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Posted on 17 Sep, 2023
Closing on 30 Sep, 2023

Job Description

Terms of Reference: CCCM Project Manager
Location: Sana'a, Adhala'a (Yemen)
Level: Project Manager Level (3)
Category: C4 (National staff)
Duration: 10 months

Job Summary:

we are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Project Manager to oversee and manage the implementation of the CCCM project in the Qa'tabah district of Al Dhale'e governorates. The CCCM Project Manager will be responsible for the successful implementation of ‎project activities in accordance with UNOCHA SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). ‎This includes overseeing procurement processes, staff selection, performance ‎monitoring, financial supervision of expenditures, and ensuring that target activities are ‎achieved. The Project Manager will provide on-the-job training, supervise field ‎activities(Adhala'a and Sana'a), and actively participate in technical coordination, and and cluster meetings. He/she is responsible for regular donor reporting and attends technical coordination meetings. The role requires ‎expertise in CCCM and civil projects, integration and response in emergencies, as well as knowledge of cross-cutting approaches and protection issues. The ‎cost associated with this position includes base salary, taxes, social security, health ‎insurance, and life insurance.‎

Duties and responsibilities 

The Project manager will be responsible for but not limited to:

1.    Ensure the effective and efficient implementation of project activities in line with ‎project objectives, work plans, and UNOCHA SOPs.‎
2.    Provide leadership in planning, project start-up, project implementation, and development of quality control systems.
3.    Monitor and evaluate project progress, identifying challenges and proposing ‎necessary adjustments to ensure project success.‎
4.    ensure the MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and ‎Learning) team provides accurate and timely reporting.‎
5.    ‎Train site committees in site monitoring and the use of DEEM monitoring tools.‎
6.    Establish, maintain, and actively utilize networks of key informants at IDP sites.‎
7.    Establish and train representative and inclusive community-based site ‎management committees at sites.‎
8.    Oversee reporting and ensure data quality in an accurate and timely manner.‎
9.    Plan, support, and organize social cohesion-building activities at IDP sites.‎
10.    Prepare regular narrative reports, progress updates, and donor reports ‎according to the reporting schedule and guidelines.‎
11.    Lead and determine the operational needs of the project interventions.
12.    In coordination with programs team determine the training needs of staff and organize capacity building as needed
13.    S/he ensures the establishment of effective and representative camp governance structures and promotion of beneficiary participation in decision making; ensures sound information and database management, facilitates effective communication within the camp population and local authorities; oversees the operation, care, and maintenance of relevant services; ensures safe and organized reception procedures and distribution of assistance to new arrivals; manages data collection and site monitoring, and takes action to fill gaps when minimum standards are not met.
14.    S/he liaises closely with Sector Managers and develops and sustains strong partnerships with all stakeholders in IDP camps. S/he supervises a team of DEEM camp management staff – contracted national staff and large teams of community mobilizer.
15.    Project Manager works directly with the supporting administration to create a work plan and provide supervision and support to relevant project staff regarding the implementation of project in the field. The project manager will be ‎responsible for the daily affairs, monitoring, and follow of the implementation ‎of the project (most of his/her time would be in the field). Following up on the ‎implementation of activities of the project. In addition to preparing the final ‎reports. He or she will role in the field by visiting the field during the ‎implementation of all the project activities and providing mentoring sessions ‎for the project field staff as required. (Head & Field Office communication, ‎reporting‏.‏
16.    Develop project implementation tools and materials as needed;
17.    Plan and follow the various stages of project implementation and set direction by prioritizing and organizing activities and resources to achieve project objectives for field teams.
18.    Represents DEEM and ensure Head of Programs Unit and other relevant colleagues remain involved and up-to-date on key discussions of the ‎project partners‏ and any consortium.
19.    Ensures the inclusion of key humanitarian partners within the sector, respecting their mandates and Programs priorities. 
20.    Gathers the cluster members and service providers to identify the overall requirements in responding to IDP site and camp-like situations. 
21.    Supports development of funding proposals, project budgets and donor reports.
22.    Ensures capacity building of project staff and transfer key skills.
23.    Ensure the quality of planning, implementation, follow-up, and lessons learned of all technical aspects of the sector activities 
24.    Ensure adequate monitoring, reporting and information-sharing mechanisms are in place. And M&E reports. 
25.    Ensure camp needs assessment and analysis involves all relevant partners and identify gaps – assess, verify, and map emerging assistance needs and protection concerns.
26.    conduct regular ‘gap analyses’ based on verified needs.
27.    Ensures effective coordination with management unit and other NGO Implementing partner members and (pro-)active engagement in (with) relevant clusters and local authorities.
28.    Supervises all CCCM activities in the targeted sites, coordination with local authorities, IDP and host communities, NGO partners and the CCCM Sub-National Cluster for the planning and implementation of interventions at the site level.
29.    Ensure the project staff have the required expertise in managing CCCM activities. 
30.    Maintains close relations with the Partner’s management in charge of the project, in coordination with the Head of the NGO partner, and with UNHCR FO and CCCM Focal Points.
31.    Contribute and coordinate with members to harmonize the CCCM approaches, tools, and methodologies, and any other technical ‎discussions‏.
32.    Make and follow-up on technical and operational recommendations for improved impact and integration and leveraging synergies.
33.    Coordinate registration of IDP populations, paying particular attention to gender, age and diversity dimensions; and updating of population registry.
34.    Develop and embed monitoring, evaluation, and complaint mechanism ‎procedures and practices in the project life cycle‏.‏
35.    Responsible for monitoring expected outputs and outcomes, including quality improvement plan.
36.    Innovates and promotes the uptake of appropriate technologies that enable to ‎delivery of services‏
37.    Ensures high quality reports are submitted on time.
38.    Promotes strategies to build up and strengthen confidence between communities within IDP sites, as well as between camp residents and surrounding communities.
39.    Refer women at risk to appropriate services and ensure post-referral follow-up.

‎Qualifications and Experience:‎


  • Relevant professional experience in humanitarian affairs, emergency preparedness, crisis/emergency relief management, rehabilitation, MEAL, development or other related areas.
  • A minimum of 3-4 years’ work experience in program management, monitoring and evaluation preferably in the field of ‎CCCM or humanitarian response.‎
  • Proven abilities in information analysis and strong English drafting abilities, financial management, including budgeting and expenditure ‎monitoring.‎
  • Proficient in computer skills and use of relevant software and applications
  • Demonstrable knowledge of humanitarian emergency operations, CCCM issues, and protection issues in humanitarian and recovery setting.
  • Familiarity with UNOCHA SOPs and donor requirements.‎

B-    Education: 

  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (e.g., Civil engineering or another related field)
  • Preferably, training in CCCM, protection, community and civil projects, ‎international relations, international law, human rights, or a ‎related field.‎


  • Fluency in English and [local language] (both written and spoken).‎
  • Excellent writing skills in English and experience in writing donor proposals, reports, policy notes and strategic documents.

D-    E. Other Requirements:

  • Willingness to travel frequently to project sites and work in remote areas.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary team.
  • Understanding and commitment to humanitarian principles and the core values of DEEM.

Salary and Benefits:

The CCCM Project Manager will receive a competitive salary commensurate with their qualifications and experience. The salary package will include base salary, taxes, social security contributions, health insurance, and life insurance, as per the organization's policy.

How to Apply

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