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Posted on 02 Mar, 2023
Closing on 19 Mar, 2023
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Tender Details

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Project Endline Survey

RFP No: YE-596
Part A: Cover Page
Issuance Date: Mar 02 2023
Questions Due Date/Time: Mar 12 2023, 3:00 P.M GMT+3.
Proposal Due Date/Time: Mar 19 2023, 3:00 P.M GMT+3. / JSI Aden Office

John Snow Inc. (JSI) is a global public health organization duly registered by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) as an international organization in Yemen. JSI was operating in the North of Yemen since 1988 supporting health activities. In 2015, because of the war in Yemen JSI suspended its activities as requested by the US government. In 2019, JSI resumed its work in the South of Yemen with the Yemen Systems, Health, and Resiliency Project (SHARP). The organization has a fully-fledged office in Aden which is hosting both international and national staff. JSI is implementing the four-year USAID-funded project in partnership with the National Yemen Midwives Association (NYMA), Search for Common Ground (Search), and the Yemen Family Care Association (YFCA). The program began in September 2019 and is expected to close in September 2023.

JSI is soliciting proposals to conduct project End Line survey/valuation. This procurement is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and is subject to all applicable Federal Rules and Regulations and provisions 2CFR200 and 2CFR700.

Please submit your most competitive proposal in accordance with the instructions to offerors and terms of reference.  Any award issued as a result of this RFP will be subject to all instructions, terms of reference/ specifications, certifications, terms and conditions and funder required clauses.  This RFP document includes the following parts:

  •     PART A:     Cover Page
  •     PART B:     Instructions to Offerors
  •     PART C:     Terms of Reference 
  •     PART D:     Certifications
  •     Attachment A:     General Terms & Conditions
  •     Attachment B:     Funder Required Clauses

All proposals, inquiries, and correspondence pertaining to this solicitation are to be directed to the attention of:

Systems, Health and Resiliency Project (SHARP)

To:  CC:

Or to be submitted by hand in a sealed envelope to our office located in Qahtan Al Shabi cornice area, Abyan Coast, Khor Makser villa number 86.

JSI is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in procurement.  JSI has zero tolerance for fraud and strictly prohibits bribes, kick-backs, gratuities, and any other gifts in-kind or in monetary form.  JSI also strictly prohibits collusion (bid rigging) between vendors and between vendors and JSI staff. JSI selects vendors on merit and will only engage vendors who demonstrate strong business ethics. Vendors must not participate in bid-rigging or attempt to offer any fee, commission, gift, gratuity or any compensation in-kind or in monetary form to JSI employees. Vendors who do so will be disqualified from doing business with JSI. Additionally, JSI has a conflict of interest policy that requires staff to disclose when there is a potential conflict of interest due to the staff-member’s relationship with a vendor, and if necessary, to refrain from participation in a procurement involving that vendor.  If at any time your organization has concerns that an employee has violated JSI policy, you may submit a report via JSI’s Code of Conduct Helpline at:

To download the related document, click on the below link.

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