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Posted on 12 May, 2024
Closing on 26 May, 2024

Job Description

"Sanaa Bena’a School (Sana’a British School) previously, announces its need to fill the position of Senior Coordinator in our school for the academic year 2024/2025".

Required tasks:

Your duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

1. To develop extracurricular activities such as art, poetry, sports, games, drama, theater, music and so forth, as these activities are also considered to be crucial in the overall development of the students.
2. To abide by school rules and regulations, and comply with memorandums issued by the administration and follow up on coordinators to ensure that they are circulated among the staff members.
3.  To make sure coordinators formulate more innovative learning methods and making effective use of technology in the teaching-learning methods including distance learning.
4.  To contribute to the development of the international dimension through teacher and student recruitment.
5.  To assume the responsibilities of establishing effective communication links between the individuals within and outside the institution.
6.  To ensure that coordinators manage and develop effectively and efficiently the school resources which influence the improvement of individuals, environment, managerial functions and operational methods.
7.  Orienting coordinators and providing them with the necessary training and workshops.
8.  Providing regular training for the academic department staff to improve the educational outcome.
9. Conducting staff meetings when required with the consent and attendance of the administration.
10. Issuing evaluation, recommendation, and warning letters to the staff members under your supervision when required.
11. Ensuring that coordinators have planned and prepared the following:

a)  Summary of class timetables
b)  Summary of teachers timetables
c)  Summary of morning, breakfast, lunch, and end of day duty schedule
d)  Summary of exam timetables
e)  Summary of exam invigilation timetables

Note:  the above mentioned should be submitted to the academic director before the designated deadline.

12. Ensuring that deadlines of handing over annual, weekly and daily lesson plans are conveniently set, met, and implemented. Coordinators should hand a copy of the final draft of the annual plan to the academic director before the designated deadline.
13. Ensuring that proper deadlines are set and met regarding the submission of exam papers and marks list, according to the provided criteria. Coordinators should hand a copy of the exams to the academic director for further approval before the designated deadline.
14. Making sure that exam syllabuses are prepared and submitted to the parents on the designated deadlines.
15. Observing classes and ensuring that the teachers are providing quality education correlating to international standards and implementing the following while lessons are being explained:

a)  Authentic teaching and linking lessons to everyday life.
b)  Focusing on the individual differences of students and interacting with each level.
c)  Stimulating and engaging students to the lesson.
d)  Using accurate spoken and written language.
e)  Using different levels of intonation and body language.
f)   Using various teaching aids to deliver the lessons in clear and simplified methods.
g)  Maintain efficiency in class, lesson, and time management.
h)  Recapitulate lessons effectively and assess the students regularly to keep track of their performances.

16. Making sure coordinators keep records of the teachers’ performance. These records should be recorded by the coordinator and reported to the academic director.
17. Making sure that coordinators follow up on teachers checking books, notebooks and worksheets on a daily basis and that all mistakes are being corrected. Coordinators should make sure that the notebooks are neat and organized.
18. Ensuring that the coordinators have revised exam papers after they have been checked by teachers to ensure that they have been marked accurately.
19. Ensuring that the coordinators follow up on the usage of the school diary.
20. Taking part in staff meetings, parent-teacher meetings, school functions, events, and other extra-curricular activities as required and planned by the activities coordinator and school administration. 
21. Designing, typing, and archiving your documents in an organized manner both as soft and hard copies. The soft copies should be archived in the coordinator’s share.
22. Taking part in workshops and trainings organized by the school administration.
23. Reporting any inconvenience that my affect the wellbeing of students. Coordinators should  also keep the administrator informed of all the problems they encounter with the teachers under their supervision.
24. Take safety measures to ensure student and staff wellbeing.
25. Ensure the safety and security of the school’s common equipment and the materials in your custody. 
26. To create a healthy work environment and maintain positive relationships with all staff members.
27. To keep all the internal and sensitive matters related to SBS students confidential so as to maintain and protect the school’s reputation.

How to Apply

How to apply has been removed becuase this job has ended. If this is a special case, please contact us and we will help.

Important Notes / مقترحات هامة

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