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Architectural Services: EOI for all Eligible Engineering companies interested in Planning, Designing and Supervision of Construction Measures including Fish Quality Control Lab, Hospital’s Lab. and School Classrooms in Hadramout  This tender has ended. You cannot apply anymore.

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Posted on 26 Mar, 2024
Closing on 08 Apr, 2024
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Tender Details

Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI)

Architectural Services: EOI for all eligible Engineering companies interested in Planning, Designing and Supervision of Construction Measures including Fish Quality Control Lab, Hospital’s Lab. and School Classrooms in Hadramout 
GIZ -Yemen
(Ref. Tender # 83462205)    
(To be indicated in all correspondences)

“This Notice is placed on behalf of GIZ. GIZ’s office in Sana’a accepts no responsibility from any consequences arising from this invitation. GIZ staff is not able to answer any queries related to this invitation. Please direct your written queries to the e-mail: 

The GIZ office Sana’a would like to invite specialized, eligible, well-experienced service providers. Service providers without any responsibility on GIZ side, to express their interest in the tender of: 
eligible Engineering companies interested in Planning, Designing and Supervision of Construction Measures including Fish Quality Control Lab, Hospital’s Lab. and School Classrooms in Hadramout

GIZ is particularly interested in identifying competitive sources that can offer the complete range of services.

1.    Application:

Interested service providers are requested to send a letter of interest along with the required documents listed in clause 2 to the e-mail: 

Latest date for sending the letter with required documents to the e-mail is: 08.04.2024 

General scope of work

The scope of the required services is divided into five basic phases as follows :

  • Phase I: Preparation and Stakeholders’ Consultation, including conducting Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and stakeholders consultation. (This task is restricted only to the 1st Measure of FQCL) 
  • Phase II: Preliminary Designs.
  • Phase III: Detailed Designs and Preparation of the Bidding Documents.
  • Phase IV: Pre-Construction and Bidding Support Services.
  • Phase V: Construction Supervision.

Moreover, the required services include, but not restricted to the following: 

  • Inception and regular meetings with GIZ-SRPL team and partner to discuss progress and to get the approval for the next step. 
  • Desk Study 
  • Stakeholder Mapping 
  • Consult with relevant stakeholders through interviews, focus-group discussions and/or any other suitable approaches.
  • Defining the legal and regulatory framework and applied national and international standards required for implementation of the above-indicated measures. 
  • Defining the potential negative environmental and social impacts and developing management and monitoring plan to eliminate, minimize or reduce to acceptable levels of adverse environmental and social impacts and/or maximize socio-economic benefits.
  • Collecting, reviewing and analysing the available data, reports, plans, maps, drawings..etc; and identifying information gaps and arranging for additional data requirements processes. 
  • Carrying out surveying works for the indicated measures. 
  • Preparing the preliminary design for all measures’ facilities in addition to the required boreholes pits locations for geotechnical investigation
  • Preparing the detailed designed for the indicated measures including Geotechnical/Soil Investigations and Analysis, Laboratory Tests, in addition to all necessary detailed design for the works under consideration including general layout, architectural, landscaping, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, control, instrumentation, and all other relevant components 
  • Preparing specifications, Bill of Quantities, and final cost estimates. 
  • Providing pre-construction and bidding support services 
  • Supervising and managing of construction activities
  • Reporting and Presenting in both Professional English and Arabic Languages.

Overview on the Construction Measures: 

  • 1st Measure:  Construction of Fish Quality Control Lab. (FQCL) (Mukalla City)  
  • The FQCL objectives are to: 
    • Analyze the samples received from Fish processing industry, traders and other stakeholders.
    • To ensure compliance of domestic, regional and international standards on Fish 
    • To establish a surveillance system for monitoring the quality and composition of Fish.  

The FQCL will provide testing and analysis services on fish and other seafood  products to fish processing factories, exporter traders, fishermen, and other stakeholders. The FQCL will undertake chemical analysis and microbiological examination as well as any other tests required by the stakeholders and raised during the stakeholders’ analysis and consultation stage.   

  • 2nd  Measure: Construction of Medical Lab. at Hawra Hospital (Hawra City, Wadi Al-Ayn and Hawra District) 

This includes Construction of an additional building at the hospital yard for Medical Lab.. The building should include but not restricted to, the rooms for the required testing equipment, sample taking rooms, separate waiting rooms for male and females, enough WASH facilities …etc. 

  • 3rd Measure: Building 3 Classrooms for PWSNs (Ard Al-Makhashen Area, Wadi Al-Ayn and Hawra District)

This include construction of 3 additional classrooms in Ajal Al-Ghad School for People with Special Needs. The school is located in Ard Al-Makhashen Area in Wadi Al-Ayn and Hawra District. 


GIZ-Yemen is interested in contracting with eligible engineering companies that qualify to carry out the following tasks for the three measures: 

1)    Conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and develop the appropriate mitigation measures and plans to address E&S risks and enhance positive benefits and outcomes from the above-indicated GIZ-SRPL measures and its activities. (This task is restricted only to the 1st Measure of FQCL)
2)    Produce complete Detailed Engineering Design and deliver construction documents including appropriate budget estimates for each measure,
3)    Support GIZ-SRPL Program in preparing and reviewing bidding documents, 
4)    Supervise the construction works of the three measures.

2.    Requirement:

(i)    To qualify for consideration in the tender procedure, interested companies are required to submit the following information and documents for eligibility assessment:

(ii)    1.    Official letter expressing interest.
(iii)    2.    Company details including full company name, full address, phone and email.
(iv)    3.    Copy of valid Certificate of Business Registration card in Yemen.
(v)     4.    Copy of valid Tax Card in Yemen.
(vi)    5.    Company profile and its organizational chart including number of employees (minimum 8 employees).
(vii)    6.    References of at least three contracts (copy of contract and terms of references) to provide services of similar nature as specified above (performed within the last five years with a minimum cost of 20.000 USD each).
(viii)    7.    References of at least three measures/projects (copy of contract and sufficient information on the measure/project’s components) for which the company provided services of similar nature as specified above (performed within the last five years with a minimum cost of 150.000 USD each).
(ix)    8.    List of three Referees from the organizations that the company/ firm have provided with similar nature services including Name of Organization, Name of Referee, Position and Contact information (Phone and Email). 
(x)    9.    Total value of works of similar nature as specified above (for each of the last five years and for this year)..
(xi)    Letter with indicating readiness to provide any further documents / guarantees that might be needed later.

3.    Important Notes:

  • Only Service Providers fulfilling the requirements listed above will be considered in further tendering process.
  • This invitation does not amount to commitment on the part of GIZ neither financially nor otherwise.
  • According to requirements (see part 2 above) GIZ reserves the right to accept or reject any or all expressions of interest or cancel the process without any obligation to inform the affected interested applicants reasoning for acceptance, rejection or cancellation.

Important Notes / مقترحات هامة

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