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Request for Expressions of Interest to Provide Consultancy Services (Individuals Consultants) in ‎11 Governorates ‎ This tender has ended. You cannot apply anymore.

Posted on 04 Feb, 2024
Closing on 22 Feb, 2024
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Tender Details


Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) to Provide Consultancy Services (Individuals Consultants) in ‎11 Governorates ‎


We invite expressions of interest from highly qualified individual consultants to provide professional consultancy services for the preparation of technical studies and the supervision of the implementation of funded Water and Sanitation Projects. Our required work aligns with the exacting standards set by the World Bank and encompasses projects in 11 governorates in Yemen, including Sana'a, Amran, Dhamar, Al Hudaydah, Sa'adah, Ibb, Taiz, Al-Bayda, Al-Mahwit, Raymah, and Hajjah...etc

The projects will involve not limited the following interventions:

  • Construction, extension, and rehabilitation of water supply networks.‎
  • Construction, expansion, and rehabilitation of sewerage systems.‎
  • Construction and rehabilitation of various types of water tanks and related ‎facilities for LCs.‎
  • Construction and rehabilitation of generators and control rooms in well ‎sites.‎
  • Construction, extension, and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plants ‎in different cities.‎
  • Installation of PV solar units in wells powered pumping stations.‎
  • Providing equipment for electrical and mechanical works such as ‎generators, transformers, pumps, backhoes, cranes, etc.‎
  • Providing goods for the new construction and maintenance of water and ‎sewer networks, such as pipes, meters, valves, etc.‎
  • Providing assets, tools, and equipment required for LCs and its facilities, ‎such as offices, laboratories, warehouses, etc.‎


The Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project (UWSSP) is a Project Management Unit established by the World Bank and the Yemeni government in 2002 to oversee water and sanitation (W&S) projects. It operates independently in terms of finance and administration, adhering to World Bank mechanisms and guidelines and engaging consultants for specialized tasks. UWSSP is the largest and leading operational unit in Yemen dedicated to the implementation and management of water and sanitation projects in urban areas. It has attracted funding from various donors, including the World Bank, DFID, ISDP, Arab Fund, and UN agencies. UWSSP has successfully implemented and managed a significant number of funded projects in the water and sanitation sector in urban cities. These projects include construction and expansion of water supply networks, sewer lines, wastewater treatment plants, drilling and construction of production and investigation boreholes, and emergency rehabilitation works. The UWSSP is headquartered in Sana'a city and maintains close working relationships with Local Corporations (LCs). This announcement is being made by the UWSSP to update the list of qualified individual national consultants currently engaged in WASH projects. These individual consultants will be responsible for supervising the implementation of water and sanitation projects in the respective cities where they are assigned.



  • At least a bachelor's degree in the listed specialized below including engineering and environmental Science or any related discipline.
  • Structural engineer
  • Architectural engineer
  • Sanitation engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Electro-mechanical engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Health and Safety engineer
  • Material engineer
  • Hydrology engineer
  • Microbiology/ Chemist 


  • A minimum of 7 years general experience after graduation.
  • A minimum of 5 years professional experience in a similar activity in water and sanitation projects. 



The required responsibilities and duties of the interested individual consultants for providing technical studies preparation consultancy services are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Conduct technical studies: This includes hydraulic, hydrogeological, sanitation, pipeline, and civil construction studies. The studies should assess the feasibility of the project, identify any potential risks or challenges, and develop recommendations for mitigating these risks.
  • Collect and analyze data: This may involve conducting field surveys, collecting data from existing sources, and using specialized software to analyze the data.
  • Prepare technical reports, drawings, and plans: The studies consultants should produce a comprehensive report that summarizes the findings of their studies and includes recommendations for the design and implementation of the project. They should also produce drawings and plans that illustrate the proposed design.
  • Coordinate with other stakeholders: The studies consultants should coordinate with other stakeholders, such as the client, government agencies, and utility companies, to ensure that their work is aligned with the overall project goals and objectives.


The required responsibilities and duties of the interested individual consultants for providing supervision consultancy services are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Supervise the implementation of the project: This includes monitoring the contractor's progress, ensuring that the work is being carried out in accordance with the contract documents, and resolving any problems that may arise.
  • Ensure the quality of the project: The supervisor consultants should ensure that the project is completed to a high standard of quality and meets all of the necessary safety and reliability requirements.
  • Manage the project team: The supervisor consultants should manage the team of engineers and technicians who are responsible for supervising the project. This includes providing them with guidance and support, and ensuring that they have the resources they need to do their job effectively.
  • Communicate with the client: The supervisor consultants should keep the client informed of the project's progress and any challenges that may arise. They should also be responsive to the client's needs and concerns.


Interested candidates are invited to fill out the application form available at the following link:

UWSSP Platform for EOI-IC


  • Only shortlisted qualified candidates will be contacted.
  • Each applicant should submit only one application.
  • The selection process will adhere to the guidelines and criteria of the World Bank for selecting individual consultants.


The deadline for submission of applications is the end of February 22, 2024


The review of applications to establish the initial shortlist of qualified consultancy service providers will commence on 24 February, 2024. Subsequently, the registration process remains open for additional submissions through personal attendance and application at the following address:

Urban Water and Sanitation Supply Project (UWSSP)
Villa No. 33, Sormi Street, North of the former Diwan Restaurant
Hadda, Sana’a, Republic of Yemen
Email: []

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