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Water Well Pumping Tests Services for Existing Water Wells in Yemen

Posted on 07 Sep, 2023
Closing on 10 Oct, 2023
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Tender Details

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for

Water Well Pumping Tests Services for existing Water wells in Yemen

Request for Expression of Interest

Water Well Pumping Tests Services for existing Water wells in Yemen

Reference number: EOI/2023/48221 

Description: The needed services are mainly conducting a water well pumping and recovery tests for the selected water wells, reporting, and testing water quality in the targeted  rural, suburban, and urban areas of all the governorates of Yemen. The pumping and recovery tests / services must include providing equipment, team, and measurement tools for conducting the tests. 

UNSPSC code: 70171606 [Water Resource Recovery Services]

Deadline date for submission of EOI:  10-October-2023

EOI Reference in UNGM: Request for EOI for the Provision of Water Wells Pumping Tests Services ( 
1    Objectives and Scope

The electricity supply chain was the main energy source for water pumping stations. Due to the lack of financial resources to secure the fuel as well as the operational and maintenance cost, the electricity supply chain stopped functioning. The lack of electricity caused the discontinuation of the water pumping stations and water wells which resulted in the lack of access to clean drinking water. In response to this emergency, UNOPS Yemen in consultation with the respected local authorities are working on the selection of water wells based on specific technical criteria to be energized with solar pumping water systems under the Yemen Emergency Electricity Access Project phase II (YEEAP II) funded by the World Bank. The  areas that will be covered by YEEAP II are mainly the rural and pre-urban areas throughout the entire governorates in Yemen.

The purpose of carrying out the pumping and recovery tests for water wells is to evaluate the productive capacity of the selected / targeted wells to be rehabilitated and/ or provided by solar pumping systems.  This test will also measure the sustainability of the water well to provide drinking water in economically viable quantities and verify the hydraulic and water production performance. 

UNOPS will provide the basic data such as social, geographical and hydrological of the water wells that will give an indication of the status and physical parameters of the wells in advance of any call-off for the service. such data are indicative and to be verified by the contractor during the site assessment and data collection from the authorities and local communities.

Companies interested in the provision of the aforementioned services must demonstrate their capability and provide evidence that they have enough resources and capacity to meet the requirement, including but not limited to, providing high-quality services with enough capacity, expertise, and experience in this field.

2    Expected Procurement Components

UNOPS Yemen intends to procure water wells pumping tests services from one or more qualified and competent local service providers that shall be expected to produce the following deliverables for the project:

1.     Water Wells  Pumping Tests Covering the following:

  • Step Drawdown Test
  • Constant Discharge Test
  • Recovery Test
  • Water Quality Test
  • Camera logging Inspection

2.    Reporting and Recordings:

The contractor should submit to UNOPS the following specified reports:

  • Daily and Weekly progress reports
  • Test Reports with final summary, all documents and reports shall be written in English
  • Photos and video recording for all steps of the tests

3.    Health and Safety:

The contractor must ensure the safety of workers and the environment during the execution of the project. They must comply with all applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations, including:

  • Implementing all UNOPS health, safety, and social requirements.
  • Preparing and implementing a Health and Safety Plan that includes a risk assessment, mitigation measures, and a monitoring plan.
  • Submitting periodic safety reports according to the UNOPS HSSE management system and requirements.

3    Special Procurement Conditions and Additional Information

UNOPS Yemen invites suppliers capable of providing the services in the above category to submit their expression of interest. 

In order to be considered as a potential supplier, interested companies should submit their Expression of Interest considering the following information:

1.    Expression of Interest including the following information: 

  • Company profile showing experience in similar services throughout the governorates.
  • Legal Documents: provide a copy of the company’s legal documents such as tax ID and commercial registration.
  • Annual turnover for a minimum three years, each year to be presented separately.
  • At least two contact information from previous clients.

2.    Returnable forms A: Questionnaire is part of this EOI and must be completed and returned by suppliers as part of their submission. Please complete all the Returnable Forms as instructed and return them as part of your submission by uploading them against their specific Document Checklist in the UNOPS eSourcing system.
3.    List of equipment, offices/branches located throughout the governorates, assets needed (owned and leased) and available resources for the provision of the required services.
4.    List of at least five pumping test projects - provide a copy of the contracts or completion certificates.

The pre-bid meeting will be held on 25-September-2023 - 11:00 am Sana'a, Yemen time virtually via the following link:


The Expression of Interest and accompanying documents must be received by UNOPS no later than 10-October-2023 14:00 UTC through the following link:

Request for EOI for the Provision of Water Wells Pumping Tests Services (

This call for Expression of Interest does not constitute a solicitation. UNOPS reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. UNOPS also reserves the right to require compliance with additional conditions as and when issuing the final solicitation documents. Submitting a reply to a call for EOI does not automatically guarantee receipt of the solicitation documents when issued. Invitations to bid or requests for proposals and any subsequent purchase order or contract will be issued in accordance with the rules and procedures of UNOPS. 

4    UNOPS Contact Information

For companies not registered with the UN Global Marketplace it is mandatory to do so to be able to do business with UNOPS. The UN Global marketplace is a database of active and potential suppliers available to all UN and World Bank procurement personnel, and is the main supplier database of more than 20 UN organizations. To register go to, click on “REGISTER NOW” or on Registration drop down and select “Register as Supplier”.

The related document can be downloaded from the below link

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