WaSH facilities in the targeted CMAM sites
  • Regularly report and coordinate with line mangers regarding challenges, issues faced in the field for timely and appropriate decision making.
  • Participate in the relevant cluster meetings and other related forum at district or governorate level as and when requested by the PM or in absence of PM.
  • Conduct regular meetings with other ACF sector staffs to discuss and document lessons learned
  • Assist in organization of project workshop, trainings and seminars, including preparation of short reports.



  • Bachelor in Nutrition/Nursing/public health/anthropology/social science
  • Diploma in nursing/nutrition with more than 2 year of experience in implementation of nutrition and health activities  



  • At least 2 years of experience in nutrition project implementation
  • Extensive experience in capacity building and training on nutrition programs is preferable  
  • Good monitoring and supervision skill is essential
  • Organisation skills are necessary. 
  • Ability to observe and to provide feedback on the activities
  • Ability to understand and to interpret the nature of human behavior
  • Ability to analyze, interpret and propose solutions based on changing context
  • Ability to work under pressure and react according to evolving context/situation
  • Ability to show activeness and creativity in working environment
  • Ability to use fluently Word, Excel, Power Point a plus
  • Fluent in speaking and writing English


  • At least 1 year proven experience in the field of management of nutrition project (CMAM, SFP/OTP/SC preferred or care & feeding practices),  
  • Proven experience in capacity building initiatives for ministry of health workers or field staffs in similar programs


  • Level of the position: M1.
  • Basic salary in accordance with our National Salary grid.
  • Transportation allowance.
  • Eid bonus: a full basic salary per year.
  • Medical and life insurance coverage: Including the employee, spouse, children and parents.

ACF offers equal opportunities, however priority given to qualified female and/or persons with a disability

How to Apply

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