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Provision of ICT Equipment for UNFPA Sana’a This tender has ended. You cannot apply anymore.

Posted on 01 Nov, 2023
Closing on 22 Nov, 2023
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Tender Details

Request for Quotation No. YEM/2023/006

Provision of ICT equipment for UNFPA CO

United Nations Population Fund, 
Haddah St. behind Lazourde Hotel 
Tel: +967 1 433160 


Dear Sir/Madam, 

We hereby solicit your quotations for the supply of the items named below:

-    25 Laptops (Attachment 1)
-    25 Docking station that is compatible with item 1
-    25 Monitor that is compatible with item 2. minimum size 27 inch

The goods are to be delivered maximum in 3 weeks upon issuing of PO according to the locations mentioned as a delivery point.  The quotation shall be valid at least for 3 months after the closing date.

If you are interested in submitting quotations for these items, kindly fill in the attached Quotation Form and make sure the quotations are send by E-mail only to the address indicated below not later than 22/11/2023, 12:00 (Sana’a time):


Bidders must enter the following text in the email subject line:

- “RFQ/YEM/2023/006– “Provision of ICT equipment for UNFPA Sana’a” 

Please submit your quotation in US Dollars currency. Conversion of currency into the UNFPA preferred currency, if the offer is quoted differently from what is required, shall be based only on UN Operational Exchange Rate prevailing at the time of competition deadline. 

Bidders requiring clarifications to the RFQ process and/or RFQ documents may be addressed in writing to:  

Rima Ali, Admin/Logistics Associate ,

Bidders should NOT submit any Bid to this contact Persons or your Bid will be declared invalid, as UNFPA will not able to guarantee the confidentiality of the Bidding process.    

Bidders may request clarifications not later than 21 Nov 2023,12:00 Sana’a time.

Quotations submitted by email must be free from any form of virus or corrupted contents, or the quotations shall be rejected.  
It shall remain your responsibility to ensure that your quotation will reach the address above on or before the deadline. Quotations that are received by UNFPA after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation. Kindly ensure that it is signed and in the PDF format, and free from any virus or corrupted files.

Please take note of the following requirements and conditions pertaining to the supply of the above mentioned goods:

Partial quotes -  not Permitted    
Partial delivery – not permitted
Options - ONLY 2 options permitted if more the quotation will not be considered
Warranty - The warranty period shall be minimum 2 Years. 
Delivery Location -  UNFPA office, Sana’a

Bidders may modify their offers in writing prior to the submission deadline. The bidder must submit the proposed modification via email that must be clearly marked as “MODIFICATION”.

In this case the previous offer will be declined and the modified offer shall be considered for the evaluation process.  Also, if the same bidder has submitted several offers before the bid deadline superseding each other only the last received offer will be considered for opening and further evaluation.

Note: Current UNFPA supplier policies apply to this solicitation and can be found at:

Related documents can be downloaded from the below link.

Best regards,



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