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Posted on 12 May, 2024
Closing on 25 May, 2024

Job Description

Position: Project Officer- Livelihood 

Locations:  Taiz Alshamayteen  

Technical Supervisor: Project Coordinator

Vacancy Reference Number: POL- TAZ/24



The Programs Division of the Food Security and Livelihood (FSL)  closely works with the country program team in identifying, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating development and emergency projects and programs in collaboration with local, national, and international partners. 

Currently, the program division focuses on the Recovery and Development of strategic areas and supports communities to develop a sustainable livelihood, coherent microfinance system, and food security based on social cohesion and community participation to support communities affected by conflict, civil war, and natural and man-made disasters. The overall objectives of the FSL division are to alleviate poverty and suffering of humans kinds by providing them with long-term sustainable programs, improve the health conditions of the targeted beneficiaries, and increase access to food for vulnerable families through involvement in conditional cash interventions such as Cash for Work (CFW), Agricultural Assistance, MSME and WASH, increase households income, and rehabilitees food security assets in areas with a high level of food insecurity, where vulnerable households’ livelihood assets are at near collapse and coping strategies are almost exhausted leading to spiraling extreme coping behaviors like sale of houses, land, and productive assets which is greatly compromising their household food security status and reduce malnutrition rate of women and children in collaboration with international donors, INGOs, and UN agencies


Islamic Relief Yemen (IRY) is implementing the FSL project in the Taiz governorate. Therefore, we are seeking a potential project officer to implement the FSL project activities in the Taiz governorate Alshamayteen district.


Job Responsibilities:Programs Divisio

Community Mobilization

  • Sensitize local authorities and communities to the project’s objectives, activities, and selection criteria.
  • Review and develop beneficiary selection criteria with government, local authorities, and community members to identify project beneficiaries according to IRY’s and food insecure vulnerability and target criteria.
  • Organize and run community meetings and workshops in a participatory and inclusive manner, to ensure that project activities are developed in consultation with communities.
  • Conduct training as necessary for a range of community stakeholders and structures.  
  • Take into account the structures of local government and communities and ensure all project activities have considered the needs of children, women, vulnerable groups, and the environment.
  • Be in regular contact with communities, to link them to IRY and ensure transparency and information sharing.
  • Lead in conflict resolution of disputes between communities and members related to IRY project activities.

Activity Implementation:

  • Planning – ensure good planning exists through timely sharing of procurement needs, development of field-level activities, as well have plans for responding to risks and issues that arise or will arise.
  • Mainstream protection and safety of project staff and communities’ stakeholders through the implementation of IRY safeguarding principles, identification of risk and working out clear plans, working closely with community structures to minimize risks to beneficiaries.
  • Cross-checks technical designs and project documents prepared by consultants and suggests technical improvements.
  • To ensure that the planned material distributions (small grants, conditional cash, unconditional cash transfer, Agricultural inputs, livelihoods inputs) are conducted timely and beneficiaries receive without hindrances.
  • Prepare the technical studies along with the project engineer for the selected assets and submit a detailed report of the required construction tools and materials, the engineering specifications, and BOQs, as well as the estimated cost, supported by the engineering pictures and drawings.
  • Coordinate and follow-up with the Procurement and Logistics Department to complete the implementation procedures.
  • Plan project construction activities in coordination with the project coordinator and within the project timeline and available resources.
  • Ensure the technical documents are based on national and international standards and codes of practice and based on the mandatory safety and health requirements.
  • Ensure local authorities and communities have been sensitized to the project’s objectives, activities, and selection criteria and that these processes have been adhered to during project selection. 
  • Carry out initial site assessments and feasibility feedback on project options to assist in prioritization processes.
  • Verify that project activities are developed in consultation with communities and ensure all project activities have considered the needs of children, women, vulnerable groups, and the environment. 
  • Monitor the implementation of the cash-based intervention, track progress, and document lessons learned and best practices.
  • Prepare monthly implementation plans and ensure that project data is collected in a timely and accurate manner and that data quality is maintained throughout the project.
  • Analyze project data and prepare regular progress reports, highlighting achievements, challenges, and recommendations for improvement.
  • Apply Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Finance, Human Resources Management, Procurement, Logistical services.
  • Monitor the implementation of project activities and identify any challenges or issues that may arise.


  • Ensure close coordination, information sharing, and regular field-level meetings with partners, FSAC, and local authorities. As measures to reduce duplication of activities, as well as achieve strong activity integrations.
  • Coordinate with other project officers to ensure that activities are carried out in line with community needs.
  • Coordinate with the relevant government ministries to ensure compliance and good relations. 
  • Support the integration and communication with other sectors: WASH, FSL, and Health activities.
  • Participate in Field Office meetings with management and other departments, as required.
  • Develop good relations with community leaders and other community structures like volunteer groups, as well as maintain a strong relationship and engagement with other departments like finance, logistics and fleet, supply chain, safety, and security, etc.

Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation, & Quality Control:

  • Lead all field-level assessment activities working closely with MEAL teams focusing on market assessment, household, and communities socio-economic assessment, etc.
  • Work with the M&E to ensure a project progress database is complete and regularly updated.
  • Assist the M&E team in creating appropriate monitoring tools for project impact, quality, Post Distribution Monitoring, and measurement of IPTT indicator tracking. Focus on quality control checks for each project type.
  • Conduct regular feedback sessions with the M&E Officer and Accountability Assistants to ensure that all findings are addressed, and adjustments made to the project throughout implementation.
  • Carry out regular implementation monitoring and submit relevant reports to the Program Manager.
  • Implement MEAL project quality visits recommendations as measures to improve service delivery.
  • Working closely with the Accountability team, to ensure the rollout of IRY toll-free numbers, banners, flyers, etc. in all communities where projects are implemented.



  • Compile and write weekly, and monthly progress reports and IPTT monthly reports (narrative and data) in English.
  • Assist in all interim and final narrative reports. 




  • University degree in business development, social science or other disciplines relevant to Food security and livelihoods.



  • 3 years’ experience working in Food Security and Livelihoods activities; including two years in SMEs with NGOs.
  • Relevant training on SMEs.
  • Experience supervising others and managing their performance.
  • Experience writing and compiling narrative and analytical reports in English.


  • Previous experience working in Taiz is an advantage. 
  • National level representation with key stakeholders and co-ordination with other NGOs/UN.


  • Experience using participatory approaches in community engagement (mapping, prioritizing, evaluating, etc.).
  • Excellent in English (speaking, writing, reading, and typing).  
  • Ability and willingness to travel extensively to the field, under sometimes difficult and insecure circumstances.
  • Ability to organize time, manage multiple tasks, and analyze information from many sources.
  • Attention to detail and compliance with selection criteria and financial processes.
  • Communication skills to operate with a multinational and multilingual team.
  • Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines. 
  • Proficiency in computer applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 
  • Knowledge of the areas of intervention (Taiz) and ability to relate with stakeholders.


 Core Values (Required):

  • Commitment.      
  • Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Integrity

Core Competencies (Required):

  • Communication.
  • Working with People.
  • Drive for Results.

Functional Competencies (Required):

  • Formulating Strategies and Concepts.
  • Planning and Organizing.

D) PROBLEM SOLVING (Thinking Environment)

  • Ability to deal with complex situations and solve issues and problems.


One position is located in Ash Shamayteen district, Taiz Governate – Yemen.

How to Apply

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